Bali trip – Day 1

I have just returned home from the most incredible, & enlightening trip from Bali – thus my absence from blogging last week. For those familiar with my 25 before 25 list, you may remember probably not that I had ‘Go on a yoga retreat’ as one of my accomplishments I wanted to do before the age 25. I started this list merely 2 months ago, and can now say I have crossed that off. What started out as strictly a yoga trip however turned in to so much more as I learnt so much about myself travelling alone for 6 days journaling, reading, loving and laughing. I thought as a nice warm up to when this blog turns in to my travel diary as I trek through Europe for 4 and a half months later this year, I’d share with you excerpts from my diary of what I wrote & my treasured photos daily over the next 6 days from my trip in Canguu, Bali.

The dream to do a yoga retreat became a reality thanks to Bliss Sanctuary for Women – a luxury resort type villa where I spent my week being pampered, looked after, feed, loved & finding myself. Bliss is everything you could hope for and more. From the moment you arrive and are greeted by the gorgeous hostess you feel like you are home. I had gone to do some yoga, and just treat myself a little – & experience travelling by myself – but truly did get so much more in the end. If you are ever wanting to go to Bali or haven’t even thought about doing something like this before…you have to put it on your to do list and look no further than Bliss. The package includes all your meals (we’re talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks – the LOT), 1.5 hours of pampering a day (facials, hot stone massages, hair treatments,pedicures, manicures, the list goes on – anything and everything you would need), a personal driver, luxury accommodation (in a room above), & Yoga & meditation at a beautiful yoga centre just down the road (which you can bike to or get Putu to drive you to). It really was the best week of my life & something I could never really put in to words just how much you should do it. I will be back – with my mum this time!!


“Surely this can’t be real. I’m here, travelling alone for my first time in a beautiful womens’ sanctuary that is, what I’m deeming as close to heaven on earth as I can get. I have my own chef, driver, gardener and masseur for the next 6 days as I find myself & develop my character not to forget my daily yoga sessions (which I get to ride to on a bike!) As soon as I walked through the doors I knew this was exactly where I was meant to be at this point in my life. I have already started and finished my first book “Lets not screw it, let’s just do it” by Richard Branson and I took away some great lessons I already want to apply to all aspects of my life:
  • Be bold.
  • Have FUN
  • Challenge myself
  • Stand on my own feet
  • Live in the moment
  • Value family & friends
  • Have respect
  • Think young
Each day we’re to pull 2 cards that give us daily ‘lessons’ to focus on and a word that we must learn from, it’s said the cards pick you, & after today I believe it. Having only known one gear for years now, and that’s GO, my cards were – Calm (I am calm & steady in every situation like a rock in a storm) and Balance. So apt. It’s summed up exactly what I want and need from this week and day one has already set me up with an amazing sense of peace.

Yours in love & light

Anna xx
[Indoor / Outdoor bathroom]

{ Dinner night one – it was so yum I can’t even begin to explain }
{ My first afternoon & I am already experiencing a calm & happy I haven’t in years }


  1. Iza Reply

    Beautiful photos, Anna. So lovely. This place is so beautiful (I’ve seen photos of Bali on Google). Bali should be wonderful. Kisses!!

    xoxo Iza

  2. Eve.H Reply

    It looks and sounds awesome and maybe I should work on points 1 and 3 I don´t think I´m bold and challenge myself often enough. Have fun on Bali xoxo Eve.h 🙂

  3. O Reply

    I admire you for taking this trip as part of your top 25! It is also on my ´places to go´ list. Looks like you enjoyed! xoxo

  4. aki! Reply

    I can’t help but to think of Eat Pray Love here!

    Waiting for your next update!

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  6. Maria Martina Reply

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