6 weeks in to the adventure & gratitude

As another beautiful sunny morning greeted us in Greece and we excitedly ran to be by the pristine pool for almost 12 days running I realised something. Morgs & I are huge water people. As in, we love the water and most things related to it. I have realised that I am at my most peaceful and happiest by the water. Walking by the river, visiting the beach, lounging by the pool – life stops for me – which ordinarily is very rare. I don’t think about all the things I’ve got to do and time ceases. This is something that we’re loving about travelling though, the clarity that it is bringing us and the things that we’re realising we actually love & want, vs things that we were hanging on to believing we thought we wanted & loved.
We are on our way to Budapest after spending 10 days in Croatia and I am quietly reflecting on the 14 hour train ride. Both Morgs & I have been finding so much out about ourselves and each other on this trip even after being together for 5 years, it’s been incredible. I have been in a state of gratefulness the past few weeks however & in the spirit of not admitting I miss anyone or anything back home, I instead wanted to compile a list of things I’m so grateful for in my life – which has been amplified whilst travelling. 
  • Drinking a hot cup of Cappuccino & just good coffee in general. There is nothing better than taking that first sip of coffee and realising just how delicious it really is. 
  • The Seasons – Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring. It wasn’t until I was overseas that I love how in Australia we have clear & defined seasons. I can rely on Summer being hot, Winter being cold & rainy & Autumn & Summer being saucy minx’s with their in between weather. Although if I had to live somewhere where Summer was all year round I don’t know I’d object either.
  • My family .. I’ve always known this but being on the other side of the world to them makes me realise just how much I’m madly in love with them all. I am SO proud of my family.
  • Eating breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I love spending it with a good cup of jo, a loved one and some delicious food. It sets me off for the best day ever.
  • Yoga. My god do I love yoga. I didn’t realise just how much I loved it until I was over here not doing it anymore and it solidified just how much my mind, body & spirit love yoga. 
  • Reading inspiring books, affirmations and amazing quotes and fuelling my mind with endless possibilities, excitement & love of all things.
  • My home city – Perth. It’s not until you go away that you appreciate just how much you can love a place and this is particularly relevant for me at this moment. I adore Perth. LOVE it. Love it’s parks, the city, it’s gorgeous little cafe’s, it’s amazing small bars, it’s beaches – oh gosh it’s beaches. I have a new found love & appreciation for the city that I live in and I have no qualms about my return date as I know that I get to live in a city I adore so much – with some of the best coffee in the world!
So thank you Universe – for letting me travel your big far reaching world with experiences I’ll treasure forever…but especially for all that makes me so rich in life already.. including the above.
Photos below are all snapped from my current Europe adventure & were experienced as follows:
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1. Arriving in Santorini the first night & watching the sunset with this view.
2. Having the time of my LIFE on Sail Croatia – jumping off the top roof of the boat in to Crystal clear water
3. Morgan capturing an emotional moment for me. I had never felt more happy or content in that photo. Watching the most amazing sunset of my life, in beautiful Santorini. It was the moment I had realised I had followed & found my Joie De Vivre.
4. I had gone for a walk by myself to have my own time & sat on a big hill as the sun was setting…I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous old local man walk past me with his heard of donkeys. It was such a cool moment that I was lucky enough to snap.
5. Another stunning sunset in beautiful Santorini. The best way I can describe them is that they don’t seem real, you don’t seem like you’re in that moment as it’s THAT beautiful.
6. Our amazing, peaceful, deep pool in Mykonos that we spent 4 solid days by.
7. Sharing a little kiss with Morgs, or him sharing one with me in Croatia.
8. A gorgeous little spot we came by whilst in Mykonos right by the water. Fell in love with it immediately   


  1. Sam Reply

    Hi Anna, sorry I have been so absent…so happy to see you’re having an amazing journey! Pics are amazing!

  2. hope in high heels Reply

    I am exactly the same with water – I love to be near it, walking along it, sitting by it etc. It has to be because we were raised in a city with the most incredible beaches ever! I totally hear you with everything elses on your list as well – coffee, breakfast, family and seasons are the things I am grateful for as well. Looks like you’re having an amazing time x

  3. Anya Volkov Reply

    Anna, you melt my heart! Keep on being the beautiful person you are, so inspiring & you bring so much love & smiles into this world. This post brought the biggest smile to my face, even a few moments of watery eyes!


  4. O Reply

    Hi Anna, you are on the most amazing trip! I do get very relaxed by the water too, I realized this when I took my vacation and wanted to be in the water every second I could. I also miss it now…so maybe I should try a swimming pool during the cold days. Enjoy the next stop! xoxo

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