My happiness list

My cup’eth is overflowing with so much love, excitement and happiness at the moment it is ca-ra-zy. Things are just gel’ing you know? 
I felt like I have been eb’ing and flow’ing with life a whole lot better than I have in the past and am just, in general, digging life really really hard. 
It could be because I feel like I’ve not just been managing my time so much more effectively recently, but after learning about how important it is to manage our thoughts for stress – I’ve been doing just that. Or maybbeeeee it’s because I have been oh so grateful for every tiny thing in my life at the moment – like traffic wardens who will stand outside rain, hail or shine to get young kids across roads safely or the sunlight that streams through my front window every morning …. but whatever it is, I am totally rolling with it. Big Time. 
As you read this, I’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday, yup, a quarter of a century – and I’ll be ‘catching up on life’. I took a (very) rare day off work to actually do stuff that is good for my soul. Write. Relax. Create. Eat. Chill with my loves. So as I do that, here are some other things that have made it on to my happiness list in recent times…
Planning my 25th picnic
I have to say, the last few weekends have been so fulfilling and fun for me as it had involved lot’s of planning for not just Morgs & I’s impending engagement party but my 25th birthday picnic I was oh so excited about. It was just one of those days. One of those perfect days. The styling for the picnic went off without a hitch, Perth put on some absolutely saucy weather – a beautiful sunny 28 degree day, and I was surrounded by all my favourite family and friends. I honestly a.d.o.r.e.d piecing together all the pretty elements for the day and think if I could quit my job tomorrow and become a coach slash event stylist and organiser – I would do it in a millisecond. (special / huge thanks goes to my wonderful girlfriend Deanne who made the table runner, a surprise 25th birthday banner & 5 liters of Sangria – yup 5 beautiful liters!!) 

My inspiration cards

I don’t think I need to say much else other than how much I really do love and adore my new cards I got for my birthday (from another beautiful girlfriend Belinda). I ensure that before I leave home for the day to go and work my 9 hours in the corporate world (that I’m working hard to leave) I sit for an hour in my lady cave with my inspirational words (& vision board) around me. 
How can you not start your day in spectacular fashion when you have the following surrounding you?
“Do what you love, love what you do” 

“When you are arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love” – Marcus Aurelius 

My new detox + Lifestyle

Game changer. Life changer. Shit freaking hot. 
These are just 3 ways in which I would describe the current life changing detox Morgs & I are currently on. I had been searching for sometime for something that would give me a detox, and I mean, a soul nurturing, nutrient rich, non toxic proper detox. Not for weight loss. Not for a quick fix. Not a one off thing. An actual, healthy, amazing detox. Not just with clean eating etither. I do that. Morgs & I don’t eat pasta/rice/bread, we eat a shit tonne of veggies and we rarely eat processed or sugary foods. I wanted something to aid me in weight maintenance though, to clear my body of it’s toxins, and pump it right back up again full with rich, much needed nutrients.
My biggest reason for wanting this though was about wellness. I am convinced we are slowly becoming more & more toxic by the lack of nutrients in our soil and vitamins in our food and daily intake.
It’s not about being skinny either, it’s about being healthy. 
It’s also  not about a quick fix, oh no, it’s about a whole lifestyle change.
I am SO excited to say I have found exactly what I was looking for in Isagenix.
It’s my reset. 
I am currently on day 2, just day two and I already feel the difference. Day 1, was the first time in my working career life (that’s 10 years people) that I actually didn’t crave 3pm sugar hit. At all. I’m talking, I walked in to the kitchen, and didn’t even give a second glance to the bowl of chocolate & oreos that is available to me at any point of the day. This morning, when my alarm went off at 5am, without thinking, I just woke up. No grogginess  no feeling like a train hit me, I wanted to get up.
If I am like this after 2 days, I am literally jumping out of my skin with excitement once I finish it in a month (I’ll be doing a detox every month now for as long as I live). 

p.s if you want to know more about it drop me an email at and I will pump you with as much information and guidance for your own detox / weight maintenance / weight loss / health journey as possible. 

