Advice from 110 year old me

Imagine if you were 110 years old, you’d lived all those years, living, learning, loving. Imagine all the incredible lessons you’d have learned, advice you’d have to give and love you’d have had to share. 110 years. That’s 110 years you’d have learned wisdom, forgiveness, love and happiness. 
Now imagine if you got to travel back in time as your 110 year old self, and share your deepest wisdom with your current self.
Just think about it
Well, that’s exactly what I did one sunny afternoon travelling on a long train ride between Spain & Germany. The idea came from the online course “Optimal Living” I was doing at the time. Brian Johnson said we got 5 minutes to sit and impart as much of our deepest wisdom we could share with our current self. 
I wrote, with no real idea of where my writing or advice would take me, but I wrote. With no inhibition, no concern that it would be wrong, just love and energy pouring on to the page, desperate to tell 24 year old Anna what the apparent 110 year old Anna knew. 
It wasn’t until I was going through my journal this week that I re discovered my private words. I instantly re connected, I remembered the moments and feelings I was going through when I was writing it. The advice was from the heart and uninhibited – and the advice was as follows – raw & unedited and yours for consumption. 
3 pieces of life advice from 110 year old Anna 
+ Live from a place of total love, not ego. Work hard at forgiving, daily and letting and accepting that all who come in to your life are meant to be there and all that happens to you is part of the greater plan so love fully, trust totally and enjoy the ride always. 
+ Listen to your gut, your instinct – that inner guide…daily. Give over all your worries and cares and trust the universe has your back 110% of the way. 
+ Show up. Fully & presently in life every single day by living your values and being your authentic self. By being true to this you will serve your greater purpose by serving others. 
There it is. 3 pieces of life advice that resonated with me hard when I was doing the exercise. I would highly encourage nay… implore you to try the exercise out for yourself….
What is the 110 year old wisdom you would impart to your current self if you ever got the chance? 
I’d love to hear it xx

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