2014; my year in review

2014. I am truly not even sure where to begin with you but let’s start here.


If there was ever a time that even that word felt insignificant to the year that has been 2014 for me, it’s now. I truly don’t feel there are any words I could write to properly capture the feelings experienced the past 12 months but I can start with the deepest of gratitudes.

2014 for me, was the brightest, boldest, most surreal, most exciting, most free’ing, most extraordinary, most abundant year of my life to date, and you know, even being able to sit here curled up in my zen den writing this post out saying those words fills me with an even deeper sense of gratitude.

Back in 2012 I read a book that changed my life, and in it for the first time I heard the concept about flipping goals on their head, not chasing the ‘thing’ – the boat, the car, the house, the dream job, but chase the feeling that you achieve when you HIT those goals. The book – The Fire Starter Sessions – went on to explain that we set and push to achieve goals to chase those feelings down, so go for the FEELING before you go for the goal, and in doing so, you will lead a much more fulfilling life. It was that book that has ever since giving me my ‘guiding words’ for each year and for 2014 my words were….

Freedom & Abundance

Freedom to live a life of choice. Freedom to travel. Freedom to feel, to flow with life, to stretch in my own time my own ways. Freedom to do what I want without fear of what other people might say or think. Freedom to live in such a way so authentic and congruent to me, it just felt divinely right.

And Freedom and authentic, congruent, beautiful feelings I got.

And then Abundance. And not how you might think. I wanted abundance of the mind, abundance of the spirit, abundance in love and my relationships and abundance in the joy of life. Abundance too in business to be able to do more, serve more and show up in the world more.

And Abundance in mind, spirit, business, relationships, love and joy of living I got.

You see, whether I achieved all of the below that I want to share with you or not, what my greatest accomplishment this year has been is living in to and owning my feelings of Freedom & Abundance. I felt free. I lived in abundance. The rest, the physical goal achievement around those two very things were set in fate because it wasn’t that I pursued, it was the feelings instead.

So to 2014, you have truly been the most divine most extraordinary year of my life and I can’t thank you enough for all that you have dished up for me, but be warned, I’m aiming to make 2015 even brighter, even bolder, even more inspired and more phenomenal so you’re officially on notice. And don’t get me wrong…

2011 year review was rad. 

2012 review was an ode to the best year I’d ever had. 

2013 I wasn’t energetically called to even wrap it up as I felt it couldn’t be done in words as it was just THAT life changing.

But 2014? Well you have thus far taken the cake.

2015?? Stay tuned but I can’t wait to keep sharing the adventures with you in this space.

With each and every year that passes I truly believe we are in a position to manifest every dream, goal, hope and wish and truly make it brighter and more beautiful than the last. You needn’t ever feel like a year will never be able to out-do the last, because that is just the thing about living, as each year passes us by, it should become even more abundant and extraordinary. The trick with it all as well is what I nudged you towards above, it’s not about chasing the ‘things’ down – it’s about leaning in to how you want to feel.

Someone said to me on social media with loving intention “no year will ever out-do 2014 as it was the year you got married!” – and with loving intention right back, I rigorously tend to disagree. Why? Because I felt my way right in to, and up to, and after my wedding and the wedding wasn’t what Morgan or I were chasing. We were chasing down a blissful marriage, commitment on the deepest most divine level humanly possible and freedom and abundance to grow in to even greater versions of ourselves whilst doing the same as a united couple.

So you see,  the wedding isn’t what made 2014 so spectacular (amongst every other minute or huge detail that made up our most extraordinary year) – it was that we were so aligned and in flow with how we wanted to feel. Abundant and Free.

But those are just two of the words that I wanted to lean in to in 2014, but greater and deeper and that, I learnt a whole bunch of stuff as well, powerful, enlightening sometimes hard but mostly easy stuff. So what were my….

{ Lessons of 2014 }

+ That hard work, commitment to your beliefs and values and showing up to give your gifts and abilities in the world will trump giving up, thinking it’s too hard or you’re not worthy every.single.time.

+ Travel truly is the only thing you can buy that does make you richer.

+ There is no such thing as mistakes – every experience in life you have – even the good the bad or the ugly, is a beautiful lesson you in fact needed to go through at that exact time.

+ Listening to your intuition and trusting your gut is the most powerful decision-making tool you can ever use. Ever.

+ That when it comes to loving others, giving to others, serving others and showing up powerfully and authentically in this world, I need to love myself first, give to myself first, serve myself first and show up powerfully and authentically in my own space and for myself first before I can best serve the world. And you have to too.

