DIY Dreaming

I am a huge daydreamer when it comes to almost anything. Travel, romance, what food to cook – but especially, how I want my house to look when Mr M & I decide to build or buy our first home. I have said forever and a day I want a huge house always filled with family and friends with delicious meals cooked in a huge kitchen, and lot’s of bedrooms so guests always have a bed to stay in. I can’t wait to fill said house with all my own little style ideas and designs – including personalised themes for each room. With that always in mind I was so excited to find this amazing little website that had 34 DIY headboards for you to get inspiration from. These are my favourite ones all of which I could easily see fitting in to my own daydream home. 


  1. Lari Reply

    This certainly is a good idea!! I especially like the Paris themed headboard and also the one with the mirror – I can imagine the sun being reflected by the mirror and making the room so much brighter… 🙂


  2. Anna Reply

    Yes I couldn’t pick a fav it was too hard – I didnt even think about that with the mirror but it really would 🙂 Even more of a reason to replicate it when I put it in at home 🙂

  3. O Reply

    I have done this two years ago and it was the most fun and exhaustion at the same time± there are some many options! I like where you are going with yours, love the french post stamp! xoxo

  4. Coral and Coast Reply

    Hi Anna, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! These are all lovely ideas! All the best with your search for your first home! xo K

  5. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, these ideas are really great. I also think often about how I would like our first appartement to look like. White is a big part of my dream design too 🙂 We want to find some place next year so hopefully we´ll be lucky. Hope you are fine 🙂
    xo Eve.h

  6. I’ve always dreamed of a massive kitchen with a little cafe like setting for friends and family when they drop in. I entertain quite a bit but I’d love to have an airy and spacious house one day.

    • Anna Reply

      It sounds perfect!! I love the idea of having a cafe like setting 🙂 x


    I daydream about that too. We live in an apartment but have always dreamed of a house. Somewhere with space and that I can design from scratch. Love these headboards. They’re so unique!xoxo

  8. rolala Reply

    I’m a total daydreamer as well especially when it comes to home decor. These headboards are so cool and creative! I love that last one! I’ve only ever made fabric covered ones before but now I’m inspired to try other materials.

    Totally agree that if you really covet something, you should just get it 🙂

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Diana Chang Reply

    i’m moving to a new apartment soon and i cant WAIT to start some DIY furnishings. i’ve been looking online for inspiration and i’m so glad you posted these!

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