“Do something incredible for Morgs”

For me, and this big, beautiful crazy life that I lead there are a few certain things that are just matter o’ fact, no doubt about it, u.n.d.e.n.i.a.b.l.e. Want to know what they are? Well, it’s that; 
1. I love to set Goals, and;
2. I love Morgan.
Of course, there a million (x infinity) and one other things to me that make me, well, me but those two fundamental things alone fill a lot of my heart and mind. 
It’s hard to explain the love and appreciation I have for Morgs. He really is just ‘that guy’. His the guy who will be my strength when I need it most, and the guy who never needs to be told or asked to do anything, ever, he just knows and will always be looking out for everybody, especially me (& my family). His always that guy. So when I compiled my list of 25 things I wanted to do before 25 I knew I had to put on there to do something incredible for him. 
I had SO much fun planning & scheming what to do for him and when I came up with the final idea I knew that was the winner. We were just about to embark on our trip of a lifetime so I didn’t want it to related to travel – as what could top that trip. I also didn’t want to do anything that I would have adored as well as I really wanted it to be as much for him and just him as possible.
SO what did he end up getting? 
A day of his favourite things of course! 
I went with a treasure hunt of his favourite things spanning over 24 hours starting with a letter explaining just what he was about to embark on, which was a LOT of surprises. The most fun part about it all for me was that Morgs had ab-so-lutley no idea it was coming, nor managed to guess any of the hints that I had written out and sealed, that he would be handed before each surprise. 
We had the best day laughing together and immersing ourselves in his favourite things (like restaurants for brekky, lunch and dinner, a very fancy hotel, time zone, la prem movies and lots more) and I have promised myself to make sure I do things like this for him a lot more often. 
Your turn.
What do you do for your partner to show how much you love & appreciate them? Cook their favourite meal when they least expect it? Let them have boys nights out more often than most? I’d love to hear your own stories in the comments section below.


Harness your greatness

{Whilst doing some yoga/meditation poolside in St Tropez this – the above – is what came to me. I immediatley went back up & googled who said the famous words – naughty I didn’t know – and wanted to share it with you to further ignite some of your own inspiration. Because after all} –
“who are you NOT to be great?” 
There I was. On the bus from Cannes to Toulon, quietly minding my own business, blissfully watching the beautiful surroundings outside whizz by me with Emelie Sande blasting in my ears when this song of her’s came on…”Read all about it”. This trip for me (& Morgs but I don’t speak for him) was about more than just seeing the world and soaking up different sights & sounds. It was about growth on the inside. It was about having time to devour books that inspired me. It was about finding ways to really be ok with living authentically. Learning how to be 100% true to myself and not letting any external factors like opinions of others & little thing called ego get in the way of that. I can happily say that I am definetley on the way to finding ways to do that, but it will be road that I constantly have to keep in check.
So how does the song come in to this? Well. Simple.
Read.those.lyrics – posted below.
Every single day, we try to live a certain way. We say certain things, or don’t say certain things, we have incredibly limiting beliefs (I’m fat, I’m not good enough, I can’t do that it’s too hard)…we subconciously or conciously conform to this way of living to fit in. To gain more friends, keep the friends we’ve got, be accepted by others, feel loved. Whatever it is you chase.
But what if you could live 100% authentically. What if you didn’t have to worry about what you said because it comes from a place of love. What if you could pursue your dreams with gusto and courage because you believed in yourself 100%?
I have been trying to find the music within me on this holiday. Flame it bright & bring it out. I don’t want the music to die within me and I’m having an incredibly journey along the way.
I’m currently writing a little somethin’ somethin’ for you, my lovely readers that will be put up that you can download (for free) once it’s finished that hopefully helps you do the above.
But what about you in the meantime? You have a story, You have beliefs, You have a  song inside of you….so stop biting your tongue. Don’t stay in silence for fear of what might occur – if you’re doing it from a place of love & authenticity.
So today, I really challenge you to step outside your comfort zone & do something that challenges you. Something that you always want to do but are too scared of doing it. That might even mean approaching a friend about the way they speak to you or telling your parents you love them if you rarely do as it’s just ‘not what you do’.
We’ve all got our lives to lead, our stories to be told, our dreams to chase.
& hopefully, you don’t let the music or song ever die within you.
Love & Light.
p.s These were the lyrics which inspired this piece – This is my own journey of life changes & living and one that I’ve been on for awhile now but when I heard this song I hoped sharing it might inspire you too.

