Guest Post; The best things in life are Free

I  have the sweet, sweet Brooke from over at The pursuit of Wellness today hanging out in my space to discuss how she really has found that the best things in life are free. The post is packed full of delicious gratitude and when I first read it I found myself smiling madly and like I’d been enveloped in a warm hug, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

In my own words (about her blog); Brooke & I met through blogging and I have never let her leave my life ever since. Brooke was a burst of divine feminine sweetness in my life and you get that from her in all that she says and in all that she does. Her online spaces all ooze that energy and you can’t help but feeling better after a visit to any of her pages – the blog, facebook or Instagram. I am blessed now to be able to do some coaching with her through nutritional cleansing and can’t wait to see her hit some huge goals for the rest of this year. She makes the world spin a little faster just by being in it.

In her own words (about her blog); I am a Marketing Communications Coordinator with a passion for wellness. I recently decided to study a holistic health and wellness course so I could be educated on how to live a healthier life for myself and my family. I try to live by the motto ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and I want to inspire others to live a life they love by nurturing their body and soul. I started my Facebook page and website to connect with like-minded people, learn from them and hopefully together we can all change lives. I hope my visiting my site people feel inspired to take the first step on their pursuit of wellness. 
Find her: BlogInstagram, Facebook

Introducing Brooke…

I’ve recently discovered that if I had a skill, and if I can call it a skill, it would be my ability to recite a motivational quote for most occasions in life. Probably more of an annoying habit to those around me, but I find something so comforting about hearing the words of wisdom from those who have lived before me, knowing that they have experienced what I’m going through, and I like to pass on such wisdom because they can say what I can’t.
Despite my love of quotes, I can confess that I didn’t actually understand some of the sayings I frequently heard while growing up. Sure I could deliver some of Ghandi’s words as though they were my own, but I didn’t understand them on a deep level.

I don’t know if the song or saying came first, but I often heard, “the best things in life are free” when I was younger and I initially thought “no they’re not!” or “point me to the nearest place handing out free lollies”.
Much like Anna’s love and enthusiasm for life, I have learnt to have such love and appreciation for my life that it’s bursting out of me. Such gratitude makes what I have enough and after realizing that comparison is the thief of joy, I learnt you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you (see what I did there? Slight exaggeration as I don’t normally speak in quotes). By focusing on the little things I’ve found that they are some of the things that bring me the greatest happiness. And like the say taught me all those years ago, yes they really are free.  
While I’ve progressed from free lollies and now wouldn’t turn down a free new car, I find that snow capped mountains, hearing kids laugh, a walk to work with blue skies or holding hands with a loved one make me smile from the inside out. It warms my heart like no material possession could. I don’t know whether its fact that a lot of the things that are free in life are provided from Mother Nature with no involvement or manufacturing from us, or the fact they don’t cost a cent, but I love that every day we are given something to enjoy no matter our bank balance or possessions. And I take time to focus on that.

Some of the free things in life that provide me deep contentment and make my heart sing include;

      ·   Hugs from loved ones
      ·   Rainbows
      ·   Having my dog welcome me home with such excitement
      ·  Sunrises 
      ·  A nice walk
      ·  Surprise letters packed with my lunch from my husband
      ·  Seeing a butterfly

By focusing on what I have and being appreciative of (free) things such as a pretty moon, successive green pedestrian crossings or conversations with old friends, I find that I’m a happier person and can safely attest that money doesn’t buy happiness. Now that is a saying I understand.
      What are the free things in life you 
love most? 

Guest Post; Discovering your Solgasm’s

I  have the magnificent Emily from over at Bless this Mess Blog today dropping by to share with you on how to harness those moments of pure joy and authenticity and welcome them more in your life. I.e. How to have a solgasm. 

In my own words (about her blog); Em is one of the sweetest soulful of girls I have met in the online world. She shows up, ALWAYS, in her space, online, in my own more private group of girls I coach through cleansing and in life. We met through said nutritional cleansing and it has been a joy to have this beam of light be a part of my life ever since. She is the queen of intentions and we share a love for manifesting and gratitude journalling (not to mention Green Smoothies and all round wellness). Her blog rocks the blogosphere with amazing posts about nutritious food, amazing exercise and all round soulful goodness for the mind, body & soul. 

In her own words (about her blog); This little corner of the interweb started off as an outlet for sharing recipes and my thoughts with anyone who was interested and has slowly twisted and turned and amalgamated into a big, beautiful and bustling community of readers who all share the same vision – to live our best, healthiest and most kind lives imaginable. ‘Bless this Mess’ is my online diary of sorts – allowing me to acknowledge and appreciate every single blessing that graces my messy life each and every day. I hope you find something that inspires you, something that resonates with you and makes you shout ‘YES!’, or that it connects you with likeminded souls that share your passion for living. 

Find her: Blog, Instagram, Facebook

Psst; Before we begin, beautiful Em had this to say about this post – isn’t she a hunny? This post is dedicated to my number one. My mother and genuinely the most beautiful, kind, loving and compassionate soul I have ever met. This is my gift to you – a testimonial of utter belief in your dreams and a ‘permission slip’ to live YOUR life.

