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[Leigh Viner – ‘Well Read’]

There is nothing quite like finding a talented artist who’s art feels like it was made for you and your walls. It’s not often that I do find said artist, and not only that, find said artist within an acceptable price range. As fate would have it, I recently found an artist on etsy of all places, who fit the description of creating art that felt like it was drawn for me and my walls. The talented artists name is Leigh Viner and she hails from Denver in the U.S. I am wanting to buy a few of her pieces to hang in my study and I have been drawn to the idea of having 3 in a row. So far it’s been much to hard to chose just 3 but I believe I have whittled it down to my favourites below. Check out her stuff here and support an amazing girl who obviously loves what she does.

[Leigh Viner – ‘Orange Velvet’]
[Leigh Viner – ‘Fused‘]
[Leigh Viner – ‘Scarlet’]


  1. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing… these are absolutely beautiful. We have similar taste 🙂 I am also always on the hunt to find an artist and style I love. I love eclectic pieces, but I’m also picky in the artwork i choose, because it becomes your home and *hopefully* inspires you everyday. Seriously, these are gorgeous.. and great find!


  2. Eve.H Reply

    Oh my, these really are inspiring and somehow they pull you in. There´s a huge emotional drive in them. 😉 I totally understand why you like them so much 🙂 xoxo Eve.h

  3. Antee Gurung Reply

    love love all of em’ Omg I didnt know abt this artist!!
    thnx for sharing
    i would love to see more of ur upcoming posts in the future…So how abt we follow each other?? XOXO

  4. Sam Reply

    These are such interesting drawings, very talented artist, thanks for sharing

  5. Ash Louise Reply

    Sooo pretty. I love the one of the lady crying, I love how the colors all just mush (ok, maybe not such a great word to describe) but kind of mush together. So pretty.

  6. Reply

    such beautiful pieces! it’s so hard to find beautiful artwork, but I really like this artist! thanks for sharing!!

  7. O Reply

    I can understand why you like this artist, love the pieces, especially the 2nd one! xoxo

  8. Cindy Reply

    oh wow, these are absolutely stunning! so simple but with just a pop of colour and so much detail and technique. makes me wish I could create something so gorgeous

  9. hope in high heels Reply

    Fabulous find and great taste as usual! Thanks for sharing. Am loving this fantastic Perth weather… and have to admit, it does result in moments of me wondering why I’ve moved sometimes!

  10. tiny dancer Reply

    Ooooo lovely artwork – I really like that you shared this! The splashes of color are fantastic <3 I really like what the artist did under the second eye – scalloped eyelashes <3 Adorbs!


  11. Belinda Reply

    I am seriously feeling the love for that second piece. Swoon!

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