3 ways To find better Priorities

Oh why hel-lo February so nice to see you..although, what have you done with January? I swear I left it around here somewhere. 
Does everybody else fee like January has whizzed by leaving us all a little overwhelmed about resolutions that are yet to be given a second glance and things we haven’t yet gotten around to? Me too, don’t worry, but here’s the thing though. This is just how life is. I’m 25 this year and one thing is becoming incredibly clear to me. No matter what, there is always going to seem like we haven’t got enough hours in the day, days in our week and months in our year, and I am learning s.l.o.w.l.e.y to be totally ok with that. One of my biggest intentions this year was to not say the words “I don’t have enough time” or “I’m so busy”, because really, if something is that important to me I always miraculously have the time to get it done. I am also well aware that I am not the only busy one, life is busy for everybody these days.
What I am finding more and more is that it’s not about time, it’s about your priorities. Plain and simple. It’s not about not having enough time, or being so busy you can’t keep up with your own life, it’s about prioritising correctly, working out what is actually important to you, what nurtures you, and dividing your time and energy around that. This year my priorities were loud & clear – my health and my happiness, so I make time for that. I make time to put good, clean food in to my mouth and chemical free lotions on my body. I make time to get out in the sun even for 10 minutes a day for some of that good ole’ vitamin D – direct from the sun. I make time to read positive books and quotes to nuture my mind and I make time for family and friends who lift and inspire. 
If you want to get a little clearer on your own priorities and find some more time in your life then here are just a few helpful suggestions to get you on your way.
1. Get clear on what exactly is important to you
Is your health your most important goal this year? Or maybe it was to spend more time outside instead of inside your office, then your home once you get home. Is it doing more things that challenge you? Push you out of your comfort zone? Maybe you felt this was the year that you were going to invest more in to the uplifting and good relationships you’ve managed to attract and slowly rid your life of the toxic relationships still hanging on. Whatever that is important to you, grab a piece of paper & write those suckers down. For a quick snapshot at mine it would look like this:
1. My health. Looking after my mind, body & soul, walking the walk with it not just saying that I will.
2. Growing my tribe of strong, supporting, beautiful & inspiring women in my life.
3. Investing energy in to my relationship with Morgs. Being totally and fully present in every moment we hang together not half in it whilst checking emails, twitter and facebook.
4. Save money wisely to travel more and not spend it on unnecessary purchases. 
Until you work out what it is exactly that is most important to you there is no way to divide your time and focus your attention correctly. Work this out and the rest gets easier, promise. 

2. Work out what is wasting your time currently & rid it from your life

It sounds a little crazy but you don’t know how beneficial this task is until you do it. Working out what is wasting your time and taking you away from priorities that will improve your life & happiness is as beneficial to working out what is most important to you. Why? Because frankly, you have GOT to start cutting the shit from your life. I did my own little list at the end of last year and looked at what I didn’t want to carry over in to 2013 and I knew, before I even wrote down what was wasting my time that majority of it was WAY too much time on social media and getting to work way earlier than I had to. We have got to spend less time connected to facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and the likes and more time connected – to friends, our loved ones, nature and positive life force. 
Are you spending way too many hours a day mindlessly scrolling through Facebook & Twitter? Or maybe, you are saying yes WAY too often to events or people that you don’t even value in your life. Another big time waster is TV watching. I know (oh do I know) how nice it is to just sit and veg out on the couch after a hard day at work & watch your favourite show (modern family is my weakness) BUT could that 30 minutes+ be better spent reading a book you have wanted to start forever or sending those personal emails you never get time to send during the day? My guess is yes. 
Once you have your list of time wasting activities or people you have to start taking immediate action on cutting it down or out in your life. It is the biggest breathe of fresh air when you realise just how much more you can achieve on things that you love than things that you were just doing to fill time. 
3. Practice saying NO more 
I have to say, I need to listen to my own advice on this one but I am 100% better than I was a couple of years ago. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying No. In fact, I now believe, and I really believe, that by saying No to things when you really don’t want to go, or catch up or whatever else is in fact the best thing you can do. We should always be showing up for ourselves in all aspects of our life 100% and so by being authentic with your Yes’s means that what you are choosing to show up to or attend or be in the moment with, you are saying yes because you want too not because you have too. These two little letters could potentially save you majority of your time to invest more wisely in your self, and the priorities that honour you and your life. 
3 simple steps but 3 simple things that I practice in my life almost daily to ensure I am always sticking to what’s important to me and choosing things that I WANT to be spending my time. I truly think the best way to honour your life is to fill with things that bring you joy and any other feelings that wake your soul up. 
We DO have the time, we just have to spend it more wisely.
Your Turn though honey’s. 
Have you found a way to use your time better that you already implement in your life to do more of the things you love? I’d love to hear about them as I am sure would everybody else so get sharing in the comments below xx


  1. Lou Grech Reply

    Another great post Anna – I’m always asking my clients who are trying to lose weight what their priorities are. Quite often work sits higher than healthy eating meaning their lunch is something from the food court or vending machine. A little check in with our priorities is always a great idea xx
    Lou @ The Honesty Path

  2. O Reply

    Love your message, it’s so true! We have to be more present and life in the moment and do what’s good for us! Xo

  3. Mellissa Rondinelli Reply

    I always feel like January flies by … nothing like having a birthday at the beginning of the year to help you jump start your priorities. So Jan 27th makes it’s debut about 30 seconds after Christmas ends … well at least that’s how I feel. I used to feel like it was a bit of a curse but now I think it’s great to start everything fresh and look forward to a new year. Thanks for all the tips!

    World According to Shia

  4. Eve.H Reply

    It´s true, January is over and it´s time to focus on new challenges. My advice probably would be stop being lazy because I´m incredibly lazy and sometimes I give up on things just because I think I can´t do them. Thank you Anna for posting this. 😉
    xx Eve.h

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