You’ve got the words to change a nation
but you’re biting your tongue
You’ve spent a life time stuck in silence
afraid you’ll say something wrong
If no one ever hears it how we gonna learn your song?
So come, on come on
Come on, come on
You’ve got a heart as loud as lions
So why let your voice be tamed?
Baby we’re a little different
there’s no need to be ashamed
You’ve got the light to fight the shadows
so stop hiding it away
Come on, Come on

I wanna sing, I wanna shout
I wanna scream till the words dry out
so put it in all of the papers,
i’m not afraid
they can read all about it
read all about it oh

At night we’re waking up the neighbours
while we sing away the blues
making sure that we remember yeah
cause we all matter too
if the truth has been forbidden
then we’re breaking all the rules
so come on, come on
come on, come on,
lets get the tv and the radio
to play our tune again
its ’bout time we got some airplay of our version of events

Advice from the last year

For all the topics I write about and advice that I share, I always hope that it is recieved in the same gesture that it is written, with love and sincerity. I adore writing and sharing what I do but what I think makes it so special to me is that I never pick the topic, then write about it, the topic just always seems to pick me. What does that even mean? Well unless you’re Mr M & live with me and see how crazy me and my train of thought is, its hard to understand, but when I think of something to write, it is always something that has been on my heart or in my head for awhile & I know when it needs to come out. Nothing is ever forced, it just was meant to get put on paper the way that my heart or head is telling me it should be. That’s why I feel so many of you relate, you were meant to read it at certain points in your life, just as I was meant to share it at that particular time. I am blown away by the beautiful and thoughtful comments left on posts each and every day and truly wanted to say thank you. This week I had an urge to write about how the most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself – but when I started to write I knew straight away that it just wasn’t meant to come out yet. I had a little more to learn before I shared it. What I did honestly keep getting though was all the previous posts I’ve shared on love and life and when I had a thought to compact my favourite ones in to this post, I knew that was meant for today. So here they are, some of my favourite ‘articles’ I’ve written over the past year of having the blog (all that get shared on my dating website Possibly Maybe as well). I hope you find something meant perfectly for you for at this exact moment in your life. Have a smashing weekend filled with everything you want it to be xx

This old love – I got to share advice, real ‘out of the mouth’ advice from couples who were celebrating their 50 & 60 year wedding anniversary, and those who were turning 100. I had asked them all the same question, ‘what was your secret to love and ageing’.

Stop accepting shit behaviour – A tough one to write and an even tougher one to share but it talks about how you should never be accepting less than desirable behaviour from anyone, especially your partner in a relationship. Maybe today this is the day you see in Black & White just exactly how you’re being treated, and realise it needs to stop.

Change – it’s not always for the best – This one is strictly for relationship advice. My mum brought me up to believe that you can never change anyone (i.e your bf) but more importantly, you shouldn’t ever want to change anyone. There is not one thing I would change about Mr M, his quirks are just what make him that more adorable. Remember that you have your life’s destiny and they have theirs. Important to read if you feel that your relationship would be great “if he’d just change that one little thing”…

Dear 16 year old me – This one was inspired from an incredibly powerful skin cancer advert I had seen (and shared on the blog) where patients of skin cancer shared advice they’d give their 16 year old selves if they could turn back time. I loved the idea – so here is my own letter to my 16 year old self about the advice I’d love to have been told.

Getting over your ex – This is SO hard to do and incredibly painful to work through. This article I shared some healthy ways to truly start healing your heart and soul and make that final decision to cut him and the pain from your life – to look forward, and never look back.

How to make your relationship last – After Mr M & I shared our 5 year anniversary and are more in love than ever I was inspired to share some of our own advice when it comes to keeping your relationship alive. A personal post that meant a lot to share. P.s Mr M had his own advice which is intertwined in the post so its from us both!

It’s ok – Short title but long article with a lot of heart. It discusses how It’s ok, it’s really ok that you might not be exactly where you wanted to be at your age, or you might not have set the right goals. Let it go, love yourself and remember it’s never to late.

