My Happiness List

So a lot has been happening in Morgs & I’s life at the moment but even with all the mayhem, we really are loving every second. One of the big big things we have 100% committed to is that within 5 years we will be living our life as we please – with a comfortable passive income and a lifestyle we desire. That leaves us with 1,826 days to work our butts off to reap the rewards for the rest of our life. Don’t think we don’t strive for that every day either – a life full of what we love, because we have that everyday. This is deeper than that though. To set ourselves up to live comfortably and not have to have a job again. Yep, big goals, but it’s going to happen.
We are stretching ourselves at the moment, pushing boundaries we haven’t yet pushed in our 6 year relationship but are growing along the way – both independently and as a couple. It’s exciting, and sure there are moments (after 3 weeks of night having 1 night off) that we / I am tired – but I know, in my heart of hearts it will be oh so worth it. 
With all of this in mind, I have a bucket load, as always to be incredibly grateful for, and below are just some of the things on my current happiness list (and mainly the lessons I’m learning from them. 

The Millionaire Mindset conference 
I spent my last weekend (we’re talking Friday night all day Saturday & Saturday night, all day Sunday & Sunday night) at THE most amazing, energy filled inspirational conference called Millionaire Mindset . It was an intense weekend filled with learning about how to shift your mindset to abundance and ease when it came to money, how to earn a passive income (hello never working  as an employee again) and how to let go of old programs that you have about finance that don’t serve you any longer. Did I also mention I got to do it with some of my inspiring team?? It was mind blowingly awesome and along with all of the above I also took so much more away – want to hear some of it?
“Don’t argue with the universe, that’s how struggle happens”
“Be integral with your word. ALWAYS. If you say you’re going to do something DO IT. Don’t say it otherwise. If you say you’ll call – call, if you say you’re going to show up, show up”.
“Where you spend your time and money is where your priorities lie – if you SAY your relationships (bf/kids/growing your business) is important to you but instead your spending 60 hours at work (in a 40 hour job) then your job is your priority. Balance is a myth but be integral with your word, if family/bf/business growing really IS your main priority then MAKE them a priority”
“When your WHY is HUGE then your how doesn’t matter”
“We teach the universe how to treat us”
“How you do anything is how you do everything” 

“We’re worthy because we’re alive RIGHT NOW. You’re here for a reason whether you know it or not”

…See I tolddd you it was amazing – this was just the surface of what we touched on, so so much learnt and so so much gained. 

This adorable little girl aka my niece

I know I have honoured my niece Delilah – even her name is divine – in this series before but honestly? She is ALWAYS on my happiness list. Miss D literally changes the way I view the world and has taught me so so much about presence. When I come home from my long day at work knowing my real ‘work’ has only just begun (emails, coaching, writing, phone calls) but Delilah is waiting for me to walk through the door – my world stops. Nothing else matters. She truly has taught me to just be in the moment. Totally, utterly, present. She is at a stage where everything is “what’s that” and I can’t think of anything more precious in the world than pushing every ‘to do’ aside and answering every single question or query she has. She teaches me to stop, to slow down, to laugh, to take joy in the smallest of things and really does have a gift of taking my mind off anything even remotley stressing me out. I love this little one with all my heart and soul and truly am honoured to be her Auntie LaLa.

My amazing & awe inspiring team of young leaders

Welcome to what is currently filling my life with joy, love, purpose and fulfillment & the revolution I am a part of that I couldn’t be more excited about. You would have seen recently in my virtual spaces (facebook, Instagram & right here) me talk about the nutritional cleansing program that is now a huge part of my everyday life. With signing up to it, came with it a connection with like minded amazing humans and some real incredible leaders and new friends. There are now around 15 of us, leading over 500 Gen Y’s (that number is growing exponentially daily) who are wanting to change their lives, earn more wealth, feel amazing and who are setting big BIG intentions and goals – the revolution is to live life exactly as we please with who we want doing what we want, when we want, and our vehicle – Isagenix, is allowing us to do that. We now hold Weekly “Wellness Wednesdays” and have a steady number of 80-90 people coming every single week. In fact, it has gotten too big for the house we were doing it at, so we’ve just moved it to a new bigger venue. It is the most exciting, amazing, inspiring group to be a part of and I still can’t believe how I got so lucky to get involved when I did (p.s it’s not to late for you if you want to see what on earth this is all about – drop me a line at and we can chat! Come along to one of our meetings if you really want to see what all the hype is about) 

Because it’s so true. YOU ARE SO MONUMENTAL. Just show up. Show up every single day as the beautiful soul you are. It’s ok if you don’t know your purpose just yet, you’re living so that is already enough purpose in itself to live with love and joy and fulfillment. You deserve to be loved, to be happy, to be seen, to be heard, to tell your story … You deserve everything you want in this life and more and I will never stop reminding you of that. 
Your turn gorgeous. What are some of the things on your happiness list this morning? What’s lighting you up, making you feel like the luckiest person in the world?? Share your gratitude in the comments below I’d love to hear them.