This amazing article 

I am, without a shadow of a doubt a wisdom seeking, soul searching kinda gal. I believe due to us all having incredibly powerful, unique sets of gifts – there will always be somebody who knows an awful lot more than me and can guide me when I need it most. 
So when I read this article over at tinybuddha – my heart skipped a little fluttery beat. It was “How to let go of fear to live passionately and authentically” – BOOM. It’s all that I seek right now and so when I happened to just stumble upon it by accident I thanked the universe for it’s divinely loud, but clear message. 

The crux of it?

1. Do less, be more
2. Plan less, live more
3. Dwell less, create more.

Simple. Powerful. Beautifully true.

Being engaged + the love of my life

No matter what I have going on in life anymore – be it calm or mayhem, bliss or sadness, excitement or craziness, there is not a minute, hour or day that goes by that I am not grateful for the wonderful man that I have by my side for it all. He is just THAT guy. The guy who is my rock when I am supporting others. His the guy who gets me, knows me, supports me, has fun with me, will fight with me because of a passionate love and is just honestly the most amazing man I’ve ever come across on this earth.

My god do I love him. I love him so much, I sometimes think my heart will explode. 

It’s almost 4 months since I said yes, as the sun rose over a Dubai desert and it was and always be the easiest decision I ever made in my life. 
Your turn gorgeous – what are you most grateful for in your life at the moment? Was it an amazing sunset you got to catch the other morning? A new purchase you adore? I want to hear it! “Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude” (joseph krutch) so I want to hear whats making you happy.
Big warm sun beams of love and light,
Anna xx

My Happiness List


Let’s all just stop and take a breathe and celebrate how amazing life is right now. My days have been pretty intense the past few weeks but since I wrote this post, and changed my language and choices with the word busy, my hours and ‘to do’s seem oh so much more manageable and nights a lot more relaxed and filled with things I want them to be filled with.

I truly believe we’re all going through a remarkable shift at the moment and I’m loving the energy all around me. There is a shift in thoughts – from resistance to powerful positive ones and a shift in control – from believing our lives are at the whim of external forces to taking full responsibility and shaping our lives to how we desire to live them.

2013 is our year. For everything. Transformative growth, letting go, pushing through, starting again – & I am here for the ride.

On top of all of this excitement about the above, here are a few of the other things going on in my life that are making me happy…

Signing up for Marie Foleos B School 

I did it!! & boy was it heart thumping’ly a scary/ huge decision to make. Considering I am saving for an engagement party a mere 7 weeks away & a wedding middle to late next year, making a financial commitment to B School was one I didn’t take lightly. Luckily, I have an incredibly supportive fiance’ (did I mention handsome too?) who said if it felt right to do – I should go for it and he’d support me. So I did! & I already feel like it’s paid off – & it hasn’t even started yet. I signed up through my beautiful coach Rach (from inspacesbetween) & another amazing lady Tara Bliss (from suchdifferentskies) and they have created an ah-maaa-zinggg private community for all the girls who also signed up through them. The result? A group full of 41 women all on the same path together, energised, inspired and excited – sharing what we do, what we want to do, and a whole lotta’ heart & cheerleading & help. Its soul defyingly awesome & I can’t wait to actually start with the B-School modules…

P.s over the next 8 weeks I’ll be learning about; Profit Planning, how to build THE best website, communication with your readers/customers, list building, Offerings, Marketing & then 2 whole weeks of guided implementation. Pretty kick ass right? If you have been wanting to do something like this for awhile (with or without a business) come join us!!! You can sign up here (registration closes today so be quick!!)   
Lunch dates with Old + New friends

You know those lunch dates and conversations you walk away from just buzzing? It’s a renewed energy, and excited spirit and a fulfilled belly & heart. You get to talk about good stuff, and just gel and vibe in a loving space. I was beyond blessed when an old friend I used to go to Primary & High School with reached out and wanted to catch back up, but also introduce me to one of her other girlfriends who she believed was like minded. That girl was Peta from Anatome – Integrated Wellness. We laughed, shared books and videos we thought the others might love, and had juicy conversation about health & wellness & I walked away feeling blessed beyond belief that old friendships were rekindled & new ones were forming. Check out Petas facebook page to see just what amazing things she is doing for health & wellbeing with Anatome – you will fall as in love as I did!