Introducing Emily…

Have you ever experienced that ‘buzz’? It’s the only way to describe it. A jolt of pure, unfiltered, unadulterated, raw, ecstatic happiness and bliss?

Get yo’ minds out of the gutter if you’re wandered into nasty territory – because today I’m talking Soulgasms. What exactly is a soulgasm you might ask? It is that exact moment in which your entire being lights up, you feel unstoppable, your potential seems immeasurable and you are absolutely glowing!
A few years ago these soulgasms were, for me, as elusive as unicorns and they occurred few and far between. Now, I get my hit daily. Whether it’s during a soulful conversation with a friend, sipping on a cup of green tea, running in the bush with my ever growing puppy or working solo on a project – these soulgasms are the universe’s way of telling you that you are on the right track. 

These moments of pristine clarity, inspiration and elation are your birthright and you deserve to experience them every single dang day. Soulgasms are the result of complete alignment within your universe – they tell us that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Epiphanies, bursts of motivation and great ideas are all ‘foreplay’ for the great soulgasm that awaits. When we are aligned with our divine purpose, when we utilise the skills that we have been blessed with and we act and behave as an instrument of the higher power (whatever or whoever you believe that may be) the world around you completely changes and everything occurs in total and incredible synchronicity.

So you’ve just had your first soulgasm (you lucky thang) – now what?

      1)  Identify what instigated this incredible feeling? And nurture it as much as you can. Whether it’s an idea for a new business; spending time with loved ones; during your travels to distant lands … trust that this is where you’re meant to be. This is how you’re designed to feel. This is how you will actualise your authentic self.
     2) Manifest this feeling and welcome it into every moment of your life. Do more of what makes your soul soar. Get your ‘gasm on every day.
     3) Put it out there. Write it out baby. Grab your journal and jot down how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it and how you will grow and maintain this feeling until your dying day. My favourite way to do this is by writing a journal entry that is written by my future self (No I haven’t lost my marbles, just bear with me and hear me out). I get comfortable and connect with that perfect version of myself, my authentic and true self. Then I get writing and I get specific. I.e ‘It’s 2014 and I cannot believe how incredible I feel every single day. I wake up beside the love of my life every morning, sit in the sun and enjoy my morning tea and give thanks for all that’s around me. My clinic is booming and I’m currently managing two staff members who have helped to bring in a 6 figure annual profit for the practise. I am writing every day and have an audience of loyal, inspiring, supportive and determined readers…’ The real entries are much longer and go into much more detail. But these are personal and can be just for your eyes. There are no rights or wrongs, no need to be a Shakespere-esque wordsmith, no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. You, your dreams, your journal and a sprinkle of universal magic. Perfection!

      4)  Action steps. Set this thang in motion. Feel like a certain someone has sparked your soul? Then book in a regular phone or coffee date with them to make sure you are granted a weekly soulgasm. Inspired and invigorated by a certain idea or concept? Then follow your heart and chase that feeling. Had an epiphany? Trust your gut and act on it.

     5) Lucky enough to experience multiple soulgasms? Well you are onto a winner. Stay on that path, do not back down and do not accept ‘no’. When you’re experiencing life as your authentic self and following your divine path, nothing in the whole entire world can stop you. In fact, it’s quite the opposite really. Once you set your intentions and choose to live a certain way, the universe conspires to see you achieve just that.
Believe in yourself as much as your best friend does; as much as your mother does; as much as I do. And with that sense of belief and enlightened sense of self and alignment – you can do anything.

I’ll leave you with an incredible quote. One which I have read over a majillion (yes that’s a word) times and it still ignites my spark and keeps me believing that I can do anything. Recite it, believe it and achieve it.

Blessings, love, laughter and rolling soulgasms x

Images: here & here 

Guest Post; Bowen Therapy & some advice

I  have the beautiful Anna from over at Seasons of Lust Blog today dropping by to share with you her most recent experience with Bowen Therapy. 

In my own words (about her blog); This girl is the kind of girl you want and need in your life – she quite literally will light up any room she walks in to and brings her energy to any encounter you have. I actually met her on Twitter – what can I say, it was love at first tweet – and after our first catch up being a 4 hour lunch date, the rest is history. Her blog is one of my favourites, and I have spent many an hour pouring over all her posts getting sucked in to all her travel and perth adventure posts. I call this call Miss Tourism Australia as she literally inspires me with her amazing adventures not just internationally, but within our own beautiful country. I can’t WAIT for you to ‘meet’ her and fall in love as much as I did. 

In her own words (about her blog); This is the blog of a 20-something year old, born in Russia, raised on the west coast of NZ and currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. As much as I’d love to settle one day, my veins are pumped with the genes of one indecisive & one free-spirited being. I like to keep myself busy, exploring every corner of the globe, learning about people and things. I blog about everyday life and anything that is on my mind- the places I’ve been, the places I’m going & the places I can only wish of visiting some day.
Find her: BlogTwitter, Instagram,  


Introducing Anna …

After hurting my foot, when I thought going for a big walk in thongs was a good idea, I came back to Perth in A LOT of pain. I was limping and each day spent not being able to walk or run made me very annoyed and frustrated. Luckily, I have a lady at work that is like my 2nd mother who is perfectly aligned with my holistic approach to life. She sent me a link about Bowen Therapy & within 30 minutes, I was all booked in with her Bowen specialist at lunch (gotta love cancellations!)

