Melbourne Cup Day

[ All frocked up and ready to go ]
Does life ever feel like it is whizzing past and no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to make it slow down? That’s how I have been feeling lately. I have had a hard time relaxing as if I’m on the couch I feel guilty about not being in the study working on growing my business, and if I’m out having a great time I worry about being hung-over or tired the next day and wasting time that could be spent doing anything work or business related. I admittedly feel like I haven’t been living in the moment.
Not yesterday though. The race that stops a nation – aka the Melbourne Cup – also seemed to stop my world for one day so I could let my hair down, have some carefree fun and live completely in the moment. I threw caution to the wind and had one of the most fun days imaginable. I bet (& won!), screamed horses on, drank tonnes of champagne, laughed for hours and didn’t give a second thought to hangovers, my business or any of life’s little stresses.
I think everybody needs days like those so I encourage you, if you’ve felt like one of life’s spectators recently not an active participant, put a pretty frock on, grab some girlfriends and go and throw some of your own caution to the wind – because even if it’s just for one day, you deserve a little fun.
Here is some of the fun & fashion from the day.

p.s I ended up putting a bet on the race by picking my favourite number (3) and won – I said it was a great day didn’t I!

[ The view from our spots in the grand stand to watch some of the smaller races at Ascot SO fun screaming horses on ]
[ Some friends who we bumped in to on the day ]
[ In the stands waiting for our next race to start ]
[ Ashley & I showing off our frocks and champagne ]
[ Nearing the end of the day ]

[ I had to end up buying some flat shoes from a little stall as my 7″ heels were a little too much after 8 hours ]


  1. Carol Reply

    great dress and great photos!I follow u!come to see my blog you can also win the GUCCI giveaway.
    Can u follow me back?

  2. Michelle Reply

    You look gorgeous! It looks and sounds like you had an amazing day 🙂

    x Mich

  3. Mademoiselle Poirot Reply

    That looks like so much fun! Congrats on winning, what a great day 🙂 Love from London xo

  4. Eve.H Reply

    You´re absolutely right. Sometimes we have to enjoy ourselves no matter what. And you look perfect by the way I love the hat. So elegant 🙂 And thank you, I´m feeling much better now 😉
    xoxo Eve.h

  5. Beauty Balm Reply

    you look fantastic! Looks like a great day too! x

  6. hope in high heels Reply

    oh… fun times! I’m so glad you got to slow down for a day. Too often we forget to live in the moment. thank god for my husband – he’s very good at grounding me (as I’m sure Mr M. does for you!).

    Loving the dress!

  7. Rocker Chic Reply


    I am glad you let your hair down we all need days like this to live carefree and I’ll take you up on that. This Friday I plan on letting my hair down with some friends.

    You look amazing in your dress I mean you are just totally gorgeous.

    I’m glad you won the bet pretty girl.

  8. Emmanuella Reply

    Woaa such an amazing dress, you were hot and pretty! I love your new hairstyle, fits you perfectly! Congrats on winning, I’m happy for you 🙂

  9. The Fancy Drifter Reply

    Anna you looked stunning!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic day too!

    How much fun is Melbourne cup?! I had no idea what it was a week ago and now I’m very sad I wasnt more prepared with a fancy hat 😉


  10. Annabel Reply

    wow you look so absolutely chic!

  11. Coté Writes Reply

    First off, let me just say I love the fact that you get to experience American Halloween vicariously through me while I get to experience the Melbourne Cup through you. What a sweet trade off, and I might add that you look absolutely stunning and I’m really digging all the girls’ hats. 🙂 I can completely relate about feeling as though I’m having trouble living in the moment (and I was feeling this way about life quite strongly the past few weeks, as a matter of fact). Celebrating the anniversary of our first date with my husband this past weekend really helped, though, and I’ve decided I need to be better about planning dates and little outings for us more often…You definitely deserve to let yourself shut off your mind to work every once in a while, so I’m so happy to hear “going to the races” helped you really live in the moment and throw cares aside. 🙂 Sending many happy, relaxing wishes your way, Anna! -Jennifer

  12. Jess Reply

    Looks like so much fun! Love the hat!

  13. Julia Reply

    lovely dress honey!!!!! I feel as you said in the first paragraph that’s why next week I;m going on a small trip just to do something is spite that there is no job in Greece.
    many kisses!

  14. Jayme and Mendi Reply

    What a fun day! You look amazing!! I’m fascinated by your hat…if only I could pull that off here in Richmond, Virginia. 😉 Glad you enjoyed your day, your friends & some champagne!!

    Love your blog! We’re now following. Stop by our blog sometime & drop us a comment if you do!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. Jennifer Fabulous Reply

    Omg you look GORGEOUS!! That stunning little black dress fits you like a glove. 🙂

  16. Julia Scribner Reply

    I love the dress… and the hats! How fun?!


  17. Pearl Reply

    Ah you look amazing! My fiance is from Sydney and he always talks about this day, the fun, the drinks, the hats! I want to go next year. It looks like you had a great time and you look great!

    Kisses from Paris by way of CA!

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