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Life in perspective


I’ve learned … that the best things in life, like love, family and watching sunrises and sunsets – really are free.
I’ve learned … that listening to advice from those who have been there and ‘done that’ before is worth it’s weight in gold.
I’ve learned … that when you’re in love, it consumes all of your being – from your cells to your thoughts to your heart.
I’ve learned … that the world owes you nothing. It was here before you, and it will be here after you, so don’t walk around with a chip on your shoulder or with a victims attitude, you’re doing no one, including yourself, a favour.
I’ve learned … that sending light and love to my enemies and wishing them no ill harm makes me feel far better than holding on to hate and anger.
I’ve learned … that sometimes, all people really need is someone to listen to them with an open heart and open mind and really understand what they’re going through.
I’ve learned … that it is far more classy and fulfilling to always be the bigger person when it comes to anger, jealously or hate directed towards you.
I’ve learned … that a kind word and a smile to a stranger can not only lighten up their day, but also yours.
I’ve learned … that no matter how old we get or mature we think we are, acting like a teenager again is still incredibly fun – and should be done on a regular basis.
I’ve learned … that it’s the small moments, the quiet moments, the unassuming moments that make my life spectacular and worthwhile.
I’ve learned … that life really does happen whilst you’re busy making other plans.
I’ve learned … that sometimes, as strong, loud, sure and confident as I am, I need to be vulnerable and looked after just as much as the next person, and that’s ok.
I’ve learned … to forgive. Really forgive. To not hold on to that angst, that anger, that stupid hate for anyone or anything. 
I’ve learned … that to not forgive doesn’t affect anyone but myself so I Forgive. I Let it go.
I’ve learned … that life may certainly not always be easy, or fun, or in my control, but how I deal with that and my attitude towards it is what counts.
I’ve learned … that I will never stop missing my Nanna & Pop any less no matter how many years go pass, but their lessons in love and life live on forever.  
I’ve learned … that you control your own destiny, and that you can make a huge impact on the world, you just have to choose to not live in the shadows of your own life. 
I’ve learned … that kindness is free to give away and should be done so at every chance you get.  
I’ve learned … just how important it is to live in the here and now – and try hard to live with no regrets.
I’ve learned … that life can be as easy or hard as you like dependent on how well you can make decisions, and that to easily make decisions you need a strong list of values. 
I’ve learned … that I can’t always do everything or be everything for everyone, and that is also ok.
And lastly,
I’ve learned … that life can be tough … but I’ll always be tougher.
Love Anna xx

Is there really ‘The One?’

Is there really the one?
I remember when I was a little girl and being told of this mystical theory that everybody had that one somebody out there who was their soul mate, their ‘the one’. I thought the same thing back then as i still do today and that is – you don’t have ‘the one’,  love and soul mates are what you want it to be and are only as amazing and awe inspiring if you put the work in.
The thought of a soul mate when I was growing up honestly stressed me out. I used to think ‘but what if my soul mate happens to live half way around the world? What if i never get there and we never meet?’ Im serious. So my partners in the meantime are just in betweeners? People there who sure I loved but weren’t the one, so it was me just biding my time till I met the one?
That just wasn’t’ an acceptable theory for me growing up.
The other question I used to ask mum as I got older concerning soul mates was this. What if, just what IF I find a lovely man who I wed and was blissfully happy with, and he dies in a tragic accident, but I then go on to find and wed another lovely man who makes me equally happy. Which one is my soul mate? A little deep for a teenager huh but I felt that if people were trying to tell me there were limited soul mates for every person in the world, how stressful that would be.
See, the thing is though, in my opinion, either one could have been my soulmate. If we worked hard at our relationships my time with them would have been rich and full of love so who or what is to say that neither of them were better than the other or was more of the one than the other?
There is a saying that goes – You may think the grass is greener on the other side, but if you take the time to water your own grass it would be just as green.
I love it, simply love it.
I think that sums up my belief about love being what you make it and what you put in perfectly. Too many of us are looking for bigger and brighter sparkles outside of our relationships instead of tending to our own relationship. In lamen terms, we think the grass is greener over the other side of the fence, instead of tending to our own grass (relationship). But guess what? When you have found a great partner who loves and supports you unequivocally then work at it. Work at it hard. Don’t be thinking if they may or may not be the one for you. What should be your focus is fighting through harder times, relishing in the good times, enjoying every other time in between and nurturing your love as you let it grow and grow – your own grass will get greener and greener. You don’t need to think is there someone else out there for you who might be slightly taller, a little more understanding, a little tidier – if you work hard at this love, your love, and make your own relationship amazing the term soul mate becomes more apparent.
I’m not saying that every boyfriend or girlfriend is your soul mate either. What I am saying though is don’t question if you’ve found the one if you’re happy and fulfilled in a relationship. To me, your ‘one’ is whoever you choose it to be, whoever makes you happy, whoever is willing to fight as hard for your relationship as you are and who loves you, unconditionally.
There IS no such thing as “the” one. You have lots of ones, you just have to find the right one. your one. 

