10 things I’ve learnt by 24

I truly believe with all my essence that life is what you make of it. In my study I have a saying that hangs right in front of me so that everyday when I sit down to persevere with a new project or work on achieving a goal I read it. “The only thing keeping you from what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t have it”. It’s my simple but powerful reminder. I don’t believe in the words can’t or impossible. I don’t believe that age or gender can stop me from working towards any goal I set and I don’t believe that we should ever stop learning or loving. I don’t know much. In fact my vocabulary is sometimes shocking – just ask Mr M who has to hear me stuff up phrases or make up new words all the time – but what I do know is that life is what you make of it and with that in mind, I wanted to share 10 pieces of my own advice of things I’ve learned in the past few years.
  1. Be kind & grateful – but not fake kind or fake grateful. Be genuine and kind from the heart. As they say the people you meet could always be fighting harder battles – I truly believe that.
  2. Work hard and play harder – I live by the philosophy that we are here working to live not living to work.
  3. Be respectful – to those who are willing to respect you (& to your elders). 
  4. When things get tough, always be the bigger person – it might mean holding your tongue or letting things go but remember it’s worth it in the long run. 
  5. What you do in this world and how you leave it is more important than the clothes you wear or how you look.
  6. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are – know yourself exactly who you are and always live true to that.
  7.  Work out your values, write them down, live by them and let them be a guiding factor in your life.
  8. Don’t settle – in anything. Love, work, friends, … you’ve got just one, ONE life .. why put up with anyone or anything less than the best.
  9. It’s never ever too late – to write a goal, to chase a dream, to start again, or to fall in love. If life is what you make it no external factor should ever get in the way. 
  10. Love – passionately, fully, honestly and loyally. Life is a beautiful journey but one I’ve learnt that should be shared. 


  1. Sam Reply

    Hi Anna, thanks so much for your sweet comment, I really appreciate it. I love coming to your blog for a dose of positivity, where do you find the inspiration? Its true, only we stop ourselves from being great. I have learnt lessons number 4, 5 6 and 8 very well myself. It may have been a tough climb but the view at the end of it all is worth it. A beautifully motivational and honest list.

  2. Angie Reply

    Dear Anna, thank you so much for your lovely comment I am so excited to be escaping this freezing cold Sydney weather in exchange for the Greek sun! I love your blog so much it always inspires me and I love reading it to de-stress with some positive inspiration. X
    P.S. I will be doing a post all about fashion inspiration for my holiday very soon!

  3. The Key To Chic Reply

    Wise words! I like #1 and #4 especially. Kindness, positivity, and new goals are so key for success!

  4. Eve.H Reply

    I wouldn´t have said it better 🙂
    PS: It is quite sunny here in the Czech rep. but it´s not as warm as I´d like. Thank you for another great comment of yours 😉
    xoxo Eve.h

  5. Belinda Reply

    Another amazing, inspirational post Miss A. Number 9 hit home with me, and Number 10 is my favourite 🙂 One of my favourite quotes hanging in my study is “Choose being kind over being right, and you’ll be right every time”, Richard Carlson. I think it’s such a wonderful idea to have inspirational words around you every day.
    Well done and don’t ever stop spreading the love!

  6. Emmanuella Reply

    I couldn’t agree more once again thank you Anna!

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