What is Bowen Therapy? It’s a holistic remedial body technique that works on the soft tissue. Bowen therapy helps the body’s own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony.

It’s something that can be noticed from the first session. I went in for an inflamed foot and I got a full body message; the lower back pain I mentioned to her before the massage was due to the muscle tightness I felt in my left quad in particular and my shoulders too.

I walked out of that room feeling like a whole new person. I couldn’t believe how tight my quads were until they were back to normal.
Like any where I go, I always ask as many questions as possible. In between working different parts of the body, the specialist stops for a few minutes and gives the body time. In these moments, I asked for some tips with walking & running and how to reduce injuries. What I learnt is pretty important.
Before doing any walking or running, one must always stretch; not like you would after a work out but a small stretch for 30 seconds each muscle. Any less than that and it is a waste of time. 
& doesn’t matter how much you’ve been told that your knees point in, you should stretch your left quad with left arm (something I’ve done all my life until the beginning of the year when someone advised me other wise- doh!)
So what else is Bowen Therapy good for?
  • Circulation
  • Lymphatic and venous draining
  • Assimilation of nutrients
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Joint mobility
  • Posture
  • Normalisation of cellular physiology and tissue integrity
And what can it help with?
  • Sports and accident injuries
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Stress disorders
  • Neck and head tension
  • Whiplash
  • Musculoskeletal pain and imbalance
  • Respiratory and asthma complaints
  • Acute and chronic fatigue
  • Stroke
  • Bed wetting
  • Digestive problems
  • Menstrual complaints
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Colic
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Hyperactive disorder
  • Learning difficulties
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
If you’re in Perth, you’re in luck! You will find this amazing specialist in Maylands (her name is Karen).
& if you want to be in the know about special offers from the spa, check out Gemma’s facebook page.

Inspiring babe of the week; Suzey Long from Vanity Box Skin Couture

It gives me so so much excitement to bring you this weeks Inspiring babe of the week – Miss Suzey Long from the most divine day spa in Perth – Vanity Box Skin Couture. Her salon, located in Perth City is quite seriously one of the most glamorous, jaw droppingly sophisticated salons I’ve ever laid eyes on. 
Then there is Suzey. Never will you ever come across a more genuine, sweet, authentic, calm girl in your life. I first met Suzey at another soul sista’s birthday and from the moment I walked in the room she had an energy about her. The girl is for real. Not only will you want her as your very own personalised beautician you will want her as your best friend. 
Suzey brings an energy like no other, a sweet calming zen to how she shows up in life and you will get to experience that the moment you walk through her salons’ extremely beautiful doors.
If you have been meaning to have a little down time, a little you time, some self love and pampering, I highly (highlyyy) encourage you to pay her a visit and book in your own oh so personalised and one on one session with this girl for a pamper session that you so so so deserve. 
{ A sneaky peak inside her sophisticated space where all the pampering goes on – talk about di-vine }
+ Can you explain what steps you took to chase your dream & open your own clinic up so young?

The way in which I chased my dream and opened up my beauty clinic so young was always believing that one day I would. I was never worried I knew one day it would happen I just had to be patient,work hard and make positive steps towards making this dream come true. Every thing I did in my career was a step towards it. It didn’t happen over night but it did finally happen 
+ What are 3 pieces of advice to other young girls wanting to start their own business venture?

My 3 pieces of advice to other young girls wanting to start their own business is:
1. Be creative don’t be afraid to do something different step out of your comfort zone. 
2. Believe in yourself,believe you can do it!!
3. Don’t give up!!! You may have some set backs and it may not come easy but it will be worth it in the end as there’s so much satisfaction seeing your dream become reality
+ What are the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learnt being a female entrepreneur?

The 3 lessons I’ve learnt being a female entrepreneur is that: 
*You must be comfortable with uncertainty as you can have good & bad times but you must keep at it & be positive & it always does work out.
*An Idea is worth nothing you have to create it into something successful 
*Be willing to work for at least  two years with a very small salary as the for the first few years there is a lot of initial outlay with a start up business

+ Define your bangin’ take on success & true beauty

Success to me is reaching a stage where you are comfortable in your work/life balance. Where you are not working to live but working enough to be comfortable & still finding time to enjoy life. True beauty to me is not on the outside its when the inside is beautiful when someone is positive & has a kind heart 

+ Tell me what your ideal day would look like – start to finish?
My ideal day would be:
Wake up have a beautiful break fast & COFFEE!
Do a Pilates session
Have a massage
Have an afternoon nap
Dinner somewhere lovely with my hubby
A nice long bath & bed zzzzz
+ What is a favourite beauty treatment girls seem to love at your salon? 

The treatment most girls love to have done is an eyebrow make over. I think eyebrows make your face so when they have them done by a professional it gives them a complete new look. It’s also my favourite treatment I love doing them!
{ Another treatment room that Suzey has designed to make you feel the true indulgence of self love and pampering when you pay a visit to her beautiful space }
+ If my skin was breaking out & I was feeling stressed, what would be some treatments you would recommend?

