Cardiff…in snapshots

[ Arriving at Cardiff castle – admiring the living quarters where the family that owned it used to live – can you imagine! ] 

[ Posing with the sign excited that we were about to see & touch history more than 2,000 years old ]
[ A later addition added to the castle built by some guy…who won lot’s of battles whilst protecting the castle walls..we were listening I swear! ]

[ This guy!! This is the guy who built the above castle add on. Robert Consul – the prisoner in the bottom left of the picture was his Uncle, who had been imprisoned by his brother – after a fight of who wanted the throne ]

[ Being touristy & stuff .. this was the rooftop gardens where it was said the owners would bring guests to entertain ]

[ Morgs spotted an Eagle on the grounds, so naturally, had to pose with it – he related it to his football team West Coast Eagles ]

[ Because what is a Castle visit without lame tourist photos? A castle less visited that’s for sure ]

[ We both wanted in on the lame tourist photos ]

[ Morgsy had his own arcade!! He has lots of Arcades all over UK actually – everything here is Morgan something! ]

[ Drinking after a hard day of…holidaying ]

[An amazing street art lady who stood, dead still, for hours, as a statue. It blew our minds ]


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Taking lame tourist photos that´s the whole point of being on holiday, right? 😀 The pub looks and sounds really awesome. If you like street artists be prepared for Paris because there are like thousands of them 😉
    xx Eve.h

  2. O Reply

    Cardiff looks really cool! I gve to go there…

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