Bali Trip – Day 5

More from my journal about my time on my Yoga Retreat I did through Bliss Sanctuary for Women I had wanted to do before 25 – I can’t recommend doing your own time away here highly enough. 


It’s my last night in Bali and as sad as I am to say goodbye to my experiences and new friends, I do feel like I’m ready to go home which I’m glad about. I feel like my readiness proves to me like I got out of this trip what I came to get and am ready to go home and continue this exciting new journey I’ve started. I have had the most amazing time and truly believe I was meant to do this trip at this exact moment in my life and meet this incredibly wonderful women. I really want to find a place in Perth that does Kundalini yoga and pick up a class of that once a week as well as my Hatha yoga. I have my last class of it tomorrow morning and I’ll be sad to see the end of the teachings and lovely instructor Daphna. I’m so proud, excited and happy that I finally sat and did all my goals today – Personal development, Career/Financial, Toys/Adventures and Contributory. I am in a different space mentally now and know it will take a whole new level of focus, commitment and persistence from me to make them all come true but I really am so excited by all that my future holds.

Today at the villa I just relaxed by the pool and wrote and read. So blissful. Sue the other lady here who is a reiki master did some reiki on me today and it was certainly a new and surreal experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really did feel intense heat and energy. I’m so excited about seeing Morgs and I have missed him so much, absence really does make the heart grow fonder and I’m so lucky he supports me when I want to go off on personal adventures like this one. I jumped in the kitchen today with our chef Alit to learn how to make her amazing banana pancakes, and then a chilli chicken at lunch. She was so patient and lovely but it is just so the Balinese way. So beautiful. My lessons for today are: Cool – I have a cool head, and a warm heart in all situations and Sensitivity.
So looking forward to more relaxing, reading, writing and pampering tomorrow on my last day.
Yours in light and love,
Anna xx


  1. Eve.H Reply

    I wish I could go somewhere like this too and I do feel all the new feelings you have and new way of looking at things. I hope you will be able to keep this focus once you´ll be back home or at work. Thinking of you 😉 xoxo Eve.h

  2. Carol Reply

    wow wonderful photos!i want to go there!


    bali had been one of my top destinations for so long! i hope to get there soon 🙂 Took a minute to look around and u have a cool stuff on here so adding you to my google connect.. maybe follow each other?..let’s talk soon!

    Hugs from NYC!


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