Beautiful Budapest

{ Beautiful huge area of Budapest on the way to the baths with the biggest statues we’ve ever seen }
If I had to describe this beautiful city in a few words it would be – wow, breathtaking, awe inspiring. From the moment we got off the train we were impressed by everything around us – the sights, the sounds and the people. Having just spent a solid 3 weeks by crystal clear waters and relaxed atmospheres (Greece & Croatia) we were both worried about how we would go getting back in to a ‘big city’ – but there was nothing to be worried about. It felt as natural to be in Budapest exploring it’s incredible city as drinking coffee – which is very natural.
Waking up the first morning we decided to put on our running gear and explore the city by foot – one of the best ways to see a city when first arriving. We got lost, naturally, and found ourselves snaking along the banks of a huge river smack bang in the middle of the city with mammoth bridges and gorgeous old buildings surrounding us from all angles. I don’t think 10 minutes would have gone past without Morgs or I muttering “wow”, “oh my god”, or “look at that!!” There was honestly so much to see every way we turned we didn’t know what to do with ourselves and there is only one thing to do when we’re a little overwhelmed…
Coffee. And that’s exactly what we did.
The next 4 days was full of city walking, market visits, shopping spree’s, coffee stops, over indulging, red hop on hop off bus tour guides, museum visits, morning runs but most importantly….we visited the (in)famous baths of Budapest..well one of – the Szechenyi Baths. 
Did you know that about Budapest? Because we were certainly completely unaware until getting there, that Budapest, is in fact aptly named ‘the capital of baths because of it’s over 1000 natural water springs..of which we bathed in! 
Google is any travellers best friend, and is what alerted us to the fact when we were trying to find things we should do when in Budapest – we mapped out our route – of course we picked the biggest & most famous baths available…caught the double decker red tour bus as far as we could go, and walked the rest of the way – & what an adventure that in itself was. We were able to pass across & walk through and around the biggest statue displays we’ve ever seen. The statues had won an award back in the 1900’s and still stand as beautiful, mammoth & elegant today (photos pictured). 
The baths were certainly an experience…think tonnes of beautiful rooms in an extremely old, architectural wonder building, with the pools/baths temperatures ranging from 14 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Surrounding the outside of the building is a huge ‘outdoor’ type pool and on the inside surrounding the warmer baths, are sauna’s with temps ranging up to the 70 degree Celsius mark – which we went in and lasted all of 10 seconds. 
To be honest, Budapest felt like a fun whirlwind that had just the right amount of sight seeing, sleeping, eating, exciting moments & laughs but quite hard to put in to words. 
Just know this – if you’re ever that way, and toying between a visit or not .. get there. You won’t be disappointed. By any of it. 
Love & light xx
{ Walking absent mindedly to find some new adventures + coffee }
{ We found the baths! Frolicking in the stunning gardens out the front of the building. My gf & Morgs best friend were with us for this part of the trip }
{ The ‘outdoor’ bath area .. the temps still were quite warm so it was so lovely on a chilled day }
{ Walking the streets of Budapest capturing silly moments }
{ Visiting ‘New York Saloon’ for a gorgeous afternoon of high tea with good friends & fancy times }

{ Being wowed by all the great little street markets, buildings & stunning flowers }

{ Some of the magnificent architechture that you can find on every street & corner in Budapest }


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Shame on me that I´ve never been to Budapest even though it´s not far from here. I definitely must pay it a visit now 🙂 I´m looking forward to your Austria adventures 😉
    xx Eve.h

  2. Anouka Reply

    I must see Budapest! Definitely on my list.

  3. O Reply

    Hi, thanks for your sweet comment! it is absolutely so much fun to read about your trip! I also love the instagram pics and hope you continue to enjoy your journeys. Budapest looks beautiful! xo

  4. Anya Volkov Reply

    Ummmmmm LOOK AT YOUR TAN ANNA! :O Looking gorgeous!

    I remember spending Australia Day at the baths with 5 other Australians I met in Prague….in the snow! Budapest was definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe!

    Any luck finding the sweets?? haha

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