Links I love

1. Energetic healing by the beautiful Amy Miller. Game Changer. Energy Changer. Word perfection.

2. This Quote Because gosh damn it screams truth & love. SHOW up beautiful. As YOU. There is no one else in the world quite like you & that is sexy.

3. Oh why hi there Baby Anything skull perfection. Awaiting to receive my chrome silver one in the mail p.s They rock some amazing dainty skull rings too. Check em out. 

4. 40 ways to feel more alive. HELLS YES. So many goodies in this article that will speak to your soul.

5. A really cool, really raw & really honest take on ‘being ok with being unpopular by Jess Ainscough over on Rach Mahagys space. Really amazing read if you’re on your initial path of authenticity truth seeking.

6. Some rocking Green Smoothies to help reinspire you in the kitchen with your own health goddess creations.

Happy procrastinating / mindset shifting gorgeous x x

The Secret to happiness; You get to CHOOSE how you feel.

I want to get a little personal here. Maybe even step on a few toes, but it’s been something that is on my heart and sneaking in to a shit tonne of my conversations recently.
I want to talk to you about Choices. Your choices in fact.
You have power beautiful. In fact SO much power I don’t even think you understand.
At any given moment, on any given day, for any given event…you, you vast & brilliant soul, have the power to choose.
Choose how you react. Choose how you feel. Choose how you want to interpret what is happening. Choose the outcome of the whole situation.
We have at the tips of our fingertips an incredibly powerful tool that wants to support us in every given second. Our Minds. THAT is what gives us the power of choice.
You choose anger over happiness. You can just as easily choose happiness over anger instead.
You choose frustration over remaining calm & peaceful. You can just as easily choose calm & balanced state of mind over frustration.
You choose stressing out instead of knowing you WILL get through it & you ARE ok. And guess what? You can just as easily choose believing you will get through it and that you are ok instead of stressing out.
You choose guilt & suspicion over trust and love. You can un choose it just as fast and choose love and trust instead.
You just have to CHOOSE.
Choose happiness.
Choose love.
Choose being ok.
Choose not feeling stressed. Breathe. Think with perspective.
Choose Peace.
I swear to you gorgeous it’s that simple. Caught in a traffic jam and running late? You are the only one working yourself up over it. Nobody is forcing you too. Nobody is making you get angry, but you. Your boyfriend hasn’t done something that you really wanted him to? (well you should communicate better but that’s a whole other post) Choose understanding & calm instead of blame and anger and moodiness.
There is honestly no secret to my positivity and happiness – I CHOOSE these feelings I am so very aware at how I have the power to pick how I want to feel, that how I interpret a situation is what gives me my outcome so I just ensure I choose better feelings. There is no point, ever, to choose negativity over happiness, or stress over calm. EVERY time I read this quote I literally yell YES so loud on the inside as it is speaks it’s truth so loud…
“Actually I just woke up one day and I decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, or ever again, so I changed. Just Like that.”
Your challenge then beautiful if you choose (there’s that word again) to accept it…
This week be consciously aware of your feelings – and choose the better option. CHOOSE to not get stressed out over silly things that are going to pass anyway. CHOOSE to not get angry over little insignificant moments that worth aren’t negative or bad energy. CHOOSE love over judgement. CHOOSE positive thoughts over negative ones.
We are the creators of our own universe, we are what we think and we can CHOOSE at any given moment to feel better and pick a thought or feeling that serves us over one that doesn’t.
I want you to choose Love. Happiness. Peace. Belief. Hope. That it will be ok. That you will get through it. That there is so much more to life than the negatives you might be going through. 
Above all – I want you to choose a life that you love living, and that starts with the choice of your thoughts.
Light & love,
Anna xx
Images: Here