+ Speaking of showing up powerfully and authentically in this world; I learnt there is nothing sexier than seeing a person live in to their potential just by showing up authentically, breaking free of the shackles of what other people might ‘think’ of them and owning who they are and what they have to offer this world. High five & chest bumps to those people who showed me that and taught me that in 2014.

+ That money does.not.buy.happiness – but it does reward you time and choice freedom which DOES give you happiness. I learnt that people are so often scared or embarrassed to talk about business incomes or what they really hope to achieve in life if it has a dollar figure, and yet to get there it is the one thing you have to address. So show up, speak your truth, declare what you want and don’t ever be afraid to talk about money to let the universe know you’re serious.

+ Weddings are just one day of your life (or in our case, a week-long!) and what you REALLY need to focus on is the commitment and divine life long companionship that ensues after that one day. Don’t ever put the focus on the wedding, put your focus instead on the life you are going to share after – how you will raise your children, what values will you grow in to together and how you both want to show up in the world – and from a girl who still achieved her absolute dream wedding doing all of the above, I promise you your dream wedding will happen.

+ The best things in life are free – but you do need money to not stress. We talk about deep belly laughs, sunrises and sunsets, bear hugs from our loved ones until we’re blue in the face – but if you then go home after that sunset and have bills you can’t pay and  are struggling to make ends meet then I get that comment can frustrate you. SO CHANGE WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING IF IT’S NOT WORKING SO YOU TOO CAN BE THE PERSON THAT CAN SAY WITH CONVICTION…THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE…


+ At the end of the day – the best things in life really ARE free. Like catching the sunrise and the sunset in the same day. Bumping in to an old friend you’ve been thinking about for weeks and laughing on all the old memories. An “I love you” from your most loved ones. The rain after a hot day and the smell of the trees and earth cooling off or even just the beach on a hot day.

+ Gratitude is the sexiest thing on the planet – and when you have an attitude of gratitude you truly do attract more abundance and ease and flow in to your life.

So … with my words I leaned in to, my lessons and my adventures I want to take you on a visual tour of the year that was…the most abundant and free of my life.

My only wish for you is that you too go and live in to your OWN most extraordinary year of YOUR life. Your emotional, spiritual and physical health depends on it.


2014 year in review with monthly memories + snapshots


Free trip to Bali // Melbourne

+ All expenses paid trip to Bali – this trip was my second all expenses paid trip I had won with the company I am aligned with and operate my business within and it was one of the best trips to Bali I have ever ever been on (apart from our wedding of course!) as it was 5 star everything, luxury, luxury and more luxury, spoiling, surprises and more fun than you can possibly imagine.

+ Trip to Melbourne to rock out and launch a good friend & biz partners business – Getting to have a business in the network marketing profession means you get to have a national and international business and January saw me take off to Melbourne for a week to go on a speaking tour with my girlfriend and biz partner Diana who was launching her biz in a big way on the Peninsula & Melbourne town. We had a BLAST.






First major speaking event // Sky diving // Rottnest

+ In January I was beyond humbled, excited and blown away to be asked to speak at the company I am aligned withs major event of the year. The event is called ‘Celebration’ and as the name suggests, it is a huge celebration of individuals accomplishments they have achieved in the year with training intertwined and just a lot of FUN. I had burst in to Isagenix with a huge why and a deep passion to succeed so had run pretty fast with my business and built (& still have) a phenomenal phenomenal team that surrounds me so I was asked to train on just that – how to develop a championship team. I was then also asked to get back on stage the following day to train again on a ‘powerful women panel’ with other women I deeply respect and admire on how I do business and taking questions from the crowd. Stepping up there, in front of 2,500 people, when the most I’d ever spoken in front of before was 300, my palms were sweaty and I swore the people right back of the room could have seen my heart beating out of my chest, but the moment I said my first word, the world stopped and all seemed right in the world. Every time I step on a stage now it fills my heart with the deepest amount of gratitude and excitement but you will never forget your ‘first’ and for me, that was this month of this year and something I will never forget.

+ Another crazy huge and crazy fun thing that happened in February was sky diving! I had already jumped out of a plane once before in 2013 and it was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life, it truly was, but with all things that fun and outrageous why would you NOT do it again? So when a group of my best friends said let’s do it again but this time over Jurien Bay my only answer was YES. It was probably MORE thrilling and fun as the views were surreal, I was with more of my besties than just doing it myself and the road trip down and back was an adventure in itself. I think I will have to start the tradition of sky diving once a year because, well because why not?!

+ Rottnest with my besties again – yep the same ones I skydived with we are quite the adventure junkies – and for a girl who up until 2012 hadn’t even ever been – shocking I know – the more excuses I have to get to that beautiful tiny island the better. We biked the island, drank champagne on the beautiful shore line, ate until we were full in the pub and cart wheeled on the beach.







