DIY: Newspaper Nails

I believe that everybody loves fabulous nails and I think they can be just as important an accessory as a great set of bangles or a statement ring. When I first stumbled across these nails at the Fancy Drifters blog I fell in L.O.V.E. Having been inspired to do DIYs over the past few months it made my find even more exciting. I tried them out for the first time this week and was really happy with the result – don’t fret it’s actually really easy! Next time I do them I want to put suduko numbers on each finger, and then a recipe! This time I used the horoscope section of the newspaper – you can’t read it but I like that little fact regardless.


– White base nail colour
– Clear Top Coat
– Newspaper
– Scissors
– Rubbing Alcohol*

1. Everything you will need
2. Apply first coat of White nail polish
Allow to dry
Apply second coat of White nail polishο»Ώ
3. Soak the small piece of newspaper in the rubbing alcohol
Wrap small newspaper cut out around your finger.
Ensure that the words you want on the finger are facing down
Hold down for around 15-20 seconds
Finished product! First go but I was quite happy.ο»Ώ
4. Coat your nails once dry with top coat (one layer)
Happy painting girls! Let me know how you go if you try it or have any ideas of what other areas of the paper to use. I’ll post once I have tried suduko – I thought that might be fun.
*Where do you get Rubbing Alcohol from you ask? Well I picked mine up for $9.95 at PriceLine (girls in Australia), but other readers you can find it at Chemists or local beauty stores.


  1. Erin Reply

    Anna-first of all you are soo cute! That comment you left made me laugh!

    Second-such a cute idea! And for a first go-it worked like a charm!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles/com/

  2. The Fancy Drifter Reply

    Yayyyy! Fantastic job, your newspaper nails look awesome!


  3. Bravoe Runway Reply

    This looks awesome! I may have to try it, let’s see what my right hand looks like…LOL!

  4. Style, She Wrote Reply

    Your nails look sick! That is such a cool idea! I will have to try it! xo style, she wrote

  5. Jess Reply

    How cool is that?!! Never seen this before!

  6. Simona Reply

    love your nails!!!!

  7. AestheticJungle Reply

    so cool! love this look πŸ˜€

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