Bali trip – Day 3

Today’s entry was quite personal for me but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t share straight from my writing excerpts so below is the follow on from Day’s 1 and 2 so far in Bali. (If you want your own amazing experience following your own bliss then book at the Sanctuary I stayed at here..)


Today could very well have been my day of enlightenment! Is that even possible? It felt like it anyway. Apart from my morning yoga session, which was hatha today, I stayed at the sanctuary all day writing, relaxing and seeing the healers and others who came to visit me. And eating. Gosh you sure can put food away in Bali. The gorgeous chef Alit here can’t understand how I fit in 2 lunches and 4 servings on dinner, I’m putting it down to the fresh air and pure relaxation that is making me so blissfully hungry! I had two really amazing visits today, one from the local ‘healer’ Sammi, and another from a tarot reader Christine who did a reading for me. Sammi works on your body like a physio or masseur would almost and mixes in his intuition in to reading you almost like a psychic would too – he outlined so many things only I would know and I was blown away at how correct he was when it came to all my issues – low blood pressure, kidney pains, low back issues… his visit turned out to be quite emotional as he fixed all aspects of my body (back and low blood pressure to be exact) and sat with me and spoke with me about life and connecting my mental with my psychical more. He wrote out all things I should be doing for better life alignment and assured me that I am and was fine. It’s a strange thing when you find hearing ‘you’re fine’ from a stranger so comforting. After Sammi I had massages and a facial from our masseur on site to relax before the afternoon reading by Christine, which turned out to be also very insightful. I always take anything like that with a grain of salt and caution however and would never let anything they say dictate who I am or what I do. It all was very positive though and she saw lots of success around my career and relationships. Having all this time to myself today though has made me think of Morgan (Mr M to you regular blog readers) so much. I love that absence makes the heart grow fonder and trips away like this affirm how much I truly love and adore him. My 2 lessons for today from the cards are: Unlimited – my mind stays free, above limited, trivial matters below.. and – Courage. 

I am SO finding my bliss.
Yours in light and love

Anna xx

{ My daily breakfast I still miss – The YUMMIEST Banana pancakes & a delicious fruit smoothie }
{ Feeling relaxed, rejuvinated & amazing }


  1. Julie Khuu Reply

    Love how you wrapped that sarong/dress! Would love to get a close-up snippet and possible DIY?? Such gorgeous scenery, I can see how you would be so inspired!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  2. Brandi Reply

    Wow sounds amazing!

  3. caise Reply

    gorgeous pictures!

    Bali.. my dream:)

  4. hope in high heels Reply

    Oh Anna, it sounds like you’ve been on quite a journey this last week. Thank you so much for sharing it so candidly. Turning on the go-slow button and actually taking time to listen to yourself is something I never do in my day to day life, but I’ve been forced to do it over the last few weeks here in Perth. It starts off scary and confronting and ends up clear and seemingly simple (though it’s not!). I look forward to reading the rest through the rest of your journey as you post it x

  5. Sam Reply

    Bali sounds like a dream! Great pics, would love to visit

  6. O Reply

    Such a lovely journey. I would like to have that too someday, a nice checkup, massages and good food while doing some sole searching. It is nice to miss your significant other..makes you appreciate what you have more. Enjoy! xoxo

  7. Carolyn Reply

    ah Bali, fun!! looks so relaxing

  8. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    YAY!! So happy for you!! this looks amazing… enjoy girl!


  9. Rocker Chic Reply


    I am so happy that you are finding your bliss. Believe it or not you have inspired me take this journey in finding mine. I love reading your post they are always inspiring and uplifting.

    I see you are enjoying the food and massages I could def go for some of that right now.

    Keep us posted I am def looking forward to reading more about what you are becoming.

  10. kirstyb Reply

    looks like you had a fab trip x

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