The Week that was.. December Week 3

Forever and a day – I have wanted to share more VIDEO on this little old blog of mine to even better connect with you, you beautiful soul, who shows up in this space with me to learn and laugh along with me in this crazy thing we call life. But forever and a day, just like you yourself sometimes let fear hold you back, I have let fear hold me back.

The crazy thing is, it’s not even fear like “what if no one watches it” or “what if I look silly” – I am by it’s very definition, silly, so I KNOW I will look silly haha. It’s just fear of finally committing to sitting in front of a camera and sharing more of what I want to share, or even knowing where to start when I SIT in front of that damn camera.

However, I have come to a beautiful – I don’t think I have seen it done anywhere which excites me – compromise. Driving in the car the other day with Morgan, laughing at some beautiful Direct Messages I was getting on my Instagram with the Instagram stories that I do (which are always just me goofing around in my daily life) – I said to my love in a moment of inspiration, “I am going to create a video each week of ‘the week that was’, made up of all my Instagram stories, and share it on the blog”. “Amazing idea baby” he said – and thus the weekly blog post of “The Week that Was”, was born.

I know many of you already follow me on Instagram – and I am so grateful for that, thank you for following along in this crazy world of Morgan and I’s – but I am also acutely aware, many do not. I am also acutely aware, much to some of our shock and surprise – some people don’t even HAVE Instagram (say whaaattttttt) – so this post is really for those 2 categories of people.

  1. The people that don’t have Instagram, and;
  2. The people who don’t follow Morgan or I on Instagram so this is all fresh content for them.

For those that DO follow me on Instagram already, you can just skim over this weekly post 😉 But of course if you still want to catch back up on the silliness that generally occurs by ALL means re watch. But for you guys, I promise I WILL start posting more vlogs, so blogs that are video’d vs written. As I DO know the power in them, and I WILL get over my own shit about it.

But for now, enjoy the new update to the blog / website in the weekly edition of…. The week that was.