DIY home bar

I am really excited to be moving to a new place in a few weeks and have a million design ideas for when we’re in. I have always wanted to create a little space in my house for a gorgeous home made bar area but have had no reason or capability too before now. With saving hard for Europe on the cards however I figure there will be many a weekend night spent in with friends over for dinner and drinks instead of hitting the town spending up big.

I want to go antique themed almost for all the major items when putting together the bar area so here’s what I’m thinking.

Different kind of antique side table to give my Anna twist to a modern day bar.
[BIG mirror to hang above the area to make it look bigger than it really is & to give it that something little extra. I want a gorgeous old antique one (I’ll rope mum in to shopping with me for this .. so don’t mind the ikea one that is listed above ]

[ Old silver tray exactly like above to sit on top that will hold some modern tumbler glasses & a bowl of fresh limes – that will always be stocked! ]
[ The bowl of said fresh limes to sit on the silver tray ]
[ Mid – High tumblers that will neatly go on the tray – I don’t like too big or too small as it gets too much if you’re doing whiskey/coke or vodka / soda, so these height are perfect ]
[ The Vodka stash that will sit plentiful a top the ‘bar’ – Morgan & I almost have this whole collection of flavours … almost – p.s Pear is DEF my favourite ]

[ My necessity with wine glasses – Bigger the better, that will sit to one side on the wine section of the bar ]

[ The other staple to the bar alcohol wise – Red Wine!! That will sit side by side with the big wine glasses ]
Stay tuned for how the bar turns out! I’ll post pictures once I finish it off. The biggest obstacle will be finding the perfect table for it which I’m looking forward to as it just means lots of furniture shopping which is one of my favourite past times.

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