My love soaked love letter to you; Your Permission Slip to live

Find your story & tell that 

Dear beautiful souls, 

I had something huge on my heart the last few days and it all came out this morning as I sat and wrote in my diary. I want to start living your truth. Finding your story & telling that. Living loudly, and with love. But I think so many of us are still so scared of consequences – friends reactions, societys acceptance, that we don’t even take the first steps to live that truth and follow our purpose. 

So here is your permission slip that I know so many people are still waiting for. If you think you don’t need a permission slip to LIVE either then answer me this. 

Are you still someone who worries about what people think about you? What people might be saying? What a group of your friends might talk about when they get together without you (you need to dump those friends by the way if this is still happening in 2013) Do you wear certain things or not wear certain things to be ‘in’ or normal. Are you careful about what you say or do or how you might come across because of how you might be perceived? Do you still walk in to a room and think ‘I wonder if they like me’ instead of thinking ‘ I wonder if I’ll like them?’ Do you have anxiety? Are you really sad a lot of the time? Stressed? Un aligned? Do you resent aspects of your life??

WHY? I could not pour ANY more love in to these words. WHY?? WHYYY would you try so hard to dampen your spirit and not live your truth when you have been gifted this life and you were born to stand out? Your heart was made to love and for you to live a life of purpose. 

If you didn’t wake up this morning (tragically) and yesterday was your last day on earth…are you proud of what you did? Who you were? What you said? How you loved? How you lived? No?? The only person you are doing a disservice to is yourself.

YOU ARE ALIVE & YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Wake up. For goodness sake wake up. 

Why live a life anything less than extraordinary?? You weren’t born to fit in. You weren’t born to be a bitch either. Or judgmental. Or angry. Or jealous. Or spiteful. Your purpose isn’t to align with shit friends that hold you back from being you. That anxiety & depression that is so devastatingly rampant in our generation today? It’s our bodies way of giving us a clue that the normal way of living isn’t right. 

So here is your permission slip. 

You are beautiful. Incredibly worthy. You have a voice. You have a heart that pumps so you can give of yourself in this world. You should go and live. Be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Wear what you want to wear. Travel where you want to travel. LIVE. Don’t give your power away … Find your voice. Light your spirit back on fire. HAVE FUN. Dream a little bigger & just truly understand and honour your worth.

You are an INCREDIBLE human being. I just needed you to know that as you started your new week again. 

I’ll be here, cheering you on as ALWAYS, 
With a huge amount of love & light. 
Anna xx

Love letter to yourself

I did something on Monday that I pretty much never do in my working career – I took a sick day. Sure, I was actually sick, in fact I had been so violently ill I could barely get out of bed to get myself to the bucket Morgs had lovingly left by the bed, but normally, I’d still try to power on. I would, almost selfishly, pull myself together, and go to work. 

But I didn’t this time. I did something a little different. I took care of myself.

Nurtured my sick body with water and sleep and gave it a much needed break. I felt guilty though, not going in to work. Or worse still, felt guilty that I ended up having this extra day and couldn’t even get some other little things done – emails namely. 

Then I stopped, and realised exactly how crazy this guilt was. I am allowed to have days like this, weeks even. I should be proud that I listened to my body and gave it exactly what it needed. Then I also realised this; that I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this, that we all carry this guilt when an email isn’t sent or you spend a night relaxing on the couch instead of doing something on your growing to do list.

We are living in a day and age where if we’re not doing something or going constantly then we feel like we’re not achieving something, or reaching our successes or worst…. thinking or feeling like we’re not enough

And this is where this letter came from. Bookmark it, print it out, read it and re read it – It’s a love letter to you, from your body & soul. 

Dear (insert your name here)
Stop. Please. Just for a minute, and know this. 
You are enough. 
Totally, completely and utterly …enough. 
I know I don’t allow you to think it often enough, but you really are. With your beautiful unique power about you that nobody else on this world has, and your incredible flair, you are enough, just as you are. Even with your perceived faults, remember, they just make you more beautiful, more you
I noticed you have been pushing yourself really hard recently, – trying to fit more in, get less sleep, do more and be more, but stop stressing, it’s just so unnecessary  Our body needs sleep to feel good, to give us our all, and I need you to be showing up 100% everyday. Please remember that you can’t do that, show up, give your all and live your best when you’re letting busy and tired get the better of you.
Slow down. 
Just relax a little more. Stress less.

When was the last time you took some time out for you? I mean it.

I’m talking about one of those days where you got to just be. No technology, no guilt about the emails you haven’t sent, or the posts that you haven’t written, that uni assignment you haven’t started, the 5kms you haven’t run or that catch up you were pushing yourself to get to. Where you got to just fill it with your favourite things. I think it’s time we had one of those days at least once a month.

I want you to; 
Stop with the guilt. You know you’ll get to it when you need to. 
Stop with the doubt. You know you’re powerful beyond means. 
Stop with the worrying. You know that it will pass, it always does and you’ll get through it. Everytime.
Stop with the rushing. You know that life is more precious than fleeting moments of joy experienced only occasionally. 
I want you to remember that your boss, your emails and you’re 9-5 work aren’t who or what will look after you when you’re sick. It’s your loved ones and yourself who do- so let’s start with a little more self care and nourishment with the relationships you value beautiful you.
Let’s start doing a little less, and being a little more.
I want you to know, that whatever we have going on, we will always get it done in time no matter what – and even if we don’t, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. The sun will rise tomorrow, and life goes on. It always done. That’s why we love being here so much. 
Nourish me. With some positive words for our mind, a kind deed for a stranger for our soul and some healthy food for our body. 
Tomorrow when the sun rises I want you to smile a little more, not stress over that un sent email or few extra things chucked on your to do list and believe that just because you might not get to achieve a dream today, we’ve still got them, brewing away, waiting to be achieved.

We’ll get there, maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next month, but we will get there. 

But most of all, I hope you remember this; that you’re enough.
With love from our soul,
Love (insert your name here)