Links I love

1. In the midst of Chaos – Do this by Jia Ni Teo … amazing article, gorgeous girl, a must read. 
2. This photo – because she encapsulates the feeling I want everyday. Free. Empowered. Fun. Exciting. 
3. These ridiculously gorgeous stackable rings – I have ordered m & a to wear on my right ring finger. YES
4. A daddy’s letter to his little girl – Read it with huge emotion. Every little girl needs this letter. What a dad x
5. Paid to exist article – Great video for budding entrepreneurs + learning how to stay focused. BOOM.
6. Top 20 Coco Chanel quotes – ever classy, ever darling, ever Chanel .. she always got it SO right. 
Happy internet browsing o’beautiful one xx

My Happiness List

Why hello May you cheeky devil, didn’t you just sneak up on us out of nowhere. 
It’s May..MAY!! We are almost halfway through 2013 and I feel like it only was January the other week. This is life now though, I get it, I totally get it. It is fast moving and there is nothing any of us can do to slow it down, we just have to make sure we’re savouring every moment and enjoying the ride. 
Speaking of life enjoyment however, the past few weeks have been of splendor and wonder and I want to share just some of what’s making me head to toe happy (+ grateful) at the moment. 

This quote … 

You, yes you, you beautiful, wonderful extraordinary soul – were born with a purpose on this earth that is ready to be fulfilled. No matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through or where you’re currently at in life..YOU MATTER. So much. As long as your heart is beating, you have purpose. Your story is remarkable and your life is so sacred. You were born to make an impact. 
When I read this I smiled and instantly welled up and had goosebumps. Print this out, share it with your kids and friends…
Your life DOES have purpose – so live it. Your story is SO important – so share it and be proud. Your dreams count – so make them big and believe you can achieve them because you can. Your voice matters – so never be silenced. You were born to make an impact – so start living the life you were destined too. 
SO powerful & SO true – and it had to be shared x

These kick ass articles on Lorna Janes Move, Nourish Believe blog

So not only does Lorna Jane have some of the most hottest and amazing work out clothes on the planet (I don’t know what I’d do without her leggings for my workouts ) she also runs a hot blog full of inspiring articles to be in line with her mantra ‘move nourish believe’. I visit her online space – alot – and when I found these two gem’s on self love and positivity I knew I had to share. 

Exercise your self love muscle … Today 

In a nutshell?

1. Do things for yourself.
2. Quit knit picking.
3. Stop comparing.
4. Use mantra’s and quotes to inspire you daily.
5. Know your truths.

7 reasons to inspire positivity 

In a nutshell?

1. Keep moving forward.
2. Offer a lending hand to a stranger.
3. Smile & say hello.
4. Just breathe.
5. Believe in yourself – & that anything is possible.
6. Do one thing that makes you and your body happy everyday.
7. Practice the 3 R’s – relax, refresh and refocus.

Signs from my Angels 

If you are way in to your science “unless I see it I don’t believe it” stuff then maybe just skip on to the next happiness point because this is chock-o-block full of amazing signs I’ve been getting recently from my Angels (guardians/spirit/god/universe/whatever you believe in). p.s this is something I was toying with sharing but felt beyond compelled too which means somebody somewhere needed to hear it. If you’ve been having similar experiences just know that you’re supported & loved.
My lesson for 2013 was to deepen my level of instinct, to trust my gut explicitly and to work on myself as much as humanly possible so I could help others. Since starting this journey, the results have been phenomenal. My goosebump levels/moments have gone through the roof. I keep getting them when I am saying something to someone or about something – then BOOM..they’re all over my body like my spirits are saying “yes, so yes that’s right”. And don’t worry, I’m’a listening. The other amazing ‘ok I’m listening’ signs are the times when I look at the clock. For weeks, and weeks, and weekss now almost every day when I look at the clock it’s 11:11, 12:12 and 3:33. 
I have also started to have the most amazing experiences with feathers. This is brand new. Never in my life have I seen so many feathers. They have been crossing my path as I walk or flutter past as I am sitting having lunch or coffee and I always feel the most overwhelming sense of peace and one’ness when it happens. 
Totally tuning in, totally grateful for each and every one of these moments and loving the relationship me and my intuition are having. 
Sunsets (source of photos is my Instagram @lifesshinyprettythings)
Since I’ve been little I have never been able to choose when people ask the question “are you a morning person or a night person”? I’m BOTH. My most favourite times of the day are right before sunrise & as the sun sets. When Morgs & I were deciding where we wanted to have our engagement party we both knew the one caveat we wouldn’t budge on was having it by the Ocean. We wanted to just be, with each other, champagne in hand watching the sunset before all of our guests arrived and it got crazy and guess what? We got that moment. These are the pics snapped as the sun was setting over the ocean on our night of nights and it couldn’t have been anymore beautiful. Sunsets make me grateful to be alive. They bring beauty and peace to the world and my life is richer because of them. 
Your turn gorgeous. What is on your happiness list this week? The fact you had a special date night with your loved one? Or caught your own amazing sunset? I’d love to hear what’s lighting you up in the comments below so  we can share the love, happiness and gratitude around. 
Images: here, here, here & here 

