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Following on from my very first post I did bringing you the hottest blogs I love – I thought it was time to throw some more magic spaces your way to get lost and inspired in. 
As 2013 speeds up and we’re all really getting in to our year of goals and intentions, it’s exciting me like you wouldn’t believe how much more I hear and see girls starting their own spaces of inspiration. When I first started this blog back in May 2011 I had never even heard the word Blog before. It felt like this underground thing, almost like a dirty little secret. Fast forward 2 years and I couldn’t be more excited by the progress in the blogging communities, particularly in Australia (and even more specifically in Perth!) 
I get weekly emails now from beautiful souls seeking advice on starting their own – to which I always respond with ‘go for it babe’. 
We are in a day and age of new beginnings, information sharing and life enrichment – and how incredibly exciting that you can have your own space to share all your gifts, lessons and know how’s with the world.
If you’ve been interested in blogging or wanting to start I want to cheerlead you all the way – GO for it. 
In the meantime, here are a few blogs I have stumbled upon recently I feel immediately in love with, and also blogs that I have followed and loved from the beginning of my own blogging journey that I know you’ll just love x
Seasons of Lust 
Absolute Amy 
All things fabulous 
Bless this Mess
Upon Wild Stars
The Honesty Path 


  1. Reply

    Naww thank you SO much for sharing the blog love you beautiful girl!! I myself would be nowhere and would not have started by blog without your invaluable advice and generous help! You gave me the courage and confidence to get it going and I am SO happy I did.

    I strongly advise anyone who wants to start their own blog to not wait any longer and just do it. It opens so many doors and shows you a side of yourself, you didn’t know existed 🙂

    Such a fun journey, and I can’t thank YOU enough miss Anna for being so lovely and always helping me!!


  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    Aren’t you just the greatest human ever? Thanks for the blog love my darling

    Lots of love xxxxxx

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