Bali Trip – Day 6

This is it! The last chapter in the story I have added to my life that has changed me in every way. Even thought it was ‘just’ a week I feel calmer, clearer & more energised and on the right path with life. The lessons I take away from this trip I will remember forever & I am blessed to have found Bliss Sanctuary for Women to have experienced this journey on & with. 


I’m journaling early this morning as I sit overlooking the pool drinking a coffee listening to all the beautiful birds sing. I’m about to ride my bike the 10 minute journey to yoga for the last time to do the class of Kundalini. I still can’t believe it is esoteric based yoga and I had only just started learning about that before my trip – some things are just meant to be. I do love how life works out like that. As my journey is drawing to an end – I depart bliss at 2pm for the airport, I am filled with real excitement and anticipation. Almost like I now know clearly what I have to do in life for my goal attainment and am ready to do it. I’ve realised a lot on this trip and I want to keep learning and growing when I return home. I also think it no coincidence that I’ve been wanting to learn more about nutrition and food and I end up on the retreat with a vegan raw organic food nutritionist. I can’t wait to get home and start visiting my local farmers market for fresh fruit and veggies weekly. I think my time at the market will be a nice way to continue spending quality quiet time with myself. Another lesson I’ve learnt over here is about not stressing so much over little, or big things. I am in control of my feelings, thoughts and emotions and I have the tools to not work myself up in to stressed states. I have found a beautiful balance and peace over here and I’m determined to emulate that back home.

The two card lessons for today are: Patient – my deep inner peace gives me patience to wait and Reflection. How apt. I know I’ll need patience going home and was thinking yesterday how I need to focus on letting things go – small things that are not worth being bothered over.

I feel so blessed to have been able to come on this trip and will always cherish the memories I have made. I feel like my lessons learnt are not things to be left here but the start of something much more greater and much more deeper. I am going home to work on living in the moment more. I constantly think about work or business stuff when I’m out with friends or relaxing on the couch or cooking – anytime! So I am going to stop that like I was able to over here. I just need to be and let live and be grateful and aware of my amazing loved ones, conversations and moments in time I’ll never get back so I will be living in them.
In 2 hours I’ll be on a big jet plane back to reality and the daily grind where I’ll be challenged to not remember all my beautiful lessons and growth. I have strength however and am on a new level of persistance and determination so I can’t wait to get back and put myself to action.
Yours in light and love,
Anna xx


  1. Beauty Balm Reply

    Looks like you had an amazing time – Kundalini is my favourite yoga x

  2. Eve.H Reply

    Oh my and I hope you´ll manage 😉 Have a safe flight home 🙂 xoxo Eve.h

  3. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    Oh it seems like an absolutely perfect place in the worl! I’ve never been there but we are planning to go over there this fall. So it’s definitely fun and useful for me to read your story, see how you like the place!
    Btw, I’ve posted some pics and a few words about Madrid. So you can already get a bit more excited about your coming trip;)



  4. O Reply

    Love the pictures, have a safe trip home!

  5. hope in high heels Reply

    Gosh Anna, what an amazing and enlightening trip you had. Please feel free to share tips for maintaining that balance and calm at home x

  6. Iza Reply

    The pictures are beautiful, Anna! I loved it!!

  7. Sam Reply

    Your trip to Bali sounds like a dream out of an Elizabeth Gilbert novel! An amazing place Id love to visit!

  8. caise Reply

    amaizng pictures!

  9. aki! Reply

    I think it’s super important to remember that you’d go back to the daily grind. I hope that everyday at home can be as relaxing as everyday at the retreat.

  10. Lola Reply

    Sounds like heaven, I would give anything to be there right now, having the worst monday! X

  11. thekellytang Reply

    That is amazing! I’m so glad your trip was so rewarding. Its amazing when you realize that you are the only one in control of how you feel and perceive the things around us.

    <3 Kelly

    Ps I just wanted to let you know that I just launched my new site and blog:, I would love it if you stopped by!

  12. Rocker Chic Reply


    You have learned a lot from your trip and I am so proud of you for applying it to everyday life. From your experience I’ve learned that I need to be patient and things will fall into place. I am wishing you safe travels thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  13. Amina Reply

    Nice pictures ! 🙂

  14. Anya Volkov Reply

    Just reading all your posts about Bali, I am so inspired! My friends are going to do a yoga retreat in July and while I love the idea of going to one, I want to do it by myself.

    Where did you go?

  15. Mitchel W. Reply

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