Engagement Party Invites are done + on their way

Soooo it turns out in 2013 you have GOT to be wayyy more organised with getting invitations out. I don’t mean 4-6 weeks either, nuh huh, I’m talking 3-4 months! Ca-ra-zy I know. Morgsy & I although organised with the venue, date and everything in between, didn’t think we would need to get our invites out until Middle of March (giving 6 weeks notice), but when friends and family started saying they needed the date to book it in as diaries were filling up as late as July (for hens parties and birthdays) so we got our butts in to gear & had these babies out by last week. The result is an invite we adore, that my super talented Graphic Designer brother did that we BOTH had huge input in to. I.e. I would have loved a salmon colour or lilac as the colour, but Morgs direct quote was “baby, salmon is a fish not a colour, and we’re not having pink on the invite”. Roger that! Roll on 20th April – we truly are jumping out of our skin with excitement for the party and can’t wait to share one too many champagnes with our beautiful family and friends. 

Vision Boarding + New direction for this future website

Goals + Passion + Wellness + Inspiration

I had a super fun & super productive day last Saturday when I sat down to start (& finish!) my vision board for my blog. My amazing coach Rachel Mahegy had set me some to do’s when it came to our coaching sessions and one of them was to do a vision board for this little space & fill it with pictures and words that connected with me and encapsulated the vibe & purpose of the blog. I had vision boards before, in fact, I LOVE vision boards, goal boards, boards of any variety that put your goals and dreams in big bright bold colours. I had never thought to do one for this blog though – but after doing it, I am so inspired and have so much more direction with what I want for me, but more importantly for you, the beautiful readers. When you land on this page, I want to help you with;

+ Feeling like you belong in this spacethat’s it’s your sanctuary as much as it is mine.
+ Setting your big beautiful goals & achieving them with ease and excitement.
+ Following your passionwhatever sets your soul on fire,burns you up from the inside. I want to get you there. 
+ Wellness – of the mind, body and spirit. Guide you from my own experience of changing my life, starting with loosing 17kg, keeping it off, changing my mindset & living a happier life full of love. 
Sound good? GREAT. It’s going to be a big year for us and I can’t wait to keep writing with this new zest & direction. 
This quote ….

“If you don’t know your purpose, discover it now. The core of your life is your purpose. Everything in your life, from your diet to your career, must be aligned with your purpose if you are to act with coherence and integrity in the world. If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret to success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimise distractions and detours” – David Deida

Goosebumps, soul lifting excitement, realisations, inspiration – this quote gives me it all.


That’s this weeks round up gorgeous, I’d love to hear what’s lifting you up, lighting you on fire, making you giddy with love. Share in the comments below. 

Printstagram; Instagram next level

So, for some time now I have felt like I had this dirty little secret that really needs to come out. You know when you find a beauty product or service or company that you just love? The kind of product that can be used for yourself but is sometimes even more fun to give as a personal present? Well have I found the perfect website for you.
I apologise in advance if you don’t have instagram as the website only ‘works’ if you have an instagram account – p.s but I mean, who wouldn’t have instagram. Right? RIGHT?
Basically you can choose products from a list on the website and then pick which of your instagram pictures you’d like to have printed on them.
Groovy right? YES.
They’re amazing to put up in your lady cave (aka study), at your work desk, give as presents, and print off as little photo books to keep beautiful reminders of where you were at during that particular moment of the year.
I have just ordered myself one of the gorgeous desk calendars and used all of my insty Europe photos as the pictures, so for the rest of the year, each day I can be reminded of what an incredible time of our lives we had. I am eyeing off the stickers. Win/Win huh.
So if you’re looking for something to brighten your work or home space or any other space you love to make your own you need to visit Printstagram today. 

If you do have Instagram you can find me at lifesshinyprettythings 

P.s this is not a sponsored post, I just literally love the website & think you will too x

My Happiness List

Happy Friday beautiful! We have made it through another week and are just looking at a weekend full of things we love (I am anyway so I hope you are too).
My week has been a little hectic but it was still chocked full of people, things and moments I loved.
Here is a little list of things currently keeping me happy…
My first interview as a blogger (hooray!)

I was SO excited to get asked by the amazing girls – Ash & Tahnee, over at Eclectori if they could interview me for their website. I had so much fun answering the questions and putting together some pieces from their site to show my style and you can check the interview out here. Have a look at their website I have linked above as well, they are doing HUGE & amazing things over there with promoting local Australian Designers. The girls say that ‘believing in yourself is the beginning of something big’ – and I have to agree!!

