1 skirt; 4 ways

I have no shame in saying I was late to the fashion game – I think everyone can be forgiven for their take on ‘fashion’ in their teenage years as you are either influenced by your friends or whatever your parents can afford to get you. The later years, not so much though. I moved out when I was 18 years young however and then at age 19 decided to enrol myself in and support myself through a uni degree (which I successfully completed a year and a half ago). What that meant however was from when I was 19 to 22 the tiny amount of money I did have went on rent, uni books and 2 minute noodles – the very very last thing I would ever treat myself with was a new clothes purchase which was pretty much never. Today however is a different story – my degree is behind me and I’m on a comfortable salary with a penchant for finally filling my fashion desires. I still don’t know my style per se – all i know is that I dress in things I love, follow trends adapting what suits and leaving what doesn’t and never wear things unless I feel confident and comfortable in it. I still love a good bargain though and wanted to show how you still don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on your outfits. Every outfit below is created around my staple black $15 dollar skirt I picked up from Cotton On. 1 skirt, 4 different outfits is my idea of bargain heaven! The lessons I have learnt over the years are; have fun with your style, stay true to your style and whatever you wear make sure you feel confident – confidence can take any outfit from ok to fabulous.

Where I would wear ….
Outfit 1 – Work
Outfit 2 – Dinner out in the city or catch up wines with gf’s
Outfit 3 – Coffee catch up’s & shopping
Outfit 4 – Night out on the town (Winter)


  1. tiny dancer Reply

    Great remix, Anna! I love these posts. It really drives home the fact that one black mini skirt can go a long way 🙂


  2. hope in high heels Reply

    You are looking very fabulous, as always! I love all of this, especially the colour of your jacket in that first shot – I’ll have one of those please! I couldn’t agree with you more on your fashion philosophy – I’m all for buying things that make me feel and look good and only adopt the parts of fashion trends that suit me and my wardrobe. Hope you’ve had an amazing start to the week!

  3. Jules M Reply

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  4. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, I agree that teenage was my worst fashion time… All outfits look great and very comfy. I like versatile pieces too, there´s nothing better when you buy something and sooner or later find out that you can combine it with almost everything 😉 Although I must admit I´m not very thoughtful shopper 😀 Have a nice Tuesday 🙂
    xo Eve.h

  5. O Reply

    Cute outfits! I had no fashion game whatsoever until I reached my teens (and that was also a questionable period), but I knew it was somewhere hidden…love the picks on the mini skirt! xoxo

  6. Izzy Reply

    haha *hi five*, I was so late to the fashion game too! good on you for supporting yourself from a pretty young age. it’s great that when your budget was tight you spent it on the important things like rent and food- instead of giving into temptation and buying clothes! it’s really good that you have a stable source of income now and you get to enjoy the finer things in life.
    love all the different outfits btw- the fur vest is love! 🙂


  7. Annie Reply

    Such cute outfits – and what a versatile skirt! And all that matters is that you are in the game now 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. rolala Reply

    I was totally late to the fashion game party as well. I love it when one piece can be versatile like this and it’s awesome how you styled this such different looks with it. I totally agree that confidence is key.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    First of all dear my congratulation with receiving your degree (my congrats are a bit just too late, but better late than never, right?:)))
    And I really love the idea of showing how to wear one piece in different ways. I especially love the second look. It’s very cozy yet absolutely stylish and def perfect for a girls’ night out!





    I absolutely love this!!! First of all you’re absolutely gorgeous. Secondly, I love how you styled this one skirt 4 different ways. All perfectly in my opinion 🙂 xoxo

  11. Cara Reply

    I LOVE this post, what a cute way to show the versatility of a piece! Congratulations on putting yourself through school, that’s an incredible accomplishment. You are making up for lost fashion time with you impeccable style today.

    Now, tell me more about this chocolate caramel slice! 🙂

  12. Anna, I sent you an email via your blogger profile in reply to your question regarding public transportation in Europe. I’m not sure if you’ve received it but in any case, here’s my email addy: thepurseaddict@gmail.com

    BTW, I’ve always loved the minimalist approach which extends to my wardrobe. The idea where a piece of clothing can be worn, mixed and matched with the existing clothes to create multiple outfits. it’s incredible you’ve managed to create 4 very different looks from a Cotton On skirt.

  13. Heather Reply

    O I don’t even want to talk about my fashion style as a high schooler I was every where with my style. I combined things that should NEVER be combined. And lets not talk make-up …i really wish someone would have guided me better lol

    Anywayyyy I love love love your polar bear sweater. I also love that you took a staple skirt and was able to create different looks for different events. As I get older I try to look for pieces that can fit into my work life and the rest of life.


  14. What a great post. I love how you’ve really mixed the look up. When I first looked at the pictures I didn’t think it was the same skirt. I need to do a better job at mixing and matching!

  15. Emmanuella Reply

    Really enjoyed this post! You’re absolutely right when it comes to fashion and style it’s definitely better to have fun and be confident than following. I love the 4 outfits so much but if I had to choose it would be the number 3, it’s so me 🙂

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