M+A are engaged – The Party

There were just a couple of things Morgs & I knew that we would absolutely not budge on when we set out planning our engagement party. They were: 
+ We wanted it by the ocean.
+ We wanted to watch a sunset quietly together before the mayhem set in.

We didn’t worry about much of anything else. There was one major thing we both wanted however. Something we wanted for the night more than anything else. We wanted it to be a giant love fest. A love fest full of our favourite people all in an intimate space where we were all vibe’in off the love.

As with all dreams of the heart and manifestations….it happened.  More than we could have hoped or imagined it to.

The night was one of magic and fun choco’o’block FULL of hugs, smiles, laughs, more hugs, drinks (+ more drinks), dancing, speeches but most of all…LOVE. It was our night of nights and we are grateful to the bottom of our souls for the beautiful family and friends we are surrounded by in our life.

With the engagement party under our belts now – we are ready to start tackling the wedding. We have our eyes on November 2014 and I just have to remember to pick a venue before a honeymoon destination – or not, we’re totally just as excited about the honeymoon. We are so excited by all that is to come over the next few years of our lives – particularly the wedding we will be planning and I will take joy in sharing pieces of it with you along the way.

I would love for you to share in some of the love and fun that was our engagement party though so I hope you enjoy the snaps below.

The deets: 

The Venue: Scarboro Surf Life Saving 
The Flowers: Paulik Flowers
The Catering: Mr Fingerfoods
The Cupcakes: Champagne Cakes 
The Styling: All done by me (products picked up here there & everywhere)
My Dress: Forever New
My Shoes: Betts

{ Morgs Step mum & Dad }
{ Speeches }
{ Two of my soul sista’s – Ash on the left & the beautiful Miss Belinda on the right – she is the grand photographer responsible for the amazing snaps of the night }
{ A moment between my soulful father in law to be and my oh so handsome fiance }
{ My mum – the most inspiring, amazing woman I will ever know }
{ My g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s bridal party – missing Dee <3 }

Wedding update; Introducing our bridal party

Something magical happened over this past weekend, a day so memorable and exciting I think I cried and laughed and squealed and hugged more in a short few hours than I have in my whole life.
Morgs and I asked our girls and guys to be our Maid of Honour, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. 
We picked our Dream Team!
It finally feels real. 
The emotions I can share with those that will be standing beside us on our biggest day feels unreal and the excitement we are all now feeding off is in-explainable. 
I took this whole asking thing very seriously though. I truly believe that the choice to accept a ring, the choice to promise yourself to one person for the rest of your life, the decision to enter in to a contract of marriage – I go in to it with a lot of love and excitement – but with a hugely serious side to it as well. 
Vows, to me are promises. Promises that, throughout your life with the one you said I do to, you will refer back to time and time and time again to remind yourself that on that beautiful day, out of all the souls on earth, you both choose each other to make those promises to. 
On that day though, you have not just a room full of your favourite people witnessing those vows, you have a set of your nearest and dearest beside both the bride and groom, who are there to then support you as friends throughout your marriage.
And THAT, is hugely important and held a lot of loving weight for Morgs & I. 
So, when it came to picking our bridal party – asking the people we love SO dearly to stand by us on the day we promise our forevers, I wanted them to know how much it meant to us to have them on our team.
I spent my Saturday just gone sitting with each of them individually doing our favourite things (champagne with my sister and then a breakfast, coffee date & lunch date respectively with my other soul sista’s) giving them a box chock full’o hand made love with one incredibly important question in the lid…
I have no words for the love I have for these girls (& guys) and Morgs & I are SO honored they’ll be sharing in on the emotion and love that will be the biggest day of our life…
Without further adue, I am SO excited for you to meet them…