If you were stressed and was having break outs I would recommend coming in for a one hour bespoke treatment as I can have a look at your skin and do the best facial to suit your needs. I would do a Priori AHA facial if you were into cosmeceuticals or a Kora Organics facial by Miranda Kerr if you were a more natural beauty.


I feel most alive when I’m.happy truly deeply happy
I feel most inspired bymy Mum she is a true inspiration bringing 3 kids up by herself
My favourite book is...Treasure yourself by Miranda Kerr it’s a collection of thoughts, memories and lessons by her that will put you on the path to self-improvement. I also stock her 100% certified organic products in store & do Kora Organics by a Miranda Kerr Facials in the clinic  
I love to travel to… Bali it’s the first place my husband & I travelled to together so it has lovely memories for us. We also got engaged there!

Want to hang out with this gorgeous soul some more? You should want too!!
Twitter: @vanitybox_Perth

Inspiring Babe of the week: Athanae Lucev from her OWN Company – Athanae Lucev

If you can take anything away from your Friday today gorgeous, it’s to remember the name – Athane Lucev. This girl is THE ultimate inspiration and is going places – big, amazing places (& just think you got to meet her first right here in our little space). 
I met her some years ago now as we both worked in politics and from the minute I met her I knew I wanted her in my life. She was smart, beautifully put together, smart, gorgeous, and on top of all that the most friendly girl with a genuineness about her that was undeniable.  
Ath is an Image Consultant and a damn good one at that. If you want to get to know this inspiring babe more, and learn exactly what she does, what it would mean working with her, and some of her absolute dynamite pieces of advice – then go and grab a cup of tea (seriously) and settle in to get a little more personal with a girl I call a very close friend.

IF after you read this interview, like I did, and want to find out how you can work with her, how she can take your personal branding from unknown to out of this world – then drop her a line at (you can tell her Anna sent you) xx

5 minutes with Athane Lucev … 

Did I mention she’s also a public speaker? This was her, kicking ass at her first speaking gig for her business, at law firm K&L Gates in Perth .. Superstar x

   1. Ath, tell us who you are, what you do and what gets you fired up.

I’m a 20-something-year-old Perth girl who loves life, the beach, working hard and helping people achieve their goals and carve out a purposeful life for themselves.I’ve been to university, lived overseas, travelled far and wide, worked all over Western Australia as a journalist, been to Canberra as a political adviser and figured out that what I am really, really passionate about is helping people, one-on-one, to achieve their goals using their vision and values as a filter. I am passionate about helping ALL people to discover what it is that makes them special and to help them live their best possible life. I’m endlessly curious about the nature of work and life, how people distinguish between the two, what careers will look like in the future and how we’ll balance challenges like an aging workforce and increased female workforce participation with changing workplace structures. The women (and men) I see growing up around me want to be happy and fulfilled both in their careers and their home life but they don’t necessarily want 9-5 jobs. and I’m hungry to help them come up with solutions that satisfy their competing needs.

2. Your business is an image consultancy firm; explain to my beautiful readers what Image Consultancy means.

As an image consultant, I work with clients to improve their public profile. While most stylists will help improve a client’s wardrobe and general presentation, I do more than that. I use the skills I’ve gained working in media and politics over the last decade to approach public image and profile from a holistic perspective. I provide honest advice and workable solutions that help clients get further in their career – I’m talking practical solutions that make life and work easier and better by teaching you new skills that help you to be more organised and think differently about the way you approach everything from getting dressed in the morning and how you manage your relationships with co-workers and your boss, to how you use social media. It’s a bit like having a stylist, career advisor, publicist – and most importantly, personal cheerleader – wrapped up into one.
3. Somebody wants to hire you as their own image consultant, talk us through what are some of the things you could do with them and what could they expect from working with you?

The first step is to meet face-to-face with the person, to have a chat and gain an understanding of what it is they are looking for, and whether it is a good fit. We talk about their goals and what they were looking to achieve by working with me, and go from there to determine exactly which areas need improvement and how to best go about it. It can range from interviewing or talking to colleagues, family and friends, to building greater awareness and skills around methods of communication, to going to someone’s house to clean out their wardrobe, helping them navigate buying clothes online, styling for a special event or helping them navigate, learn about and better use social media including tools like LinkedIn. What every client wants, what they need, and the suite of services you provide to them can be drastically different from one person to the next, but ultimately it’s about giving people the skills to their public profile (or image) both within and outside their organisation, as well as equipping them with the skills they need to confidently communicate that.

4. You have an amazing style when it comes to all things fashion and beauty. What are your top 4 tips for girls wanting to set their wardrobe up better?

