16 tips on living & letting go

I’ve learned … that life and everything you fill it with is worth fighting for. Every day.
I’ve learned … that even if you don’t have it figured out yet, the fact that you know you don’t is exciting. Why? Because you get to find that thing and pursue a new passion.
I’ve learned … that our pasts don’t define our present or our futures, but can be used to teach us beautiful lessons on strength, resilience and build character.
I’ve learned … that the shit day and the bad week you’re having, really truly will pass, and there will be better brighter more amazing days to come. No matter what.
I’ve learned … to trust myself. Inexplicably. That a gut instinct is worth it’s weight in gold & to listen, loudly when it’s saying slow down, speed up, let go, hang on and just be careful.  
I’ve learned … the true meaning of love. & I can’t wait to marry him.
I’ve learned … that each and every one of us has a powerful, incredible overwhelmingly beautiful gift that the universe is begging for – & I want to help people find it.
I’ve learned … that it is far better to fill your life with wonderful, loving, remarkable people than put up with negative ones. 
I’ve learned … that without our health, we have nothing. Our dreams, goals and bright ideas can’t become a reality without it. So to fuel my body with the good stuff, my mind with the better stuff and my soul with the best stuff. 
I’ve learned … that a genuine embrace and warm smile can be more to someone than you realise.
I’ve learned … that I am the controller of my own destiny & true happiness. 
I’ve learned …that if I’m not happy, wildly discontent, in a rut, packing on kilos or completely lost, I am the only one who can choose to change it, do better, be better & feel better. & that is so, SO powerful & beautifully exciting.
I’ve learned … to embrace life and realise that even the imperfections are what make it so…perfect. That even when things don’t go to plan, that is in fact exactly how it was meant to be. 
I’ve learned … that the universe truly, utterly deeply… has my back. 
I’ve learned … that nothing is ever personal, it’s how you react and interpret it. 
I’ve learned … that life is here to be lived. Completely. Hard. Fast. In love. Curiously. Your way….
So to live it. 
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  1. Belinda Reply

    Oh Anna. This just filled my heart with joy. Thank you xoxo

  2. Gemma Carrick Reply

    Agreed with Belinda, absolutely warmed me from head to toe. Your words always do! xx

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