A life with no regret

Sometimes Almost always, if you listen or focus enough, the universe dishes you up the exact thing you need at the exact right time in your life. There are constantly signs all around us that we need to pay very careful attention to. It happened to me late last week whilst travelling on the train between destinations. I stumbled upon the quote I am sharing with you today…

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should DO THEM”

I had read it many times before and never resonated as hard as I did with it this particular moment in time. In fact, I got a little emotional. How profound I thought. How simplistic. How beautiful. How many times have we said we would LOVE to do this, that or the other … and yet here we are, days, weeks, months, even years later with that thing still unfulfilled. And sure. The goal is written down, you have every intention of doing it, but other things got in the way. Kids, boyfriends, money, depression, careers…stuff. Lots of stuff. But what if you actually honoured your ‘ those things’. What if you knew you had only a short time to live & all of a sudden those money problems, ex boyfriends & every other excuse you had given yourself over the years … suddenly seemed insignificant? I’m here to tell you, that right now, as you read this, your ‘things’ you really want to do – are the important things in your life, – as are the relationships in your life – they’re what matter. I personally don’t want to live with regrets. I don’t want to live 2,5,10 years in the future telling myself I’ll “get to them” it’s just “the timings not right”. I want to live fully, to love hard, to do my things I want to do NOW. 

You want to start yoga? – Call your local council (better yet get on their website) & find your nearest class, you would be surprised how cheap they are & how you will be on the same level as most people there. 
Love to take a dance lesson? – Book in at the nearest dance school & convince your mum or friend to go along. I know if you take the initiative to book it you’ll find others willing to join.
Have you been wanting to plan a big trip away? – Write a list of things you’d LOVE to do (swim in a new ocean? Eat some chocolate in Switzerland?), and then plan your perfect itinerary  open a savings bank account & pay yourself FIRST out of every pay to start your travel fund.
Do you hold back telling people that you love them as it’s awkward for you? – STOP IT. Right now. My biggest ‘thing’ in life is having all of my loved ones know just how much I love & adore them. I want to know that if I died, they would know how completely & utterly loved they were by me. There is NOTHING awkward about saying I love you, or how amazing someone is. It is uplifting for you & everyone else so bite the bullet, and start sharing your ‘I love you’s’ more freely. Remember the article I wrote on the top 5 regrets of the dying? This bad boy was up there as Regret #3 … SO GET SHARING. There is honestly NO excuse for this one.
Dying to go and book a cooking course? – Go & google, right now, cooking classes “insert city, country here”. You just need to start the process of looking it up. Once you do you’ll be so excited by how many options there are that you’ll want to book straight away – & they’re not as expensive as you might think!
Would you love to finally get the courage to belt out some karaoke in a bar? – This one might take a little more courage but find a small bar first, where there are rooms or booths you can hire – Minq at Burswood in Perth do this & start small. Also – going there remembering you don’t know anyone at the bar, they’re all there to have fun & karaoke is meant to be FUN – hopefully will make you  ust do it!!! Once you get up on that stage & the first word comes out of your mouth, I bet you my last dollar you’ll own that stage & song like no other.
Is it on your heart to start a book? Do you have a story that is dying to get out? Good for you number one, this is really exciting!!! My best advice? Just start. Find what get’s you inspired (it might be running, listening to loud music, sitting in your favourite chair) & just start. Over thinking isn’t good for anybody. Put that pen to paper. The exciting news is other people want to help you too – there is a book proposal kit you can buy here that helps you get started & really is kick ass. 
Have you not been cutting the fat from your life (i.e. bad friends, a shit boyfriend) because you’re scared of the unknown? Breathe. Breathe some more & JUST DO IT. Write a plan if you have to. Enlist the help of family or other friends. Admit to yourself that you KNOW you’ll be better off without them. It’s YOUR time. Life is too short for shit friends, lame boyfriends .. and  bad coffee whilst we’re at it. Realise you’re stronger than you realise  & that when you do cut the fat from your life, the universe will reward you with friends that actually love you & boyfriends that adore you. STOP EXPECTING ANYTHING LESS.
Have you been wanting to travel more, get home at a better hour, or earn more? I.e get a better job? This deserves it’s own post – which I’ll get too. But what’s holding you back? Yourself is what. The life you’re living for everybody else but yourself. The fact you can say what kind of job title you have, the company you work for or that you are working your way up to a high management position mean NOTHING..no-thing if it keeps you away from your real passions. How amazing if you could have a job that got you home earlier to have a coffee in the afternoon sun & do some yoga if that’s your thing. Or cook a healthy dinner whilst sharing a wine with your loved one. Or better yet – work that let you put money in the bank then travel (don’t tell me there aren’t jobs like this as it’s how I’m doing what I’m doing).
You want to have kids or get married but you keep putting it off to please families or budgets? Repeat after me. There is no such thing as perfect. There is no such thing as the right time. You can’t always make everybody happy. Phew. Now. Remind yourself what is most important in your life – like marriage & starting a family if that’s your thing and start making plans. 
Do you have a burning desire to book a one way ticket with just a backpack? Sure, This takes some more planning but this is exactly my point to it. START PLANNING. Get yourself a vision board. Buy a journal to write all your steps down starting at 1- 50 if need be to how you’re going to do this. Get a job that pays you more. Hell, get your mum to control your money for 6 months, do WHATEVER it takes to get you to this point of saying goodbye to family & friends at the airport with an exciting adventure ahead of you. 
Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? First of all, work out exactly just why you haven’t committed to this earlier than this moment right now considering it is SO easy to organise – harder to learn, sure, but what a FUN & fabulous challenge. Is it because you’re worried you won’t pick it up? You don’t have the time? You are too old? It’s going to be too hard? Now say all of those excuses aloud & realise just how ridiculous they are. Imagine yourself playing your first song, start to finish, flawlessly, you hear the beautiful song flowing out from beneath your fingers..and it’s all YOU! .. Now. Go & make that call & book your lesson.
WELL YOU SHOULD DO THEM…. Today, RIGHT NOW. No more excuses, no more ‘tomorrows’. I have just listed the simplest, quickest ways to start ‘your things’. I know there are tonnes of excuses, mainly money. But remember you are the only person getting in the way of living the life you dream of. I dare you to go, right now, and look up a few ways you can do even just ONE of ‘your things’ as soon as possible. No dream or goal or ‘thing’ in this case, is realised without action – so today, is about action. 
I want to honour the gift of life. My health. My dreams. My desires – my ‘things’ – & from here on in.. my ‘things’ (like getting a flexible job when I’m home, visiting more farmers markets, connecting with mother nature on a daily basis, doing exercise at home vs the gym) will be honoured & I’ll be doing them…


I really hope you do too. 
Love & Light xx


  1. hope in high heels Reply

    Anna… straight after I read this, I told my husband I was quitting my job, buying a dog and spending my days writing a book in a series of lovely little West Village cafes. There’s a lot here that speaks to me… but I might start with small steps and enroll in a writing course, or write my book outline. Thanks for the inspiration, as always x

  2. Eve.H Reply

    Hey Anna, an inspirational post as always. I know I should follow my goals and fullfill my wishes I just feel like I have obstacles in my way which I just feel I can´t overcome. Especially a lack of money :/ I just wish to finish school and start working so that we could finally be together every day. Anyway thank you I´ll try to be as determined as I only can be in this one.
    xx Eve.h

  3. Gemstone ♥ Reply


    Words of wisdom as always, but by golly do they make me happy. I have been on your blog all morning going through, writing notes in my diary of “I MUST DO THIS”. Thank you, can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get on here, and I won’t be looking back.

    Gemma C xx

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