Wardrobes are such a contentious issue- when I last moved house I was forced to face the fact that I just had too many clothes! While many stylists advise you to throw away things you haven’t worn in 6 or 12 months, I don’t believe in that. If there are pieces I love, I will keep them no matter what. In this blog post  I outlined how to make your mornings easier by being more organised, and I do think that’s the key to a good wardrobe:
(i)                  Be organised and be ruthless! Fix the heels that clink when you walk. Take your skirts, pants, jackets and dresses to be altered if they are damaged or are too short/tight/long/baggy/have hems hanging down. If, like me, you don’t have a shoe rack, box and label your shoes, or take polaroids to tape to the outside. It will help preserve them from dust. I use Pinklily boxes. Keep pieces you love and that won’t date, but throw away poor quality clothes, things with holes and things that don’t fit (if you can’t have them altered). Buy quality pieces and if there’s something you really love, buy it in a few colours. You won’t regret it.
If you have limited space, seasonally swap out pieces you don’t wear during winter, like big coats, sweaters, or hosiery. Likewise keep your evening gowns separately and box up your bikinis and singlet tops when winter hits.
(ii)                Buy quality over quantity. Good quality items look better when you wear them, and they last longer. They will wash better, iron better and age better – they’ll be less prone to becoming stretched or mis-shapen.
(iii)            Buy the classics and then update with seasonal pieces. Everybody needs a pair of jeans they feel comfortable in, a perfect work dress, a crisp white shirt, a navy blazer, a trench coat, little black dress and good-quality (and comfortable!) black pumps. Much like building a house, you’ve got to have the foundations first before you can put all the add-ons in.
(iv)              Wear at least a little of what you love: for me, that’s classic styles, red and navy, tailored blazers, ballerina flats, scarves wrapped around handbag handles, houndstooth, pearls, polka dots…but for you it might be bright prints, skyscraper heels, anything that’s bright green, or you might have a hundred pairs of glasses that you match to your outfits! Feeling not just confident but also taking joy in what you’re wearing really will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face – and that’s the best accessory you can have!
5. I admire you SO much for taking the plunge and following your purpose with starting your own business. Can you share 3 tips for other girls wanting to quit the corporate world & do the same?

(i) Surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you unconditionally and let go of expectations. In my school days and even into my early 20s, I imagined I would be a lawyer. Now I know that’s not right for me, at least now. Even though I love what I’m doing and I’m working hard to build the life and career I want there are still multiple times every single day where I question my sanity. I know that I’m doing the right thing but you do need all the positive energy you can get around you.
(ii) Ask for advice from a wide range of people. Listen, learn, and sift through the information you’re given to decide what’s right for you and your business. You can’t, and shouldn’t try, to be everything to everyone. Decide on your vision, mission, values, business structure and who you’re targeting and then don’t be distracted from it.
Iii) Back yourself. If you’re not following a path that people have trodden before, they might not understand why you’re doing it, and out of concern or fear might question or doubt. As long as you know and believe in yourself and your product, and you’ve planned properly, you have no reason not to go for it.
6. We’re ALL about life design at lifesshinyprettythings& I LOVE hearing what kind of day people would have if they could live their destined life. Describe for me, from start to finish YOUR perfect day.

Share a little piece of the early morning with my wonderful partner, meditate and do some oil pulling – I recently got into it and am really seeing the benefits. I use organic coconut oil. Then ideally a run and swim at the beach (I love the patch of the earth between Trigg and Hillarys in Perth). Coffee and breakfast at Yelo while flicking through the latest edition of Vogue or Harpers Bazaar, then spend the day with clients working on their goals and visions and helping them translate that into a better public profile through assisting them with anything from personal shopping, clearing out their wardrobe, helping them write a new corporate biography or update their LinkedIn profile and teaching them how to use social media more effectively. In an ideal world I’d also squeeze in coffee with one of my best friends and spend some time on the phone with my mum or sister, who lives in Melbourne. I’d check in on my social media clients (I have a few companies for whom I just do social media), update my blog, then cook dinner and have a glass of wine with my partner and watch an episode of whatever TV show we’re into at that point in time. It’s usually something pretty trashy that takes our minds off the day and gives us a break so we can keep working after dinner. One thing I’m terrible at is getting enough sleep, so making sure I get 6 or 7 hours in by going to bed early enough is a priority too.
One day is too short – life is too varied!

“Share a little piece of the early morning with my wonderful partner ….in an ideal world I’d also squeeze in coffee with one of my best friends” 

7. What is your favourite piece of advice you’ve ever been given and why?

I am naturally a pretty risk averse person, and although I think through the course of my life some of the decisions I’ve made look a bit courageous (deciding not to pursue law, leaving a great job in journalism, starting my own business…), the refusal to live a life that might be a little less than it could be trumps keeping a stable job for me, at least for the moment, so the advice I’ve received to uncover my own strengths and really learn to back myself would be my favourites – and I’ve received and read them in a few different places – sometimes it takes a while for the message to get through to me!
Want to hang out with this gorgeous soul some more? (I’m telling you, YOU DO!) 

Twitter: @athanaelucev
Instagram: athanae

Images: 1. Ath in all her beautiful soul glory – the girl oozes style, grace, love & beauty. 
2. At her first speaking gig for her business at the respected law firm K&L Gates in Perth.
3. With her wonderful partner Todd (these two make an amazing team and Todd supports Ath every step of the way).
4. With her best bud and first ever client, Holly. Ath says that although they’re different in so many ways they learn so much from each other. Holly is Ath’s constant inspiration (this girl is also a force to be reckoned with).