Advice after 5 years of Dating

I read something incredibly profound yesterday … Life is only 4,000 weeks. Now, I don’t know about you, but I measure my time in weeks. I don’t think I ever mean too but if I am ever talking about how fast time is going it is generally accompanied by “I can’t believe how fast that week flew by”. Just 4,000 weeks. Depending on how you look at it is either a lot, or a little and of course your life could be more, or less. For me however, I read it and went that’s it?? Never have I been more motivated, more inspired and more excited by the fact that the future is mine and those 4,000 weeks of life I have been gifted need to be lived in the most remarkable way possible. This isn’t what inspired this weeks dating advice, but it made me realise after writing it that I am lucky to have found someone to live out the remaining 4,000 weeks with. So remember, if you’re unhappy in love or life, you only have 4,000 weeks – that’s it. Make yours count.

p.s If you want to read more articles that I write like attracting a king, being more approachable & Respect … then visit it here

5 years & counting
Love is a crazy thing isn’t it? It is also a fun, incredible, world defying thing whilst at the same time being a jealous, angry, confusing thing. I honestly know I have never experienced and doubt I ever will experience such a profound feeling as love. I think I am one of the lucky ones though as 5 years ago, I walked in to a party – sure I was drunk – and met someone who would become the one who fulfils all of the above. An amazing start to a love story? Hardly, but a heart stopping love? Absolutely. Although only 24 (his 28), I think a healthy 5 year relationship does give you some credentials when trying to give some relationship advice… and here is mine.
Argue but don’t say mean things – keep your fights short, relevant and clean. No point in saying things you don’t mean anyway and keeping tallys on who said what or didn’t do that.
Forgive quickly – they love you, you love them, your arguments are petty in comparison to the love you share so why waste even a second holding on to a grudge or anger when you’re only going to forgive them down the track anyway.
Support their dreams – this is the essence of someone, the thing that motivates them, excites them and ‘is’ them. To not support their dreams is to say you don’t believe in them and belief is at the core of every human being.
Respect them – pretty simple to understand this one but respect them not just as a boyfriend/girlfriend, respect them as the whole individual they are and all the roles they fill – friend, brother, sister, colleague, and so on. This is important to understanding them.
Fall in love without loosing yourself – be consumed by all means and adore spending time with them but keep your own hobbies, friends and interests too. You’re still an ‘I’ just as much as an ‘us’
Laugh together – you don’t need to have the same sense of humour to be able to laugh together. Do this daily. It makes for a fun relationship and one where you can laugh through the good and bad times (and we all know we go through both).
Talk less, listen more – you will both be surprised how much more gets communicated and how much more you open up after a long hard day instead of saying ‘I’m fine’.
Find each others love language and speak it – don’t know what I’m talking about? For shame. This is my relationship golden rule. There are 5 love languages – Words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch. Figure out which one each of you are, do your research … and start speaking in each others language.
Find your own rules & groove and go with it – everybody is different, which means every relationship is different. Find what works for you both and work on that not trying to emulate other people or relationships you think work.
So there you go. This is a snapshot of why I think after 5 years of a relationship I am falling more in love as each year goes on. Most importantly though, just love and have fun. We only have one life and it’s yours to live so make it count with the right person.