Date a girl who travels. Yep. Her

There was an article doing the rounds awhile back on “Don’t date a girl who travels”, and I eagerly clicked on the hyperlink hungry to devour it’s contents, genuinely thinking it sarcastic article and it was going to be a cleverly written piece on all the reasons you should in fact, date a girl who travels. 
But it wasn’t. It really was as the title suggested and an article with a detailed list of articulated reasons why you should not in fact, date a girl who travels. Things like her not begin able to hold down a steady job and the fact she doesn’t like to work like a robot all day (does anybody want to do that?) and goes out to take what life has to offer and heaven forbid might challenge you to do the same (you’re damn right she will). 
The clincher came for me when I read; Don’t date a girl who travels for she has chosen a life of uncertainty, she goes with the flow and follows her heart. 
I am a girl who travels. 
In fact 50% of my time is spent here at ‘home’ – little ole Perth for you International readers – and the other 50% of my time is either travelling or planning my next trip away. Does that mean I live with uncertainty, and it’s a bad thing that I go with the flow and follow my heart? Absolutely not. 
Travel fills my being with purpose, love, gratitude and is my souls food. It keeps me alive and there isn’t anything I love more than finding new cities to explore and corners of the world to discover.
I have a mission to leave my footprints all over this big beautiful globe, and to scatter my soul around the world over creating memories that last. That journey has of course already begun like when Morgs and I visited here, here, here, here and here
So when I saw this article, a beautifully written and accurate piece by Steph, I couldn’t have agreed more. You SHOULD date a girl that travels; and in her own words, here are some of the reasons why. 

Date a girl who travels

She is the one with the sun kissed skin and lightly scattered freckles. A sense of wellness radiates around her, paired with plump healthy skin and a twinkle in her eye.
Date a girl who travels. She is less materialistic. She doesn’t dote on possessions but rather treasured experiences. Expensive presents are unnecessary, rather give her photographs she can have with her at all times. She can see those that live with less, recognize the small fortunes of happiness.
Date a girl who travels for somewhere is always home. She values her time there and relishes hearing about normalcy even if it’s not long before her feet start to itch again. She is proud of her hometown for it is a new city for someone else to explore.
Date a girl who travels. She is the hardest workingwoman you will know. She will most likely hold down 2 or 3 jobs to fund her adventures. Not to mention an entrepreneur turning her travels into an income source. She is smart and knows that these days many employers find international travel favorable in future candidates.
Date a girl who travels for you will always be pleasantly surprised.  She navigates unknown cities with a great sense of direction but also enjoys the spontaneity of getting lost.
Date a girl who travels. After many missed flights, wrong turns, delays, bad street food and bad restrooms to deposit said food, she is easy going and adaptable. She is prepared for bumps in the road literally and metaphorically. Life throws curve balls and she smacks them right out of the park
Date a girl who travels because she is supportive and understanding. She is conscious you may not ever be as travel orientated as her but she will always be fun, take what life has to offer and help you do the same. As a bonus she will put up with snoring and farting because she has shared a 20 bunk hostel room.
Date a girl who travels as she engages with worldly company learning the history, culture and behaviors of societies, which is sure to impress the parents. She is used to befriending strangers, thriving at conversation. She will always be open to meeting new people and impress at your work social engagements.
Date a girl who travels. She is independent, smart and strong. She will always be self-sufficient; never needy. She doesn’t believe in stage five clingers. She knows the rewards of good budgets and saving her money. She learns the ins and outs of how people live and has the kind of street smarts that will spot the sketchy looking guy a mile away before he pulls a “distract and go” scam.
Next time join her. Travel bonds you.
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  1. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, oh travelling. First of all let me say that I enjoyed every post about your Europe adventure and my heart jumped every time I saw you visited the same place as I did before. I would love to go somewhere again but since we are setting up our new place and I´m planning to do my driving licence in Summer (finally) we can´t afford it. 🙁 Anyway I am glad that you are still passionate about travelling and share your experiences so we can travel with you 😉

    xx Eve.h

  2. Steph Reply

    Thanks Anna, Glad you liked my article 🙂

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