Inspiring Babe of the week: Peta Kelly from Anatome Integrated Wellness

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this babe’in soul she is just THAT amazing. If you haven’t already heard of Peta or been inspired by her incredibly amazing page it would be my honour to introduce you both. 
Peta & I were introduced through a mutual friend (check out her amazing Pinterest here). She had seen we were posting similar positive ‘stuff’ on our facebook walls and connected us in a message. We had caught up for a ‘blind date’ lunch and almost 3 hours later I was walking away buzzing, inspired, excited & connected – I felt like we had the start of a soul sista love story.

Her energy, infectious. Her goals can’t help but inspire & love of life unparallelled. She can walk in a room and by the end of a talk shift mindsets and inspire you to live better and be better. She quite literally changes lives.  

She is quite possibly the most energetic, loving, soulful, INSPIRING girl I know. Hands down. Fo’ real. She lives her truth, walks her talk, and has taught me about living life with ease and abundance. (We also share the same dream to retire our mums – soon!!) 
She is the wonderful soul behind “Anatome Integrated Wellness” that aims to “Embody all aspects of Wellness ~ Wellness of the body, the mind, the soul and one’s finances. Anatome aims to nourish and encourage people all over the world to live a life purely by their own design”

See what I mean? You’re going to LOVE her so grab yourself a cup of herbal tea and settle in for some serious soul’spiration x 

+ So what do you do Peta? What is your big life vision & where did it come from?
I work with a team of AMAZING young people who are creating a life purely by their own design, while helping others do the same!
More specifically, I have a wellness business called Anatome Integrated Wellness. The vision of Anatome is to help people achieve complete wellness in their lives through an integrated approach with health, nutritional cleansing, personal development, spiritual development and wealth creation. I’m going through a bit of a transformation/evolution with Anatome and it will soon fall under the umbrella of ‘Life by my Own Design.’ 
I’ve always had a massive passion for everything health and wellbeing, and in particular, obesity! I grew up in a very active family of 4 kids and we played every sport under the sun. To me, we were the most blessed kids on the planet, enjoying lives in healthy bodies with the love and support of our amazing single Mum! 

I decided early on in life I was going to get rich and retire my Mum. How? I had no idea. But I knew it’d come. Anyway, after graduating from UWA with a BSc (Hons), and having my research on exercise and appetite published, I started a phD to continue more of the same. I soon realised in my own life though, that there was so much more to learn about the body, the mind and the soul that I needed to discover myself. Every Monday it was ‘a thing’ for my friends to be hating work, feeling gross, and just wishing the week away so that the weekend would come. It didn’t make sense to me. Why are we wishing away 5 amazing days, just to enjoy two? Around the time I came to this realisation, I was being given signs from the universe to change direction slightly so I listened to this ‘calling’, deferred my phD and started my own business aged 23. It started as a weight management business, integrating personal training and nutrition. I was learning more about the body at a deep level than ever before and slowly more pieces of the puzzle came together.  I still always felt that there was a missing link though. There was something that separated us from feeling great, to feeling AMAZING… I was on a hunt to figure it out. Raw foods, vegan, organic, juicing, you name it I was doing it. 
Surely enough, a few short months later, the universe nudged me on the shoulder and I I was introduced to the wonderful world of nutritional cleansing and ZING!  There it was… The missing link. I could write forever about the details of this discovery, the synchronicities that followed and how FREAKISHLY perfectly timed it all was. I started to feel incredible like never before, so did my clients, my family and my friends. I thought YES! This is life!  We’re meant to wake up every day feeling amazing, full of energy, clear mind, feelings of joy, happiness endlessly and with ease. I also discovered an amazing new business model which allowed me to empower people to take control of their own lives on the inside, but on the outside too, financially. 
It all clicked. Now THIS is complete wellness. My vision is to revolutionise the way young people view their health, their potential for wealth and in turn empower people of all ages live a life purely by their own design. I now lead a team of incredible young, inspiring leaders who want to change lives, starting with their own. By creating complete balance and alignment at the deepest level physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we allow ourselves to live to our full potential. The business structure within our team allows us to dream big, live our life however we want to and help others do the same. Once I decided on my ‘WHY’, the ‘HOW’ came to me… 
I now have both the WHY and the HOW.

Tell me where you draw your own inspiration from? What lights the fire in your belly?
      My Mum!!
      The most hard working, selfless, brave and strong woman on the planet. She is my ‘why’ and she has taught me that giving selflessly with no boundaries is the only way to live. 

      I draw huge inspiration from books and audios. ‘ The Strangest Secret’ By Earl Nightingale is single handedly the 30 minute piece that picked me up from a road of mental and physical burnout at one stage, to putting me firmly on my path to freedom and joy. My wonderful team inspires me more than I can put into words. Being amongst young people who want more for the world and for themselves makes my heart sing.  AHHHHHH (Heart singing)

     + Is there a favourite book (or two!) and video that inspired you in big ways that you would love to share to inspire others?
   The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is a MUST READ for everyone no matter what you do or who you are!
      The Go Giver- By Bob Burg. I live by the above two books. 
You inspire me so much to ‘live life by my own design’ but not everybody knows what that means – can you explain to my readers what you mean when we say that? 