Melissa Ambrosini’s new ebook – “12 steps to wellness”
There are some powerhouse Australian women who I follow earnestly for mind/body and spirit wellness tips, so when I had heard Mel’s new book – 12 steps to wellness had been realeased I immedatley went to buy it to download. I was meant to sit and send some personal emails Tuesday night, but instead couldn’t tear myself away from the book. It goes through 12 amazing, detailed steps to kick start you on your own wellness journey and I have found it incredibly inspiring. Can’t wait to finish it off and start applying some of the principles to my own life (like resting more and detoxing my space!)
Crossing more of my “25 before 25” list 
With a mere month and a bit to count down until I turn 25 I was very excited to cross more off my 25 before 25 list this past Sunday. I had left lot’s of things un crossed off that had been accomplished but I felt it appropriate to finally cross them all off! I am now 12 down, with 13 to go and a very solid plan under my belt. There is offically now only one thing on there that I can’t do due to it being a seasonal thing, which is swim with whale sharks, but Mum & I are booking and paying for it before my birthday which is as officially complete as it will allow me to be. P.s when mum saw my board one afternoon she got SO excited saying one of her longest goals since she was my age was to also swim with whale sharks. I am now beyond excited that we’re living this dream together!!
Marie Foleo’s ‘B School’ videos 
I found out about Marie last year through the beautiful divine timing that the universe so deliciously offers up. There was a handful of websites and blogs I stumbled upon at the exact right time that led me to others which has inspired me extraordinarly in where I’m at in my journey today and Marie’s was one of them. 
She runs something yearly called “Rich, Happy, Hot B School for aspiring entrepreneurial women who want to do what they love and make money from it. Hells Yes right? I KNOW! I felt this was as good a year as any to manifest it in to making doing her course a reality (it’s about $2k – but oh SO worth it) and last week I got not 1, not 2 not 3 but FOUR emails all from bloggers I love in, all in one morning, and all directing me to her new video series that I urge you to watch yourself. 
I’ve watched the first 2 videos – “the 6 pillars” and “13 keys to killin it online” and already have learnt SO much. It’s just a taste to her amazing course but if you’ve been thinking about starting an online anything (business, blog, website) then click away and be prepared to be inspired. It has freaking ROCKED my whole week. 
You can sign up to the videos here. 
My fiance’ and my Niece = heart melting adorable’ness
So I tryyyyy as hard as possible to not bombard all of my social media with melt your face kinda’ cuteness that is my niece and my ah-maa-zing Finace’ also known as Morgs BUT … when I got home after a long day and saw him helping my sister out by feeding her dinner I of course had to slap it on my Happiness List this week. Hearing them both laughing and chatting away (well Morgs trying to get Delilah to say words and her gurgling back) put my day from about a 6 to a 100 instantly. 
So that’s it beautiful! So much love flying around this week for amazing books, videos and amazing people in my life. I’d LOVE to hear what’s made it on your Happiness List this week, what’s sparking your fire, lighting you up and all that jazz – leave me a comment below!

