Bali Trip – Day 4

Day 4 from my time at Bliss Sanctuary for Women where I got a whole lot more than just yoga & relaxation – here I share some more from my journalling I did whilst staying at Bliss.


“I can’t believe I’m already at Day 4, only 2 days to go. It’s an odd feeling as I have felt like I have been here longer due to all the growth experiences I’ve had but at the same time, feel like it’s rushed past. One thing I do know is that the 2 women I’ve met here will be life long friends. We keep saying that we were all meant to be here and to have met each other at this exact time in life. Sue & Judy have taught me that I am very lucky and privileged to be where I am at for 23 and to really not take anything for granted and that I need to continue to strive for what I want and who I want to be so I never regret what should or could have been. I’ve been riding my bike to Desa Seni yoga classes everyday and adore the Kundalini yoga there. Today was so incredible though, we all went back to Ubud and yet again I got to experience so many beautiful moments. We visited the Antonio Blanco Museum of art – the art was stunning, really sensual actually but it was the grounds the museum was on which made my experience. From there our driver Putu took us to a Buddhist temple to do a blessing if we chose too, I of course did! We got to trek through flights of stairs in what felt like the forest until we found the temple ruins with an elder a top who allowed us to do our own blessing, then did his own blessing on us. I don’t know why, maybe it was because I was so touched by the experience or maybe because it was such fun experiencing another culture, but it was quite emotional. We finished off our day with massages and facials and a big delicious Balinese feast back at the sanctuary. When I got back to the villa I pulled the two cards again and today’s lessons are: Angelic – like an angel I constantly give subtle care and help others and Tenderness. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Yours in light and love

Anna xx

[‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’]


  1. Carol Reply

    faboulous photos!I want to stay there!

  2. Lola Reply

    Wow, these shots are AMAZING, love your outfit, the leopard print scarf looks SO cool ! XX

  3. O Reply

    Enjoy the weekend! xoxo

  4. eprilis Reply

    I’ve been dreaming about Bali since forever. The fresh air, the beauty of nature all over you, the sweetest people,everything about it is simply wonderful.
    You are so lucky to have met good friends there!

  5. Maryam Maquillage Reply

    aaaah what gorgeous photos!! you sure are in paradise :)) enjoy it!!!

  6. Cindy Reply

    Bali looks so so amazing and you’re positively glowing!

  7. Eve.H Reply

    Oh those parrots. Bali must be a true paradise on Earth. Enjoy the rest of your stay 🙂 xoxo Eve.h

  8. Camille Reply

    cant believe your in bali!!! that’s one of my dreams trip!! loving the pics!!

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