Letting your you out – do it for YOU beautiful

I had every intention of sitting down tonight and sharing with you some of Morgs & I’s wonderful trip to Melbourne. Show you the food, and sights and laughs we shared, and I will, but there is something that won’t leave me alone that I feel needs to be poured out of my heart instead. 
Everytime I started writing the sentence to begin about something else, there it was, a gentle ebb and flow asking me to write this instead, pulling at me subtly, the words on my heart that needed to come out; so let’s go, you need to hear this, it needed to be heard.
Gorgeous. Please believe me when I say..
You can do this. 
And I mean you can honestly, really, actually, truly do this. 
Whatever your this is. You CAN do it. 
Write the book. Book the holiday. End the toxic relationship. Say Yes to that date. Cut the shit friends from your life. Start exercising. Start eating healthier. Smiling more. Loving more freely. Laughing harder. Seeing joy in more things. Being successful. Setting and achieving goals. 
Just CHOOSE it. I want you to honestly believe it. 
I did. I just chose what I wanted and I went for it. And I continue to do that every single day. I have moments, and you will too. There will be moments that you’re unsure. Tired. Wanting to be lazy. Wanting to pick the easier route. To Give up. To Let go. To blame external circumstances instead of looking inward. 
But you’re the one who chooses. 
When you understand that and believe it with your whole being that’s when you step in to your power. 
So choose to keep going. Choose to not give up. Choose to swap a bad day for an hour of laughs and love instead. Choose to forgive. Choose to push through. Choose to smile more. Choose a positive over a negative. Choose to fill your life with your tribe. Choose to love. Choose to live. 
Hold on to your why. And you’ll get there. You’ll get whatever it is you desire. 
You need to stop, for a moment, and breathe and believe these words. 
There is nothing in this life you can’t have. 
Our actions dictate our outcomes, our perception dictates our moods. Perceive better. Choose better. Act better. 
You are beautiful. 
You are worthy. 
You are an extraordinary being who DESERVES the life of your dreams. 
And you CAN HAVE IT. You have the same hours in the day as the great legends of the world like Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan. 
You can be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Have what you want to have. What are you doing to change your current circumstances to get closer to that? 
It’s not hard. Just believe in your self worth. Be authentic. Give freely. Honour your divine soul. 
Better your mood. Change your thoughts. Read better books. Make better choices. 
I just want you for today, to believe this with your whole soul – that you can do this. You can live the life of your wildest dreams you just have to believe it, act on it and choose to go after it. 
I’ll always be here for you. Cheering you on, sending you love and light as you make better choices, set and achieve your goals and declare your authenticity to the universe. 
You really are so beautiful – and I am glad we are sharing this world together. 
With so much hope, love and big beams of supportive light,
Anna xx
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Dear 18 year old me

This feels like a week of reflection for me. Of seeing how far I’ve come, relishing and celebrating in how far I have to go but really deeply, just being excited by all of it. 
There is this overwhelming sense of change in the air that I feel just keeps magnifying as 2013 creeps on. Our higher selves are calling us out and egging our desires on and I am simply adoring the energy. The desire for feeling better is there, doing better, stepping up and stepping out. Out of comfort zones, out of shitty situations, out of our shadows.  
And I am here, believe me I am here beautiful – cheering you on as you go through your own change and desire chasing. 
I turn 25 in 2 weeks, just 2 weeks. I have been excited about turning 25 since my teens, and I really honestly couldn’t tell you why. 25 and I have just always had this bangin’ connection – and now I’m in the year of my impending 25th, I feel it. Feel the energy, the excitement. I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump off in to ‘real life’ and pursue exactly it is that I want, day in, day out. Love. Writing. Travel. Sharing. Exploring. Helping Others. 
Like I said though, this week has been heavily reflective and after sharing 16 tips on what I have learnt thus far on living & letting go, I wanted to go deeper. So. I wrote a letter. A letter to 18 year old Anna…and it went a little something like this…
.. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___  .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ .. ___ ..
Dear 18 year old Anna.
hey crazy girl. Slow down. You’ve got this.
Those insecurities that seem to be controlling you, that developing anxiety and that lack of self love and complete unsureity of who you are is in fact not who you are at all. It’s ok though, you’re going to figure it out…like you always do. Would you believe if I told you in just a few short years you’re going to be a girl who knows who she is and lives life with a fire in her belly and a sparkle in her heart? I know it sounds like you’ll never (everrr)get there. But you will. You’re going to love yourself, every part of your mind & soul – which is the exact opposite to right now.
You aren’t going to want to hear this but those tears you cry at night, sob in to your pillow in fact that self doubt that just won’t go away, they’re both trying to tell you something. Listen to that hunny. Pay attention. You can tell yourself you’re happy all you want but no amount of searching for love with guys, investing time in negative friends and denying your real truth is going to get you to the place you want to get to.
Genuine Peace. Self Love. Self Respect.  It’s all on the way.
You think you can’t be who you want to be without alcohol, fakeness or acceptance from others. But guess what lady, you can. You have this spark inside of you, simmering, just beneath the surface; that is so so ready to shine you just have to believe in yourself with all of your being to let it out.
You’ll get there though. I promise.
You need to start reading books, now. One’s that inspire you in unimaginable ways. Keep journaling. That spirit coming out through your private words is going to come out in big ways one day. Eat better, sleep more, trust your gut. And babe. I mean trust your gut. You need to keep your dream of travelling through Europe too. Oh the places you will end up seeing with the love of your life – it will change you, change you right to your core, for the very best. You will find yourself out there. In the streets of Spain, in the cafe’s in small French towns.
There’s a guy in your life that you are almost ready to give up on, hang in there though. My god hang in there. He IS worth it, his more wise than you’ll ever imagine, more supportive than could ever be possibly explained and truly utterly perfect. You’ll fight, sure, but your passion for each other is undeniable. Just remember that and your souls will find the connection that they’re dying to make.
You’re turning 25 in exactly 2 weeks. An age you’ve been excited about since you can remember. You’re healthy (17kgs lighter in fact), abundantly happy – not fake happy either, supercharged soulful ‘shit this feels amazing’ happy, engaged to the man of your dreams, and have found your passion and zest for life through writing, achieving big goals that make you feel good & helping others find their own spark, enthusiasm and radiance in life.
You’ve got far to go but please, just enjoy the ride. You’ve survived this far and believe me, there are bigger & more beautiful things ahead.
Keep shining girl,
Anna x