No.2 – Swim with Dolphins

I will never forget when I first started out writing my list. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was on the floor in the lady cave, favourite music blaring in the background with lot’s of beautiful warm sunlight all around me. It was just an awesome moment. And then, I started to write, on my board, with no inhibition. No regard for if I could do it, I didn’t hold back. 
That was the moment my 25 before 25 list was born. 
I had gotten to number 6 – ‘ride a camel’ – and stopped. I literally stopped and thought, “what am I even doing, there is no way no how I can actually get all of this done”. Luckily, before I had even begun my task I was compelled to find a quote to smack right at the top of the board so everytime I looked at it, I was inspired. I never knew what I was going to put there, maybe something about life, or dreams, or even goals, whatever it was I just knew that it was going to pick me, not the other way around so when I found the winning saying, I knew it was mine and up it went, on my board as big and bright as it could be…
“The only thing keeping you from what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t have it”
So it was when I was at the moment of being stopped in my tracks thinking I couldn’t achieve my list and having a “should I really even commit to this” moment – that I simply looked up, and was beautifully reminded right away, that in fact YES I could do it all, I just had to stop telling myself I couldn’t.
That was the last time I ever said that I wouldn’t be able to finish my ’25 things’ and today I write to share with you another experience gifted to me from following my Joie De Vivre and joyfully ticking things off the list. 
“No.2 – Swim with Dolphins”
There are literally, truly, deeply, honestly no words to sum up just how magical my experience swimming with ‘my’ dolphin was. The whole experience in the water went for just over 45 minutes and I got to learn everything there is to know about dolphins whilst getting to have full interaction. There was tummy rides, dancing, water fights, kisses – the lot, and I walked ran out of the water to Morgs an excited mess in complete shock it had realllyyyyy happened. 
Having my list was for no other reason than to have some fun focused goals of ‘little’ things I had said I’d always wanted to do but never quite got around to making in to big goals or realities. Since it’s small beginnings 15 months ago, I have now lived 12 of them and each and every single one has brought me new lessons, joy and the feelings that I actively pursue in life these days which is excitement, alignment and wonder. 
I want to turn this over to you though now…just in time for the weekend too!
It’s a challenge gorgeous and I just know you will kick ass at it, and don’t worry it’s an easy one too. I don’t want you to go crazy and write a huge long list of things you want to do and put un necessary pressure on yourself. No. I want you to plan your perfect day and live it, this very weekend. Have you been meaning to get to the beach but keep being to busy to get there? Well cut out the excuses, clear your schedule Saturday and just DO it. Have you been dying to get stuck in to a DIY craft project but haven’t had a sec to get to the shops to buy what you need to get started? Well, cancel your plans this Sunday and spend the morning jammin’ with your craft you’ve just purchased (after picking it up on Saturday). 
The more I am connecting with Danielle LaPorte’s desire mapping the more I am realising just how true she had it when she said we don’t chase things things in life, we chase the feelings that come along with those things – peace, excitement, accomplishment, it’s the feelings that make us alive….so that’s my challenge to you. DO the one thing this weekend that honours you and your desired feelings and just spend some time doing what you LOVE. It doesn’t take a list packed full of 25 things….
It just takes you, a bright idea and some time in your busy schedule for yourself.
Have a delicious weekend gorgeous soul and I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing weekend on Monday.

Love, light & abundance,
Anna xx

p.s here are some of my piccy’s snapped when my dolphin and I lived our experience. Unforgettable!!

My Happiness List

Welcome to the first post on what will be a fairly regular new thang in this space from now on. My Happiness List, which is going to be a juicy list of just that … things that are, well, that are making me happy.
Truthfully most things that are now in my life attribute to my happiness. I literally get excited over my favourite song coming on the radio, or the sky putting on a saucy show with beautiful cloud formations. When I wrote at the start of the week on how to get clearer on your priorities it wasn’t just to share some advice, it is something I truly honour in my own life which means that with my life, I get to fill it with everything that I want to be in it thus the enthusiasm and emotions that come with that.
With all of this in mind, we’ll kick this first of many posts off by sharing what’s keeping me grateful and soul defyingly excited about life + share what I am making time for to keep my health & happiness in check.
Perfect morning at the beach
In my opinion, Perth is already perfect on a bad day, but throw in some of it’s bangin’ weather, clear blue skies and one of it’s beautiful beaches and you have yourself one hell of a perfect morning. Oh, and not to mention my handsome fiance’! We were up early on Sunday to hit one of our favourite cafe’s ‘The Pickled Fig’ in South beach before spending a leisurely morning together swimming and relaxing on the sand. It was heaven all wrapped up in to one sunny morning. 

Wedding plans + Pinning up a storm
I have actually been a bit of a naughty bride to be and not given much attention to wedding planning at all. I have been way more concerned with loving being a fiance’ and Morgs & I both said we would focus on the wedding once the engagement party was out of the way – which is going to be one massive party! We are well on our way with Engagement party planning so I took the liberty this week to start pinning some more pretty inspiration on my ‘Wedding Board’ and it has kept me excited about being a bride to be all week!
Picking our wedding party 
Yup. You read it right. Morgs & I sat down and decided on who best to be our go to guys and girls on one helluva important day. I cried, he laughed, I got emotional some more, and then we looked at each other with the BIGGEST smiles knowing full well these were the people we didn’t just want, but needed to be next to us on our big day. (it still has me get all emotional even typing now!)