Bali //

+ Bali with the besties and this trip was extra special as we had our very good friend come with us for his first time to Bali. We laughed a lot, we talked about life, love, the universe, we partied a lot, we danced a lot and we just had a lot of fun.

p.s Some of my top tips for bali I will do in a separate post but for now, we stayed in and around Seminyak this time and my top tips for there are:

  • Ku De Ta (HAVE to go for sunset cocktail)
  • Moziac (same brand as in Ubud – brilliant food & groovy bar/restaurant on beach)
  • Deuss – really funky for chill out Potato head – infamous in bali. BIG infinity pool bar / grass area. Yummy cocktails
  • Mamma San – best indian in bali
  • Metis – fine dining restaurant
  • La Plancha – super bali. Beanbags on the beach attached to a bar go for sunsets and cold bear
  • Sea Circus – really really really yummy breakfasts
  • La Luciola – on the beach, some of the best italian food I’ve ever eaten
  • Betlenut Cafe – So adorable. ALL organic food, in a wooden barn that is open and overlooks rice fields
  • Sarong – thai/Indonesian/indian – fine dining and FREAKING DELICIOUS – beautiful decor, happening vibe
  • W Bar – mustttttt go here. On the beach, happy hour from 5-7pm, amazing cocktails, funkiest tunes in bali, just super relaxed atmosphere whilst being really upmarket
  • Hotel Mexicola – mexican food as the name suggests REALLYYYYY funky decor, cool tunes, great for dinner (& yummy sangria!!!)





IMG_5912 IMG_5916


Melbourne // Morgan turned 30 // Sydney

+ I managed to sneak in another trip to Melbourne to go and visit my Dad with my brothers and we had a freaking ball. One of the greatest things I treasure in my life is my family and getting to spend quality time like this trip gifted me with my crazy 3 older brothers is one of those ‘money can’t buy’ kind of things. We were like kids. We all stayed together so stayed up late, yelled at the tv watching footy, ate naughty food, laughed and laughed until early hours and shared a wine most nights. Seeing Dad was special too as we don’t often get to being opposite sides of the country so this trip was absolutely not your average Melbourne trip (especially getting to go to the MCG for the first time ever with my biggest brother Nate and watching our favourite teams; Dockers – Me, Hawthorn – Nate – play each other!)

+ My divine husband and favourite male in the whole wide world turned 30 in April as well and considering birthdays are LITERALLY my favourite day of the whole year I always like to make sure he gets considerably spoilt. I planned a 3 night stay at the Crown Burswood hotel where we had spa treatments, relaxed, tried out almost every restaurant there, worked out, lounged by the pool and just generally had a rockin’ good time. His birthday night we went to Rockpool and downed a delicious bottle of red, and laughed and laughed until it almost felt like we had worked off the steak we’d eaten for dinner! Morgsy is in fact not one for fuss on birthdays so I went ahead and planned a big surprise birthday party for him as well – and the verdict? The best birthday his ever had and doesn’t believe I’ll ever be able to out do it – watch this space.

+ I was also humbled and grateful to be asked to speak at another company event, this time in Sydney on how I use the tools, systems and processes to succeed in Morgan & I’s business and how we use them in the day-to-day runnings so flew over excited as ever to be able to do that. It was actually a business changing event as I got to be an avid audience member too taking away golden nugget after golden nugget from other business mentors I respect and admire – I will never stop loving doing what I do!




April 2


Morgan came in to the business Full Time //

+ There were a few major things in May that happened but I am only going to focus on one as it was the most phenomenal and life changing event ev-ah. May saw Morgan, my supportive, beautiful, amazing husband, be able to leave his corporate career / job and come in to our Isagenix business Full Time. From the start, the day I dived in to a network marketing business and came home SO excited even though Morgs didn’t understand it and thought I was crazy to begin with, never ever stood in my way. I said I wanted to do this and so he let me fly. The late nights I was in my lady lair really getting it all off the ground, he would bring my dinner in and kiss me on the forehead knowing I was working hard on our future. We had to change our relationship rules – like going to bed at different times and getting up at different times as I had to fit building the business in the cracks of my life around a full-time stressful job … but I couldn’t have succeeded and achieved anything without him. So building the business to a point where we could both very comfortably live off the income it produced, and having him too leave his j.o.b made me happier and more proud than when I left my own corporate career. May changed everything for us in every single way and I will remember the moments in the photos below, and the month – for.ev.er.



