Bali trip – Day 2

Another excerpt from my diary I kept in Bali this past week as I went to pamper myself with reading, massages, yoga and some time to myself to think & grow … (remember you can book your own amazing retreat too at Bliss here…)


“I think there’s always a concern with a trip like this that you’ll loose sight of why you came in the first place as you get caught up in the daily going on’s that come with being in a different country and discovering new cultures. I can happily confess that day two of my journey has continued to deliver and I’m learning so much about myself and continuing to grow mentally. I had come in to 2012 with a greater purpose than just my yearly goals. I wanted to learn about true happiness, and ensure that as I continued to strive for success I didn’t feel lost or let down when I achieved it. My mantra for the year was and is ‘it’s not about what I do or what I say in all my relationships and with myself, it’s about who I am and become’ – and this Bali journey was my starting point in embarking on that mantra. In the last two days I have learnt more within myself about calm and balance than I have in the last 3 years and what an amazing gift I feel that is. I’m currently sitting serenely looking over the sparkling pool about to get my hot stone massage but have yet again pulled my 2 cards for the day. They are: Flexible – I am careful yet carefree, determined yet patient, a master & a child, and the word I got is Satisfaction. I can’t believe how much I am getting from just these little lessons I am claiming as ‘meant to be’. I had late last year started to question why I wanted what I wanted in life & feared that when I did in fact start attaining it, that it wouldn’t be enough and I worried about happiness. I know it sounds crazy as why would you feel like that if you had everything you wanted but it happens all the time! Through learning, listening and a tonne of other avenues I’m learning how to live a life centered around strong values & principles so happiness truly does come from within. I can’t wait for tomorrow and to see what it brings.

Yours in light & love

Anna xx


  1. Rocker Chic Reply


    You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I hope you maintain and reach all of your goals. I’ll be rooting for you no matter what.

    Can’t wait to hear more.

    Enjoy your trip pretty girl.

  2. Miss Honey and Nutmeg Reply

    I can’t wait to read more! I am your newest follower!

  3. Haute Eyes Reply

    I have been dying to go to Bali – these pictures are awesome! Would love to hear what you think of my latest posts! Follow me, I follow you?!


  4. Eve.H Reply

    I believe everyone of us needs such trip to realise what´s important in life. And when the place looks like this I believe the meditation is even easier 😉 Say hi to Bali from me 😉 xoxo Eve.h
    PS: Thank you for your always awesome comments. 😉

  5. hope in high heels Reply

    I think we always need to pause to celebrate the successes otherwise we just keep striving for the next thing and the next and the next. You’re inspiring (and brave), for taking time out to really reflect and question why we are the way we are.

    ps. the house is in Freo…
    pps. I would also suggest Krakow in Poland for a couple of days – it’s beautiful (I should however, point out my slight, heritage based bias!)

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