Breakfast Dates + Soul Friends

I have so many treasured souls in my life who I count as blessings almost daily, and one of those souls & I love to catch up for breakfast every couple of weeks to try out places in Perth we’ve never been before and share what’s new and exciting in our lives. There is not a time that I walk away from breakfast with her that I don’t feel inspired, uplifted, loved and full of beautiful energy and I was lucky enough to see her on the weekend just gone by. Soul friends are just a different kind of friend (the term soul friend came from another one of mine who is a regular reader of this blog!) & always inspire me to do better and feel better.

Staying Organised this year with Kiki.K

I think it’s safe to say your mum knows you oh so well when your first Christmas present is a 2013 diary, but not just any diary, a Kiki.K diary! Not only that she took out the best present that year I was that smitten (not sure if that’s a sad or embarrassing thing? -HA!) I do love a good organised life / desk / everything though and I have found reverting back to the ‘old way’ of keeping everything in a paper diary vs. my phone has helped me stay on top of appointments and life SO much easier. 


Over to you though – I want to hear what is on your own happiness list this week. Maybe you haven’t even had a chance to think of what you’re most grateful for until today so I’d love it if you shared with us all below and we can start a collective growing list of things that make us H to the appy!

Love, excitement & tonnes of light,

Anna xx

“Do something incredible for Morgs”

For me, and this big, beautiful crazy life that I lead there are a few certain things that are just matter o’ fact, no doubt about it, u.n.d.e.n.i.a.b.l.e. Want to know what they are? Well, it’s that; 
1. I love to set Goals, and;
2. I love Morgan.
Of course, there a million (x infinity) and one other things to me that make me, well, me but those two fundamental things alone fill a lot of my heart and mind. 
It’s hard to explain the love and appreciation I have for Morgs. He really is just ‘that guy’. His the guy who will be my strength when I need it most, and the guy who never needs to be told or asked to do anything, ever, he just knows and will always be looking out for everybody, especially me (& my family). His always that guy. So when I compiled my list of 25 things I wanted to do before 25 I knew I had to put on there to do something incredible for him. 
I had SO much fun planning & scheming what to do for him and when I came up with the final idea I knew that was the winner. We were just about to embark on our trip of a lifetime so I didn’t want it to related to travel – as what could top that trip. I also didn’t want to do anything that I would have adored as well as I really wanted it to be as much for him and just him as possible.
SO what did he end up getting? 
A day of his favourite things of course! 
I went with a treasure hunt of his favourite things spanning over 24 hours starting with a letter explaining just what he was about to embark on, which was a LOT of surprises. The most fun part about it all for me was that Morgs had ab-so-lutley no idea it was coming, nor managed to guess any of the hints that I had written out and sealed, that he would be handed before each surprise. 
We had the best day laughing together and immersing ourselves in his favourite things (like restaurants for brekky, lunch and dinner, a very fancy hotel, time zone, la prem movies and lots more) and I have promised myself to make sure I do things like this for him a lot more often. 
Your turn.
What do you do for your partner to show how much you love & appreciate them? Cook their favourite meal when they least expect it? Let them have boys nights out more often than most? I’d love to hear your own stories in the comments section below.


Blogs I LOVE

I am currently writing to you curled up on a beautiful sun lounge by the pool in warm & sunny Manila where you’ll find me the next 7 days relaxing with my mum. ‘But you only just got back from holiday?!’ I hear you mutter. I know, I totally know….but… I’m a shocker (plus I love to travel so making that a priority in my life always comes easily!) 