Bali trip with the bestie // Filming video for website launch

+ My bestie and I called a girls time out in June and took off to Bali together to spend a few luxurious days at Alila Uluwatu – she was moving to Bali for 2 months and I wanted to go and help her settle in but we first decided to have some girls time out at Alila and my god was it divine. If you have never been to Alila Uluwatu then I highly highly suggest you pop that up on your vision board and get there. I believe that heaven is actually on earth and you just have to look around to see it, feel it and experience it and I have to say, Alila Uluwatu was as close to heaven on earth physically as I have ever experienced – separate to the Maldives of course! There is nothing better than a time out, in luxury, with your best friend, with sunshine and laughter and love.

+ June also saw Morgan & I film the video for our business that is on this spaces’ home page! We were getting ready to launch Anna & Morgan dot com and did the video filming for the welcome to our space and to share our vision. If you haven’t watched it in a while and you forget why we have this space or what we want to help you with, I encourage you to go back to the home page and watch it again to remind yourself what’s possible and if we can help.








Business class trip // Kelowna, Canada

+ July was the start of an epic adventure that saw us depart – end of July – for just over 4 weeks in the States with a little stop over in Canada but we started it the right way with return tickets business class. We flew Perth –> Sydney –> LA –> Vancouver … the Sydney to LA leg was obviously the longest (14 hours) and the most incredible. Being able to drink french champagne, lay flat, be served 4 course meal and then snack on deliciousness was an experience we’ll never forget. I had on my vision board that year to fly business at least once and we ended up flying it most of the year – but this trip, this 14 hour leg was as I said, THE most phenomenal experience ever.

+ Kelowna was a 4 day whirlwind adventure as we went to a good friends engagement party which saw us partying until the wee wee hours of the morning (I’m talking pizza was ordered and delivered around the 3am mark and we were still raging). We also got to see a lot of this beautiful town, jet skii’ing on the huge lake and sight-seeing until our hearts were content. I naturally tried the national drink – Cesear – and don’t know I’ll ever have another, but what I DO know is that we will absolutely be back to that beautiful country – and soon.






LA // NYC // Austin // Sedona // San Franciso // San Diego

Los Angeles 



New York City 









San Francisco 



 San Diego




Got married // Honeymooned in the Maldives















All expenses paid trip to New Zealand as a Top Achiever //







Melbourne //






2014 truly, deeply, right to my core was the most expansive, phenomenal, abundant year of my (& Morgans) life and being able to honour the moments sitting even writing this now has me covered in goosebumps with tears in my ears.

But here is what I know for sure .

2015 will be just as big – except even bigger – because it’s just a choice.

I choose to commit to make my years bigger and more expansive and divine than the last.

I choose to lean in to my guiding feelings and build my goals around that.

And I choose, every day, to make it better than the last and fill it with things or people I love.

It’s ALL just a choice.

And you can choose too.

So in 2015, I want you to choose happiness, health, wealth and love for yourself, and I am so committed to you doing just that I wanted to end with a love note – to you.

Dear you. 

2015 is your year, I mean that with every cell in my being. All the love, all the happiness, all the success, every dream, wish goal that you have it’s time to go out and claim it all. You don’t need to play small anymore, you are more powerful, more worthy and more extraordinary than you can truly imagine and it’s time to step in to THAT power and lean in to your own greatness and brilliance. 

This is your year for vision boards coming to life. The year for success on every level. It’s the year to find and develop a new love or book the trip to the place you have always said you would. It’s the year for late night adventures, belly laughs, and to re discover the wonder and awe of this big beautiful world – the world that spins around with a moon and a sun that rise every day just for you – without asking for anything in return. 

This is your year to say goodbye to every excuse you’ve accumulated and turn them in to your REASONS instead. You ARE going to have your most extraordinary year because of the trials and tribulations you’ve over come. You ARE going to have the most abundant year ever because it’s YOUR TIME. You ARE going to have the most amazing year of your life because you are worthy beyond measure. 

In any given moment, on any given day – YOU have the power to change your situation and manifest what you truly wish for in your life and in 2015 I dare you to create the grandest, boldest most wild vision for your life, use every colour in the box and dream as big as you can go – and bigger – because believe me when I say; it’s ALL possible. 

They say life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all, but I believe its your greatest creation, your masterpiece and your stage to live out every single dream you desire and from today on, it is the masterpiece and creation YOU are in control of. 

Forever and always I will be cheering you on the loudest and can’t wait to celebrate along in every single one of your successes. 

You are a bright spark of divine love and light with purpose on this earth with so much to give. 

Shine bright my darling. 

Love with all my heart, 

Anna Richards 


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