The most insane experience of my life .. Skydiving

I did something incredible on Sunday.
I threw myself out of a plane at 14,000 feet with a professional strapped to my back, fell through the sky for 60 seconds and then released a parachute…
I skydived. 
It was the most remarkable, surreal, insane, exciting experience of my life. 
It was the final piece of my ‘letting go’ puzzle. I let go. Literally. It was metaphorical and literal for me. The past 3 years has seen me go through transformative growth and 2013 felt like it would be my biggest year. Like everything in my life up until now, lead me to the edge of a cliff where I knew who I was, what I wanted, how I could help, but I just needed to jump and trust that.
& I did. 
There was a moment on the plane, where our time had come, and I had to shuffle to the edge of the open door of the plane, hang over the edge – & let go. 
It was the most scary moment of my life, I had never actually felt fear like that. Ever. But it also turned in to my most powerful moment. 
What did I do? 
I put all my faith in that I would be ok, reminded myself that no reward comes without risk, that somebody had my back (literally) and I jumped. 
I leaped from my metaphorical cliff (but literal plane) and I had the most exhilarating ride and time of my life. 
It wasn’t just a skydive experience for me, or another thing to cross off my list, it was a huge life lesson and a new focus of greater power. 
I learnt that if I just trust, dare to dream, take big, huge scary leaps of faith – it will pay off and I might just have the time of my life. 
So here is to 2013. The year of goal achievement, huge risks but bigger rewards and beautiful, powerful  wonderful lessons. 

Blogs I love

Following on from my very first post I did bringing you the hottest blogs I love – I thought it was time to throw some more magic spaces your way to get lost and inspired in. 
As 2013 speeds up and we’re all really getting in to our year of goals and intentions, it’s exciting me like you wouldn’t believe how much more I hear and see girls starting their own spaces of inspiration. When I first started this blog back in May 2011 I had never even heard the word Blog before. It felt like this underground thing, almost like a dirty little secret. Fast forward 2 years and I couldn’t be more excited by the progress in the blogging communities, particularly in Australia (and even more specifically in Perth!) 
I get weekly emails now from beautiful souls seeking advice on starting their own – to which I always respond with ‘go for it babe’. 
We are in a day and age of new beginnings, information sharing and life enrichment – and how incredibly exciting that you can have your own space to share all your gifts, lessons and know how’s with the world.
If you’ve been interested in blogging or wanting to start I want to cheerlead you all the way – GO for it. 
In the meantime, here are a few blogs I have stumbled upon recently I feel immediately in love with, and also blogs that I have followed and loved from the beginning of my own blogging journey that I know you’ll just love x
Seasons of Lust 
Absolute Amy 
All things fabulous 
Bless this Mess
Upon Wild Stars
The Honesty Path 

New find; Words of Inspiration

You know when you find a website or a brand or a shop where you get stopped dead in your tracks with shock and awe at a) how the hell had you never hear about this / found it sooner and b) how ‘YOU’ it is and how much you love ALL their stuff? 
This doesn’t happen to me too frequently but when it does I will always share it as I know somebody else will get just as much love, enjoyment and pleasure out of it. 
I stumbled upon the website ‘striking truths’ following a photo I saw Rach post on her blog. It was not just a beautiful quote, but it was a beautiful background with bangin’ font – quite simply, quote nirvana for me. 
When I went and visited the website, I found hundreds more of the same goodness – in fact the website by- line is; “A manifesto a day” – literally my idea of heaven. 
I think they describe what they do best themselves however, so I’d love for you to meet Bernadette & Sian…

“We wanted to find a way to gather those loose threads of inspiration, bottle that wisdom and make it shareable. We wanted the words to live on after the last page was turned. We wanted to create inspiring declarations of our own too, and share them in a beautiful and compelling way each day, so we created striking truths.”
We’re Bernadette Jiwa and Sian Richardson by day we help entrepreneurs, big ideas people and brands to tell their stories. By night we work together on striking truths.”
Wonderful balls of creative energy right? I know! You can buy their beautiful creations over at their website but here is a round up of a couple of my favs…
Enjoy beautiful’s x
p.s in no way shape or form is this a sponsored post – I’m just a gal who saw and developed an immediate love affair with their work and felt compelled to share x
{ source }