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For all the topics I write about and advice that I share, I always hope that it is recieved in the same gesture that it is written, with love and sincerity. I adore writing and sharing what I do but what I think makes it so special to me is that I never pick the topic, then write about it, the topic just always seems to pick me. What does that even mean? Well unless you’re Mr M & live with me and see how crazy me and my train of thought is, its hard to understand, but when I think of something to write, it is always something that has been on my heart or in my head for awhile & I know when it needs to come out. Nothing is ever forced, it just was meant to get put on paper the way that my heart or head is telling me it should be. That’s why I feel so many of you relate, you were meant to read it at certain points in your life, just as I was meant to share it at that particular time. I am blown away by the beautiful and thoughtful comments left on posts each and every day and truly wanted to say thank you. This week I had an urge to write about how the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself – but when I started to write I knew straight away that it just wasn’t meant to come out yet. I had a little more to learn before I shared it. What I did honestly keep getting though was all the previous posts I’ve shared on love and life and when I had a thought to compact my favourite ones in to this post, I knew that was meant for today. So here they are, some of my favourite ‘articles’ I’ve written over the past year of having the blog (all that get shared on my dating website Possibly Maybe as well). I hope you find something meant perfectly for you for at this exact moment in your life. Have a smashing weekend filled with everything you want it to be xx

This old love – I got to share advice, real ‘out of the mouth’ advice from couples who were celebrating their 50 & 60 year wedding anniversary, and those who were turning 100. I had asked them all the same question, ‘what was your secret to love and ageing’.

Stop accepting shit behaviour – A tough one to write and an even tougher one to share but it talks about how you should never be accepting less than desirable behaviour from anyone, especially your partner in a relationship. Maybe today this is the day you see in Black & White just exactly how you’re being treated, and realise it needs to stop.

Change – it’s not always for the best – This one is strictly for relationship advice. My mum brought me up to believe that you can never change anyone (i.e your bf) but more importantly, you shouldn’t ever want to change anyone. There is not one thing I would change about Mr M, his quirks are just what make him that more adorable. Remember that you have your life’s destiny and they have theirs. Important to read if you feel that your relationship would be great “if he’d just change that one little thing”…

Dear 16 year old me – This one was inspired from an incredibly powerful skin cancer advert I had seen (and shared on the blog) where patients of skin cancer shared advice they’d give their 16 year old selves if they could turn back time. I loved the idea – so here is my own letter to my 16 year old self about the advice I’d love to have been told.

Getting over your ex – This is SO hard to do and incredibly painful to work through. This article I shared some healthy ways to truly start healing your heart and soul and make that final decision to cut him and the pain from your life – to look forward, and never look back.

How to make your relationship last – After Mr M & I shared our 5 year anniversary and are more in love than ever I was inspired to share some of our own advice when it comes to keeping your relationship alive. A personal post that meant a lot to share. P.s Mr M had his own advice which is intertwined in the post so its from us both!

It’s ok – Short title but long article with a lot of heart. It discusses how It’s ok, it’s really ok that you might not be exactly where you wanted to be at your age, or you might not have set the right goals. Let it go, love yourself and remember it’s never to late.

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  1. trishie Reply

    I’m bookmarking this list of links to read when I have more time. I think it’s great that you write about topics that pick you, that should be the way everyone writes, i reckon.

    • Anna Reply

      Thanks Trishie! That is the advice i’ll always give other bloggers as well…don’t ever write a post for the sake of posting, always make sure you’re writing it as you want to and the topic is something you are passionate about x

  2. Miss K Reply

    Great list! I read the post about lasting relationships and I agree with your advice.

  3. Eve.H Reply

    I remember almost all of them and I´ve always liked how wise and sincere they are. We should really stop dealing with small problems and concentrate on what´s truly important in life. That´s how I feel about your advice posts 😉 Have a nice weekend, Anna 🙂
    xo Eve.h

    • Anna Reply

      Ahhh my sweet friend Eve – I knew if anyone would have it would have been you, you’ve been a follower of the blog since almost the start and I’ll always be grateful for your visits back day in and day out. You’re a fantastic blogger xx

    • Eve.H Reply

      Coming here is my pleasure 🙂 And thank you so much for thinking of me as fantastic. I´m honoured 😉 xx

  4. O Reply

    love the way you write! The lists are always interesting and this one too! Have a great weekend! Did you start packing already? xoxo

  5. Sam Reply

    Hi dear, your posts are most certainly received with love and sincerity. You are a truly gifted and inspiring writer. I am not sure, but I hope your motivational works are part of what you do for a living? I love the Dear 16 Year Old Me article, i drafted an essay on this topic in campus ago but never got the chance to finish it. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Friday!

    • Anna Reply

      Sadly Sam it’s not! Not yet anyway 🙂 I worked in Federal Politics and now I work in Human Resources for the mining industry but I only do that to earn an income to pay for things I really want to do like writing, travelling and living other little goals and dreams 🙂 Hopefully you get to finish you’re dear 16 year old me, it might be nice to pass on to our own kids (if we have them) one day x

  6. Anya Volkov Reply

    I love all your articles, such good advice Anna x

  7. Dear Anna, I love the honesty in your articles and the way you put yourself out there, it’s refreshing. I’ve bookmarked a couple of these articles to come back. Not long before your trip! 😉 xoxox

    • Anna Reply

      Naw thank you Vanisha. I never think of it like that when I’m writing them but once I go back over them I do think gosh I have put a lot of personal ‘me’ in there. p.s 2 more sleeps before the big trip so I am besideee myself with excitement 🙂 xxx

  8. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    Anna, you always write fantastically. I really like reading your thoughts and advices. I do truly relate with what you say and think. Sometimes though you need to hear it from somebody else to get it through your system and be 100% sure in it. I think you are pretty often that person, who says out loud what I think and that helps me to believe in these thoughts with full power.
    Go out there to Europe, enjoy your trip and come back with new brilliant and kind thoughts and advices to us;)



    • Anna Reply

      Alexandra you are so sweet to leave such a thoughtful comment! I do always say this though, especially about myself, that the hardest advice to listen to is our own, but sometimes when you know something to be true all you need is an affirmation. I said today I felt like I will be as inspired as ever to write when I’m in Europe so I smiled when I read your comment 🙂 xx

  9. Bree Reply

    Love this post. Reading getting over your ex is a step into the right direction 😉
    Have lots of fun in Europe and come back with more inspirationel posst! Heel erg bedankt <3


  10. WE INSPIRE US Reply

    Girl! you are so right!!! I agree with all this advices!

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