4 tips on becoming more Approachable

So by now you know my other little ‘job’ which I started recently is a Free dating website in Australia for 18 to 30 year olds (mentioned here, here, here and here) which I have been loving learning from and watching grow daily now which excites me to no end. On it however I don’t just have lovely singles, I have date ideas – think restaurant reviews and events around capital cities, but what I also have is dating advice, which has fast become a passion writing on. I’m no expert. I don’t claim to be. To be honest, I don’t think anyone can claim expert advice when it comes to anything on love or life, at the end of the day it really just comes down to life experience and personal opinion and like anything in life, you only need to take anything on board you want too. In light of that, today I wanted to share an article I wrote the other day for Possibly Maybe (you can find the original here) on being approachable.

Are you Approachable?

Chances are you’re not…

Over the weekend I spent some time with a good friend of mine who is (dare I say the S word?) … Single, and, for the purposes of this article, we will aptly name him Mr S.

Now big deal you might say. I’m single, I have heaps of single friends, it’s fine to be single & there’s probably a good reason as to why he is single anyway – to which I simply & honestly reply, I agree with you!! BUT there is more to it for Mr S & I’m sure most people can relate. To give everyone more of a background on the kind of guy my Mr S is I draw your attention to the following dot points:

  • He is, by all standards very good looking.
  • He owns property.
  • Is financially secure.
  • Has a healthy appetite for independence & hobbies.
  • Loves healthy eating & exercising (& this shows physically if you are following ..)
  • Loves his family, friends & is an all round great guy.

But this is where the crux of it is. Mr S has dated, is dating, does date but always has the same thing to say: “it’s so hard meeting nice girls because they’re all just so unapproachable”

How many Mr & Miss “S”s are you letting pass by because you have an un approachable demeanour & attitude when you’re out – probably a lot.
Let’s think a little crazy here (hold on to your hats boys & girls) and assume for a moment that not ALL guys or girls want to hit on you when they do say a cheeky hello (or possibly a lame pick up line) – maybeeeee they just want to see if you both hit it off.

Tips on Becoming More Approachable

  • Smile More
  • Don’t be rude to everyone that approaches you
  • Utilise your eye contact better
  • Be yourself

And who knows, you could meet your very own Mr or Mrs S!

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  1. Lindsay @ Delighted Momma Reply

    Anna! I had no idea you started an online dating site! This is SO awesome! Good for you! All the tips you mentioned above are spot on.

    I also wanted to say THANK you for always leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog..it truly does make my day!

  2. Fash Boulevard Reply

    you are such an amazing writer. loved this, totally forwarding it to several friends. great post, love. If you get second, I’d love if you’d check out my pictures from my first Halloween in Hollywood. thanks, love. xo


  3. Coté Writes Reply

    It is all too true that we sometime send off unapproachable signals and have absolutely no clue that this is what we’re doing. I’m pretty sure I’ve done this in social situations, and I shudder to think how often I did it when I was out at singles bars. The advice to smile, make eye contact and give people a chance can work such wonders! I think one of the best ways to approach the dating/singles scene is to genuinely try to meet new and interesting people every time you go out. When we go into a night with the attitude of “let’s see how many interesting people I can meet” instead of the attitudes of either “let’s see how many girls I can hit on” or “let’s see how many creepy guys I have to reject” we’re sure to have a much better time (not to mention we’ll have much better odds of actually meeting someone special). Have a wonderful end of the week, Anna! 🙂 -Jennifer

  4. Eve.H Reply

    Awesome article, Anna. I´m falling in love with your blog more and more with every article. I myself have heard from a friend of mine ( a girl ) that at first sight I do seem a little unapproachable. Maybe I should smile more 😉

    xoxo Eve

  5. Jennifer Fabulous Reply

    I agree, a genuine, approachable person will have no trouble snagging a significant other! 😉 These are great tips. Good luck with your dating website! Sounds like fun!

  6. Taj Acosta Reply

    Good advices dear! and good luck with your new site! xx

  7. Erin Reply

    This is awesome, Anna! Congrats on your site, and after reading this post-I think you are well on your way to a HELPFUL self-help book for relationships!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  8. Lula Closet Reply

    Creo que si que soy accesible, al menos lo intento


  9. Mimi Reply

    this was such a fun read! i am going to admit that i am probably not the most approachable person, haha. i will follow your tips, though. 🙂

    <3, Mimi

  10. Jess Reply

    This is a fantastic article! Wish I had your job… very cool.

  11. Rocker Chic Reply


    I am so proud of you. I’ve been waiting for you to launch your website and I know it will be awesome because you have made so many sacrifices like giving up shopping for one :). I’m so proud of you. Your tips are amazing. I’m going to use them I’ll let you know how it goes.

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