Affairs of the heart with San Sebastian

As I’ve mentioned previously, putting in to words just how much we loved Spain and all that it offered up to us is truly hard to put in words and the same has undoubtedly applied to specific towns along the way. Whilst a dream came true in Madrid – I lived the Spanish moment I’d always wished & dreamed for, San Sebastian was equally beautiful in providing us peace, laughs, beauty and relaxation. I thought as an ode’ to this magnificent sleepy town I would list all the things that made San Sebastian so unforgettable.
I loved the beautiful sunshine peaking out from behind the clouds from the moment we arrived.
I loved walking to the apartment in the warm afternoon sun with the man by my side reflecting on how much of an amazing time we’ve shared together so far.
I loved the wonderful surprise of getting to our gorgeous apartment & it being so luxurious. 
I loved exploring the beautiful tree lined streets with bursts of Autumn colours surrounding us everywhere from fallen leaves.
I loved strolling slowly slowly through the small town stopping whenever it pleased us for dessert for lunch, hot chocolate for breakfasts and hot wine to warm us from the inside out.
I loved stumbling upon old town and getting lost in the tiny ally ways for hours and hours.
I loved walking through the old fisherman bay watching the men dock their boats for the day and show off their catch & tend to their tangled nets.
I loved just happening to get to the highest point in San Sebastian by chance right as the sun was setting over the ocean and being able to watch the beautiful sunset and taking the time to plan our next adventure on a whim.
I loved bar hopping in the old quarter to find the best tapas on offer – fact: there are no such thing as ‘the best’ in San Sebastian, it’s alllll delicious. 
I loved sitting on a ledge on the beach for who knows how long with Morgs watching the surfers catch wave after wave. 
I loved being able to go for a pre dawn run along the river and coast and perfectly timing the sunrise on my run home. 
I loved we found churros like we hoped & got to tick ‘eat churros in Spain’ off our list.
I loved sitting on the beach watching the turquiose water break calmy on a warm sunny day. 
I loved that I expected the town to be so much bigger and got a wonderful surprise when it was actually quite small and sleepy.
I loved we packed a delicious picnic and got to nap for a few hours after a plentiful lunch in the warmth of the sun the green grass at our feet in an empty park. 
But most of all?
I just loved San Sebastian. 
Spain, we will be back – thank you for the most extraordinary times and memories that will last the ages.
{ So excited by so many leaves to crunch, luckily I have a loving bf who totally understands my love of leave crunching and allowed this to go on for at least 5 minutes }
{ Walking blissfully around San Seb }
{ San Sebastian by night – beautiful any time day or night }


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Beautiful town indeed and btw I like leave crunching too 😀 Have a safe journey or flight wherever you are going next 🙂
    xx Eve.h

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Haha we share the same fun hobby then Eve 😉 hope study & everything else is going well for you x x

  2. Outside Looking In Reply

    Beautiful! I was expecting a post saying you’d decided to stay in Spain lol! So nice to read what a wonderful time you had–those vacations are the best!

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Oooo I love you said that!! You clearly got just how much I really loved Spain haha we are already planning our trip back & it’s the first country I’ve visited on the trip that I said I could live in (& very well may) 😉 thanks for your thoughtful comments as always x

  3. Anya Volkov Reply

    So many gorgeous pictures, and your hair looks darker? I loveeeeeee it! x

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Ohhh darling you are so wonderfully observant!! 🙂 I ended up dying my hair a few weeks ago – it was going sooo light but started to turn a not so nice colour haha so back to dark! Love to go beliage for summer when I return! 🙂 x x

  4. Courtney Reply

    WOW, what breathtaking scenery!! I have never been there but you have now added it to my list of places to visit 🙂 xx

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