Hola. I’m Anna


I write. I speak on world stages. I coach. I travel the globe almost full time and my deepest passion & purpose in life is helping women step in to their power, find and grow their voice, seek out their truth and help them to live their most extraordinary & abundant lives possible.

And it is so incredible to meet you.

I am the other half of Anna & Morgan and the thing you have to know about me is …I am wildly in love with him.

I am a universal lover, a conscious being balanced with a wild child, a life enthusiast and a hopeless romantic who leaves everything on the table every day of my life. I lead with my heart and my heart on my sleeve. I believe life is here to be lived with wild love, deep happiness, burning passion and blissful excitement and it is those feelings that guide me every single day.

And I so love that we are going to get to hang out more.

I vibe with, believe in and am a massive fan of;

+ Being in alignment and flow of life and hanging out with people who love that too. You know, that space  where the last pair of shoes is your size, that email you’ve wanted fo’ever pops up exactly when you want it and life is just magic, all the time.

+ In soulful shiz. All the good stuff. Conversations. Books. A-ha moments. Sunsets and sunrise. Moments that leave you breathless and lovers of the universe.

+ Chasing down your dreams no matter how big or crazy they seem, because I believe, that whatever you want in this life – you’ll get. Fact. No seriously – you will.

+ Love. All that is is and all that it will always be. I believe in love with my whole soul – to be love, to feel love and to give love.

Was I always this way?


Do I believe that everybody has greatness in them and the ability to live their most abundant and extraordinary life however?


Is your heart calling you to join my tribe?

Amazing. There is nothing I am more passionate about than helping more people step in to their power and own their authentic selves WITH an amazing vehicle. It’s all well and good to fill you with positivity and empowerment but I also have the tools to coach you to financial freedom through network marketing. But what qualifies me enough for you to trust me? Good question … let’s delve in to my last 3 years;

Before we do that though, let me explain – when you read about any of my success, particularly with success I have had in the network marketing company I have aligned with, understand that all of it came from an extremely committed and determined attitude from me, and a HUGE amount of hard WORK. That is the power of this profession though, it’s not called net-WORK marketing for no reason. I have worked my ass off from day 1, right up until today as I write this, and I will never stop working my ass off if I want to continue to have success. Our profession is not something that takes luck or over night success – so yes, I achieved a lot in the first 12 months of my network marketing career – but if you could have been a fly on the wall, you’d have seen the early morning, late nights, hard work and not stopping for a vision I have so boldly for mine and others lives who join us.

+ I have retired myself from a corporate career and have created  a multiple (multiple) six figure income for myself & my fiancé without working a traditional 9-5 (our biggest income week to date has been $8,000 and Morgan & I don’t dip below $6,000 a week).**

+ I have coached over 100 people to between $500 – $2,000 a week (6 figures) in the past 12 months allowing them to step in to the roles they were born to lead in their life whether that be to stay at home as a paid stay at home mum, take on helping ordinary people live extraordinary lives or just be able to leave their own corporate careers and chase down their dreams.**

+ I have done that without a services or marketing background or ‘well known website’ – i.e. ANYONE can do this, I just have to bring out the desire and WHY you want to do this in you bad enough.

+ I was invited to David Wood & Jack Canfields private island in the Caribbean in December 2013 for private mentoring for public speaking – best 7 days of my LIFE.


+ I have been interviewed on David Wood’s “Amplified Network Marketing” podcast which was a dream come true for me (you can listen to that here;

+ I have a personal invitation to Richard Bransons Private Island next year for more 1 on 1 private training, and am going. Another dream come true.

+ I have been invited to speak in front of crowds between 300 – 3,000 to talk about my story and get crowds to dig deeper on WHY they do what they do (my greatest passion).

Speaking on Stage

+ Visited 72 cities across 23 countries as I have the financial freedom (abundant business income) , time freedom (no 9-5 restraints) and ability to get paid whilst I still travel because of residual income and have done that totally debt free.

+ Planned, and paid for a dream wedding with no debt and no stress.

+ Become completely debt free – we live this extraordinary lifestyle with $0 debt. Something I am extremely proud of and an advocate of.

But do you know my biggest realisation through all of this and my intention for this space?

Is that anybody can live the life they were born to lead they just have to be ready to let go of the shackles and connect with the greatness in them.

I believe you’re here to make a big impact on the world.

You have so much light & greatness in you wanting to be lit on fire.

You deserve to live your most abundant, most extraordinary life.

So let’s get that happening for you shall we?

Anna XX

Hey. I’m Morgs.

I am absolutely pumped that you have found your way here!


When I’m not doing that I’m usually hanging out with my buddies. Having some beers. Sharing dirty jokes and talking about sport.

But life wasn’t always like this for me, for a very long time I was  simply fitting into the mould of this crazy cult known as “society”  working 40 hours a week with no end in sight for the next 40 years of my life. It never sat well with me that this kind of life was my future.

My job as corporate professional was literally sucking the life out of me and there was no end in sight.
I was completely closed off to any and all opportunities that would drag me out of the hell hole that become my 9-5.

It was only by sheer chance and a mutual respect for the person I loved that I found network marketing.
At first I was a massive sceptic but anna persisted and built a business that changed not only our lives but has also impacted the lives of many others around us.  It wasn’t until I began to learn from other men in network marketing just how legitimate, life changing and lucrative it can be just as long as you partner with the right company and people. BOOM. A vision is born.

So what you can expect from me:

+ A journey worth following

+ Some business tips

+ Bringing male energy to the Anna & Morgan duo and keeping it real for men who want more from their life.

+ A whole bunch of cool shit!

Lets have some fun, and get the party started.


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