 Living a life by your own design means doing WHATEVER you want with WHOEVER you want WHENEVER you want to do it! It means being physically FREE, waking up feeling amazing, and going to bed feeling amazing too. It means earning more so you can GIVE more, with no limitations. It epitomises ABUNDANCE in all aspects. Love, happiness, prosperity, growth, health… It’s being able to design your ideal day, from start to finish. It’s being able to live from a place of love, while dreaming SO BIG that it’s scary, KNOWING that you will live your dreams. It’s a choice. We choose.

  + Being a girl who lives her life by her own design, describe to me your perfect day from start to finish?

My perfect day starts with waking up EARLY feeling amazing, with the first thought that comes into my head one of gratitude. I open up French doors that overlook the ocean and meditate for halfa. I have a yummy cleanse and then I get amongst nature, whether it be a run through a beaten track or a swim in the ocean. 

Then I’ll get comfy on a hammock, or a bean bag on the balcony, inside or outside and read a book or listen to an  audio while drinking a super food smoothie and connecting all the senses. Then my ‘work’ day will begin and the real fun starts. I connect with my team, answer emails, make phone calls, have meetings. Throw some planning exciting events, holidays or trips in there too. 

For lunch I will have some yummy organic food from one of my fav raw food/wholefood cafes in Fremantle or down south. After lunch, it’s more planning, more beautiful conversations including some success stories whether it be to do with health or wealth. At night we have a wicked team meeting/presentation with lots of newbies joining us!  My family is all there too 😉  As I write this I’m on the plane to Broome to spend a super fun week in the sunshine, connecting with people. My ideal day also involves being able to jump on a plane if I want to!

+ What are the 3 tips you can share to help others live their dream life. Where can they get started? 

1)      Decide exactly what it is you want in your life and broadcast it. Vision board it and look at it every single day. Be clear on your ‘why’
2)      Nourish your body at the deepest level. If you get the inside right the outside will fall into place.
3)      Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Always be learning.

+ What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My Mum has given me plenty. So had my dear late Nanna.  One thing that sticks with me every single day is this… You are never deprived when someone else gains. It makes life that much more glorious to realise that and live it every single day


Inspiring Babe of the week; Nikki from Sunshine for the soul

I had the pleasure of ‘e’meeting Nikki a few months ago through the wonderful world of blogging  (and all things social media). We instantly connected and were excited to share our life’isims, inspirations and just generally connect. 

Her energy is infectious, support is uplifting and message super inspiring and so when I wanted to start a new section on the blog interviewing gorgeous souls I knew Nikki was the girl to kick it off with. 
Below, learn her insights on starting a blog, what inspires her and how she wants you to feel when you visit her site, with a delicious recipe thrown in for good measure. Psst – I also asked her some juicy questions on how and why she started a blog for those of you on the verge of starting your own to hopefully kick start your fire. 
p.s This will be a regular feature in this space from now on – I want to bring you inspiring babes who are rocking it hard in life to bring you inspiration in every way shape and form.

p.p.s Have a wonderful weekend I will see you back here on Monday xx

Nikki from Sunshine for the soul 

+ Tell me how you got in to blogging?

I’d love to! I have always loved writing things down like my thoughts, plans, goals and to do lists in journals, notepads, scrap bits of paper floating around, anywhere really. I wanted to create a bigger and brighter space for all of these things but wasn’t quite sure what that would be or look like.

When I started my health coaching studies, I began to get a lot clearer on my passions and vision for the future and I knew a blog would be the perfect outlet for my ‘bigger and brighter space.’

I didn’t know how I would get started so I started reading more blogs, books and articles until it got to the point where the voice inside my head said ‘ok, it’s time to do this.Start your blog now,’ and so I did. 
I started Sunshine for the Soul late 2012 and it has been growing organically ever since and I hope will continue to do so.

+ Do you have any advice for guys/girls wanting to start a blog?

Yes. DO IT! The sooner you do,the better.

A beautiful line that Sarah Wilson once said about blogging, ‘Enter the fray’ has always stuck with me. 
It took me a long time to muster the courage to actually launch my blog and put it out there for the world to see because of caring so much what other people would think, for fear of judgment and for thinking to myself ‘do people really want to hear or care what I have to say, especially when there are so many other people out there with wonderful blogs?’

That’s when I realised that as much as blogging is for sharing and communicating with other people, first and foremost,it’s for myself. I write for myself, it’s a creative outlet, a form of self-therapy and self-expression.
I believe that everyone has his or her own unique gift to share with the world so put it out there. Enter the fray. Once I did, I realised it wasn’t so scary after all and wish I had started sooner. You will attract the right people to your blog when it is right for you and for them. If my writing doesn’t connect or resonate with certain people, that’s ok too. 
I would highly recommend Darren Rowseand Chris Garrett’s book, ‘ProBlogger: Secrets for how to blog your way to a six figure income.’ It is wonderfully informative, effective and simply breaks down the steps you need to take to create and build a profitable blog.  