Chilling out here with cups of tea, face masks and afternoon naps though I have been able to absorb myself in all of my favourite crazily inspiring blogs which I absolutely adore. There have been a-LOT of life changes, health changes and spiritual changes the last 2 and a bit years now going on in my life but the last 6 months, these 5 incredible blogs have come in to my life and turned it upside down in every way – mind/body/spirit/soul/inspiration/call-it-whatever-you-like-I-adore-them. They inspire me, light me on fire, excite me, and make me want to be better, feel better, and do better in every way shape & form. 
I thought it time to share this goodness though. Maybe you already read one, or two or three or all of them, or maybe you read none, but whatever the case this round up o’goodness will be sure to spark some inspiration in your life in some shape or way (I hope, nay, I’m sure).
So in no particular order and cutting straight to my wordy point, here are my go to websites for inspiration in all areas of our crazy, wild, beautiful life. 
p.s Most of the sites have a newsletter subscription that will deliver amazing inspiration straight to your inbox and having signed up to them all, I can’t recommend it highly enough (plus you will generally get a kick back from it too like an amazing free e-book)…every time I’ve needed a boost of inspiration or advice I seem to get it right on time and I hope you will too. 
Co-inside Wellbeing 
For a fresh dose of healthy living you need to head on over to Curtis & Candices’ amazing space. Here they’ll share with you amazingly delicious healthy recipes and beautiful inspiring words as they want to help us  ‘get happy and stay happy’ 
Betty Means Biz
If you are looking for an ah-ma-zing website that will chock your days and minds full of inspiring stories of how other kick ass babes have been there, done that, succeeded and want to share their story then this is the site for you. Kate brings the perfect amount of everything to the table with her interviews and I just know you’ll find something for you when you stop on by to say hello. 
In Spaces Between
You’ll need a few hours when you first visit Rach’s site as if your experience will be anything like mine, then you’ll wonder where the past 4 hours went as you ‘swear you only just started reading her posts’. There is so much deep deep advice, love, inspiration and soul on her blog it’s hard to leave. From teaching you how to find more time to going through her experiences of planning a wedding her site always leaves you wanting more. Rach & and her blog inspacesbetween have also just been named by ProBlogger as one of 15 blogs to watch in 2013! 
The Wellness Warrior
After e-meeting Jess for the first time and taking a look around her site you’ll wonder how you ever got through your week without a visit to her space before. Jess walks her talk and is always there with the most soulful advice, fantastic healthy recipes and all round goodness in all her posts (not to mention youtube series she takes part in called ‘Health Talks’). I think Jess introduces herself much better than I ever could however so allow me to pull some words straight off her site … ” I’m Jessica Ainscough – a writer, holistic health coach, and green-juicin’, cancer-kickin’ Wellness Warrior”. You see…like I said, you’ll love her site (& her) to pieces! p.s Everybody asks me where I get my green juice recipes from? Well sign up to her weekly newsletters and you get a free e-book containing over 80 recipes. Fab-u-lous.
Leonie Dawson 
Oh Leonie <3 I actually found Leonies’ website through Co-inside Wellbeings facebook page (I adore how the universe works) and haven’t looked back since. Leonie is a shiny, beautiful, caring soul who just wants to share and give to this world (don’t we all?!) but oh my she does it so well. She writes honest, real stories about her own life that you will more than likely find incredibly relative to yours…she also has an incredible life planner for 2013 that I bought and is already making wave lengths in my world. 
Danielle LaPorte
You could call Danielle my guiding light from afar and the one who got me on to all the other blogs through my increased love of wellness, inspiration, self love, acceptance and awareness. Danielle is the amazing soul behind ‘Fire Starter Sessions’ and ‘Desire Map’. She was the one who inspired this post and set me on today’s path. I highly encourage you buy the books but in the meantime visit her site for loads of advice on living your best life. 
I know there are SO many beautiful, inspiring, soulful, exciting blogs and websites out there that I haven’t mentioned here (Danielle LaPorte’s for one, but for some reason you can’t connect to it from the Phillipines!) but this is just the’s your turn! I would love to hear your own favourite blogs or even YOUR blog so I can stop by and get to know you better, just leave the name below in the comments section – I can’t wait to (e)meet you!
Love, light & excitement,
Anna xx

Some BIG & Exciting news

On a beautiful and calm December morning as Morgan & I were floating low over the sand dunes in Dubai in a hot air balloon at sunrise, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife….
It was the most surreal, peaceful, romantic, happiest moment of my life and I can’t wait to become his wife (& he assures me he can’t wait to become my husband either-hooray!) We had never ever discussed marriage as it was both something we knew would happen on our own time and terms and I always just wanted it to be a surprise, and he sure did surprise me in the most spectacular way ever. 
We’re taking things s-l-o-w-l-y though. Not too slow of course, but slow enough to relish in every second and every moment of this new chapter of being engaged. 
No matter how many times I say fiance’ or I’m getting married I still giggle and swoon a thousand times more when I hear it come out of his mouth – it just sounds so, so…perfect.

