Dear Life; Gratitude Overload

Dear life, 
You are pretty beautifully overwhelming at the moment. I feel at a stage where as soon as I open my eyes when my alarm goes off, and realise I’m alive, I’ve been given one more day, I am already at gratitude overload. I think there might be something to this as well. They say gratitude attracts abundance, and life, I so get that. Where gratitude goes, abundance and energy flows. I just really want to honour you at this present moment. Honour that we are here, on a planet that you support 6 billion human souls on, breathing air that you give us. If I had nothing and no one to be grateful for, that in itself is enough. That is just the thing though life, I DO have so much to be grateful for and I just wanted to say thanks. 
Thank you. No, I mean really, reallyyyy thank you. Thank you for Morgs, who shows me a love so deep I know it will last the ages and for loving someone enough to give that deep beautiful love back. For my mum – who at 25 still calls me pumpkin and darling heart and cooks me dinner if Morgs is away. For having a WHY in life so deep and so great nothing and no one will stop me. For butchers that do free taste testings. Thanks for Visionary’s. Thank you for books and words that inspire me to live harder, better, and stronger. Thank you for fresh flowers that are a staple in our household. Thanks for deliciously sexy weather with a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun all at the same time. For choice – to feel love instead of anger and hope instead of sadness. Thanks for peppermint tea and Winter sheets. For people that are fellow life enthuiasts – the ones that show up, engage; dig it, and just totally and utterly love life. Thank you for profanities, and being ok with saying the word Fuck when I’m crazy excited. Thanks for gratitude. Thank you for friends who make life so fundamentally extraordinary. Thank you for deep, deep belly laughs. For divine acoustic music, for jam donuts. For hugs and high fives – I just love a good one of each. Thanks for the invention of planes to take my love & I anywhere in this big beautiful world we desire. Thank you for the ocean. For Massages and for delicious dinners shared with your favourite people. 
There will never be enough words to truly show you how grateful I am that I am given day after day to live – but hopefully by living on purpose and living with passion and love – everyday – will show you my deep, deep appreciation for you. 
Now excuse me life, I’m off to live another day xxx
p.s I would LOVE to hear what you are grateful for in the comments below. As I said, Gratitude attracts abundance, so get to saying thanks for all the wonderful little (& big) things in your life x 


  1. Bless This Mess Reply

    I am grateful for + universal timing + soulful chats + love and butterflies + strength and resilience + chasing dreams + sunshine (!!) + executing my creative prowess over my life and my days x

  2. Belinda Reply

    I’d like to thank the universe for colours – especially orange because carrots and egg yolks and sunrises make me happy. For peanut butter because even though I don’t like it, my dogs do and watching their little mouths try and eat all that sticky gooey goodness makes me laugh every single time. For the not so nice people in my life who say not so nice things about me, because they are such a beautiful reminder of exactly why I will forever live a life of kindness and love, instead of bitterness and blame. And an extra special thank you for Anna, because she is my lighthouse of love and her light always manages to shine extra bright when my days are dark and lead me back to safe shores xxx

  3. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, I am grateful for all the good things that have come into my life in past few months (work, all my succes that I achieved at school) and for every day when I know that there are people who love me and sun is shining.
    xx Eve.h

  4. Anna V Reply

    Today I’m grateful for: sleep ins; spending time by the ocean; having a body that’s ready for any thing I throw at it; hot showers; raw treats; and most importantly- the ability to CHOOSE how I spend my weekends 🙂 xxxxxx

  5. Oyster Pearl Reply

    I am grateful for the opportunities that allow us to meet wonderful and beautiful people, like yourself Anna, from whom we can learn, grow and establish great connections and friendships with. xo

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