Being kids in Vienna

{ Being wowed by my favourite animal in the whole world }
{ Morgan & one very curious bear }
I apologise for the lack of posting around this neck of the woods the past week – we have been on a whirlwind adventure part of the trip taking us from Vienna to Prague then down to Italy where we’re currently spending the next 3 weeks – buongiorno mass consumption of pizza, pasta & red wine (not to mention gelato!) The past week has been long days & tonnes of walking, early mornings & late nights and it doesn’t seem like the adventures are slowing down one bit. 
But on to more important things, like our time in Vienna…
We try to do something different in every town we visit and generally stay away from doing the same thing to many times – i.e. churches & museums, so when we got to Vienna and found out they’re zoo was in fact the oldest in the world, guess where we headed straight away? To their zoo of course! 
We played and laughed and sight saw like we were big kids and I oohed & awwwed as loudly as any child there especially at the gorgeous seals showing off to us stander by’s and the beautiful mamma elephant & her calf. 
It was spectacular. And luckily for us, that wasn’t the only thing on offer to three -Ryan, Morgs best friend was still with us for this leg of the trip- excitable, adventuring amigos. We saw a stunningly old church – yes I’m aware I just said we try to stay away from repetitive site seeing but this one was beautiful- walked the city almost top to bottom, visited the palace, the parliament, the palace gardens, the mozart museum, but most importantly, had high tea in the posh mozart cafe – we are loving our indulgent afternoon teas. 
It was an amazing 3 days with lot’s of delicious home cooked breakfasts – something I was missing terribly up until that stage, wonderful walking tours, the best schnitzel we’ve ever eaten & incredible site seeing…& of course…the zoo!!
I have to say we’re not tired yet, and aren’t over the ‘moving days’ yet either – we have a weird ok’ness about trains & airports & everything in between so fingers & toes it stays that way for the next 2 & a half months. 
Love & Light xx
{ Chocolate anyone? }
{ Being tourists at the palace }
{ I loved this photo we snapped at the church .. 2 nuns deep in discussion }
{ The boys, Ryan & Morgan, working out where we were & where to go to next }
{ Left: Frolicking in the Palace Gardens – Right: Indulging in some amazingly delicious cakes }
{ Beautiful garden path we found walking through a lone park – capturing two lovers holding hands }


  1. Cindy Reply

    Can I just say I’m so insanely in awe/jealous of your amazing adventure? You two look so happy 🙂

  2. hope in high heels Reply

    I loved Vienna… we thought it was incredible! Such a gorgeous city that we could see ourselves living in… the fresh, outdoor market was a big drawcard, and those gorgeous castles!

    Loving your instagrams of your time in Italy so far – looks amazing! Stay well xx

  3. Miss Laia Reply

    Looks like you are having a great trip Anna, that pictures looks amazing I’m diying to go to Viena for a long time now.
    Just came back from Italy and you are going to love everything there, best luck and kisses.

    • Miss Laia Reply

      You know my favourite animal is also the elephant!!

  4. O Reply

    Again, love these pictures as I am kind of seeing all these beautiful places through your experiences. xoxo

  5. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, I´ve been to Vienna just once even though it´s closer than Prague. I must visit it once more. At least for the chocolates 😀
    PS: I´m so looking forward to your post about Prague, I´m curious about waht you think about it. 🙂
    xx Eve.h

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