With this being my shiny place of inspiration for all things on life & love you might see a few more posts pop up about the process I am about to go through in letting this beautiful fact of actually being engaged sink in, the engagement party (that we officially booked today, hells yeah) and wedding ‘stuff’ as time goes on (like how I am already learning just howww important your wedding photographer is on the day, hell-o h.o.u.r.s of upcoming research!)
Here is what I know to be truer than true in the whole of my heart already though.
I love this man I get to now marry more than anything (even saying I am getting married makes me well up, so help me on my wedding day!) So as much as we’re aware that the wedding will be the most important day of our lives, we are more focused right now on the day after the wedding day and that little part of ‘forever’ we then have to work on. Our Marriage. And that’s why we’re not rushing it. (think middle to end of 2014). We are working together on all aspects of what is ahead of us – which of course includes things like themes and colours and guests lists, but also talking about what marriage means to each of us and how we would raise children. 
We’re excited. Excited x infinity in fact. It is the most surreal and unreal time for us both and I felt it time to share with you beautiful readers the news that made my 2012 the most memorable of all. 
That I, Anna, get to take Morgan, my kind hearted, beautiful souled, handsome, amazing (lolly & cordial obsessed) man, as my husband and that makes me feel like the happiest and luckiest girl alive.
p.s if you’re new to our love story find some back history here and here x

{ Walking through the desert on the way to the balloon basket blissfully unaware what Morgs had planned }

Her + Him = Love

{ Santorini }
As you grow up, whether you listen or not, your mum will always be giving you pieces of advice to help you make your way through life. My mum gave me tonnes, things like .. no elbows on the table, always give & help others, to trust my gut..but it was this one piece of advice that I always remembered and held in high regard…
You don’t know someone until you live with them, and/or travel with them. 
Ohh how true it is. If you think you know your partner, (or friend even for that matter), live with them (or travel with them, or do both!) and you may be very surprised to find things out about them you never knew. 
Morgs & I have lived with each other over 4 years, so if you thought that was ample time to have learnt every little thing about each other, you would be correct. Except (!!), here we are 3 months in, living in each others pockets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, realising that there were 2 or 3 things we never knew about each other that this trip has shown us…. So from each of our mouths, here are some things we’ve learnt about one another that we didn’t know before.
Things he learnt about her
– That she is a much better navigator than I ever gave her credit for (seriously, she has trekked us all around cities and home without missing a street) 
– That she needs to eat often, otherwise a slightly cranky Anna appears.
Things she learnt about him
– That his a nervous flyer. Ok so not nervous…but really doesn’t like turbulence  Up until this point I honestly thought he wasn’t afraid of anything…but Turbulence on an airplane is not his favourite thing.
– I never knew he could eat ice cream as fast as he can. Let’s just say, if it was an Olympic sport, my guy would bring Gold home for Australia every time.
Oh I KNOW…how insignificant! ha. Such teeny, tiny little things, BUT.. still things we couldn’t believe we didn’t know about each other before. I think what this has shown us both mainly though, is that we really do know almost every inch of each others quirks, the good the bad and the ugly but love each other even harder.
The biggest lesson we’ve learnt together on this trip however is how to fight fairly & to communicate, communicate, communicate and we have certainly grown to appreciate each other even more so than before we left.
Other than that we can’t stop laughing at how much we finish each others sentences, say the exact same thing at the exact same time and start a conversation mid sentence about something completely unrelated, and the other one knows exactly what we’re talking about. 
It’s been an amazing 3 months so far and we are both at a stage where we are reluctant for the next 6 weeks to end but excited to be home all at the same time but in the meantime, we’re still soaking up every second of this experience we’re loving being on. 
Spain has already exceeded all of our expectations and I’m not sure I want to leave – so we’ll be posting about our first tapas, sangria & paella experiences soon….Until then,

Love & Light,

Anna x
(+ Morgs input on what he learnt about me…I tried not to act shocked when I saw he put I’m good with directions…it’s only taken him 5 and a half years to admit it – WOOOHOOO!!)

{ Being silly in Barcelona }
{ Making wishes on the Charles Bridge in Prague }
{ Having an insane amount of fun on our captains ‘Sailor & Pirate party’ dinner on Sail Croatia }