Creating your own Dream list of goals

15 months ago, when I sat there writing my 25 before 25 list, music blaring, heart thumping…
I never knew my how.
I just sat and I wrote.
No inhibition, no doubt, no insecurities about what if I didn’t achieve it. I just wrote.
The secret though? Is that I knew my why.
I knew I wanted to feel excited, engaged, aligned, accomplished,  soul defyingly happy. That was my why. I wanted to have little goals to chip away at to live with purpose and to give me those feelings I hope to feel every day.
And because the universe had my back and I so willingly trusted in that – I had opportunity after opportunity to fulfil each goal.
I want to hand it over to YOU though. 
Today is the day that I want you to wake up your desire, help your soul whisper a little louder to your heart and make you work out your WHY before you sit and write out your big, small and in between goals.
Having big BOLD colourful exciting goals are what make you, you, what keep your spirit on fire and help make life interesting.
So here is what I propose.
Your own xx before xx list.
Let’s do this gorgeous!
What have you always wanted to do that you have just never thought as putting as a goal? What would you love to do? What would go on a list that would make you fulfil your why.
It doesn’t have to be scary – just make sure they’re aligned with you. Don’t put anything on your list just to fill it. Take time with this process. It’s a list that will serve as a  dream deadline and that is so exciting – don’t rush it, you are about to put down things that will light you up, fuel you, excite you … lead you to awe inspiring moments and that is a process to be honoured.
I chose 25 before 25, but go for whatever works for you. Maybe it’s 30 before 30 or or even 21 before 21. Another amazing idea 2 girlfriends came up with after some inspiration from the 25 before 25 was ..13 in 2013 (but you can even say 14 for 2014…do you get where I’m going with this?)
WRITE THEM DOWN!!! Pin them where you can see them everyday. Take a photo and put it as a screen saver on your phone.
But maybe most importantly … SHARE THEM. This is your big beautiful declaration to the universe. You’re here and you have some kick ass not to mention FUN goals to tick off – the universe has your back, your heart & soul are cheering you on to succeed and your family & friends will want to help with your journey. Sharing them just makes it more real and you more full and utterly supported.
And gorgeous – I would LOVE to hear them…even just some. Consider this your first little task of declaring them, even just 2 or 3 of the ones you resonated with the hardest. This is our space of inspiration and I’d be honoured to be a part of your list. Share them in the comments below.
Sending you big warm rays of love & light,
Anna xx
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  1. Nic Reply

    Thanks Anna, I really need to do this.

    I think mine will be 13 in 2013…..

    1. Be true to myself and put myself before others. I sometimes hold things in so I don’t upset people, but I end up hurting myself. I try to put things under the carpet and protect people, which in turn means I’m not protecting myself at all. So I need to be true to me.

    2. Learn as much as I can about blogging and put my writing out there. It’s very confronting but so invigorating when you get down your thoughts and then share them with people, but I need to do it more. It’s a fear that I need to conquer – and I will!

    3. Learn guitar! I have had one for a few years now, I need to get it out and learn it.

    They are just 3, there are more. And you are right, once you start they just keep coming….

    Thank you so much for this. I’m excited now!

    • Anna Ogilvie Reply

      Nic these are amazing – thank you so much for sharing. I love seeing your goals but your why behind them as well. Keep going with them but don’t force any 🙂 They’ll come in spurs of soulspiration! Don’t feel bad or like you can’t change any of them as you go along if your tastes change or certain things don’t honour you anymore. Looking forward to hearing how you go with it all xx

  2. Kayle Reply

    This is a great idea, I’ve been meaning to do a list for awhile now, but I’m still figuring out what to put. It’s hard, not knowing what you exactly want for your future- scary too.
    When I figure it out, I promise I’ll do this. Thank you for the tips and for the encouragement, I love your blog 🙂

    • Jennifer Herrera Lau. Reply

      Kayle I took Anna advice and the way you feel after you make that list is amazing, I was once like you after college I was confused and honestly I didnt know what steps to take after college, but literally once you sit down anywhere were you feel comfortable and its you and your thoughs you will see that list will completely built itself. 🙂 hugs

  3. Stephanie Reply

    Just after reading this i’ve got 17 already. Hmm, i might need to figure out what to call my list

    1. Know myself and create the life i want
    2. Grow in my faith in God
    3. Do a lifestyle makeover
    4. Find a job that i absolutely love
    5. Relocate to Canberra or Perth (currently in Wollongong NSW)
    6. Be more eloquent in my approach and manner of speech (i am inspired by President Lincoln)
    7. Continue in my health journey
    8. Start doing yoga (very necessary for my stress levels)
    9. Start a PhD program
    10. Finish my interior design diploma
    11. Be grateful everyday
    12. Enjoy blogging and blog more consistently

    I have some more coming to mind but i’ll stop there for now

    xo Stephanie

  4. Great post!!

    6 Things Before I’m 26… (in 4 months!)

    1. Launch my first e-book
    2. Start coaching!
    3. Complete my reiki 1 & 2
    4. Get into an unsupported headstand
    5. Make my own beef stock (have wanted to do this for ages!)
    6. Buy a new pair of smoking hot high heels (just coz!)

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