 + How do you come up with your blog ideas? 
I listen to my heart. I look at the world around me; the things that present themselves to me in day-to-day life that I know other people could benefit or take a lesson from too.

Other times, ideas will come to me when I’m having a conversation with someone and I feel something inside of me spark.
I don’t like to force ideas; if I am really struggling to come up with content (which is rare) I don’t push it or write something just for the sake of publishing something. When I write it comes from the heart, so therefore authentic and meaningful. When you aren’t present in your writing or don’t connect with it from within, your readers won’t connect with it either.I believe the best posts are the ones that come naturally. 

+ What are 3 things you want your readers to feel when they visit your site?
Inspired, positive and loved. 
At a high level my blog is about health and wellness but on a deeper level I really want to encourage people to seek and embrace the things in life that truly bring a fire to their soul, touch their heart and inspire them to live the happiest, healthiest and most abundant life they can. 
My blog is a creative and safe space full of positivity, love and nourishing things for your mind, body and soul so grab yourself a coconut water, sit back and enjoy!
What inspires you?

SO much! Authenticity – Kindness – Self-love – Selflessness – ‘Female-preneurs’
Seeing people not only following their dreams but also chasing them. We only get one shot at this life and I am so inspired and uplifted when I see people seeking opportunities to make their life the very best that they can by going after what rings true for them instead of living in fear and in the ‘what ifs,’ and ‘one day I will…’ world.
Having beautiful heart felt conversations with like-minded people who are positive, encouraging and uplifting. When I not only communicate but also connect with another person, I feel my soul come alive and that is such a wonderful and inspiring thing.
 + Describe your perfect day?
I would start the day off with some fun movement, whether that was some strength training, going for a run or doing yoga, as I believe that exercise in the morning sets your entire mood for the day. 

I’d follow that with a relaxed breakfast at one of my favourite cafes whilst enjoying some entrepreneurial reading or writing for my blog, or perhaps a catch up with a friend.

Then onto some coaching sessions with my clients as it is such rewarding work and helping others is the quickest way to make you feel good too.
Time spent outside to soak up the sunshine would be an absolute must as that makes me sublimely happy.
 In the evening I would relax over a nice home cooked meal and glass of red (yes Health coaches still enjoy wine) and spend time with my beautiful man talking about life, dreams and my vision for the future.
So you’re a health coach? Tell us a little about what you do & what clients can expect working with you?

Yes I am and I LOVE it. Working (if I can call it that) with people to support, help and guide them make their life bigger and brighter is so rewarding. I work with people from a holistic approach, which means I look at four key areas in their life: Relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality. I assess these core areas and work with my clients to identify where things may be off balance or not working for them, set agreed goals and action plans.
Many people think that health or being ‘healthy’ is just about the food they put in their mouth, which does play a large role of course, however, the real crux of health is about how we feed our body, mind and soul. When the above four key areas are in harmony and in balance, the food we eat is secondary.

Are you feeding your body beautiful nutrients or garbage? Are you feeding your mind negative thoughts or uplifting ones? Are you doing things to feed your soul or to shrink it?
These questions are so important.
Clients can expect a coaching program that is tailored to them and their individual needs. 
My clients’ get a coach who is 100% focused and committed to them.  When I am with my clients, I am present; I am there for them.
I work with the individual to address any or all areas of their life that are off balance and holding them back from living a healthy, happy and abundant life. I work towards goals, actions, personal recommendations and so forth.
+  Do you have a yummy healthy recipe for us?
Oh tough choice… but I’ll chose this one because these are so simple to make, use only a few ingredients and are absolutely delicious and nutritious. They make the perfect little treat or I’ll often whip up a batch to give to a friend as a gift.



*1 Cup Dry Roasted Almonds
*1 Cup Dates (preferably organic) pitted
*1/3 Cup Raw Organic Cacao powder
*1/3 Cup Coconut Oil – melted
*½ Cup Organic Shredded Coconut Flakes + little extra to roll balls in
Step 1: Soak pitted dates in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes.
Step 2: Whilst dates are soaking, combine cacao powder, almonds, coconut oil and flakes in a food processor (does not work as well in a blender)
Step 3: Feed dates in one by one for a smooth consistency.
Step 4: Depending on how moist you want to balls you can add a few drops of water
Step 5: Allow mixture to rest for 5-10 minutes and then roll into a ball.
Step 6: Roll mixture into small bite size balls then roll in coconut flakes
Step 7: Allow setting in fridge for 1 – 2 hours before gobbling these little goodies.
Step 8:ENJOY and try not to gobble in one sitting!
Note: Do not consume late at night as cacao is quite high in caffeine and will keep you awake longer than you wish (trust me, I know from personal experience)
Raw cacao is a great source of four neurotransmitters; serotonin, dopamine, anandamine (the bliss chemical) and phenylethylamine, which are associated with feelings of well being and also help to alleviate depression. Not only that, it is the primary source of magnesium which is vital for a healthy functioning heart and is the most deficient mineral in Western civilisation.
What’s not to love? 



Images: All taken from her delightful Instagram. Follow her at nicole_perhne