Dublin .. in snapshots

[ Welcome to Dublin! Quick coffee stop & exploring the maps to find a bus stop for our Green bus tour ]
[ We got lost in Dublin so here I am trying to find our way back to the hostel ]
[ Some beautiful old buildings we stumbled upon – like everywhere else in the UK, they’re big, they’re old, and photos just won’t ever do it justice ]
[ About to go in to St Patrick’s Cathedral ]
[ The impressive archways are the first thing you see as you step in to St Patrick’s cathedral ]
[& the beautiful mosaic floor – a lovely old guide told us that no mosaic is the same – impressive huh]
[ Morgs taking it all in, sitting on one of the old beautiful pews ]
[ & we’re off to the Guinness factory .. yay! ]
[ Posing with some beer bottles in the ground floor of the Guinness factory ]
[ Man handling, Getting my hands dirty in the process of Guinness making ]
[ The first taste for Morgs ]
[ & a wee nip for me – it was warm & not the proper stuff that we got at the top later – I reckon anyway ]
[ Just another big ole’ building in the town centre near our hostel – we didn’t know what anything was sorry ]
[ The sun decided to come out to play! Morgs standing in a busy bustling Dublin street on one of our walks ]
[ O’Connell bridge – where we crossed right near our hostel. Temple Bar area (where we were staying & recommend to stay) was on the left … other city shops & pubs was on the right ]
[ A top the Green double decker tour bus getting the what’s what about Ireland from our loveable guide downstairs ]
[ More…old buildings – we really had no idea what was what over there. It was just old, big & beautiful ]
[ At Trinity College on our way to see the ‘Book of Kell’ – Morgs got a little bit clever with the camera ]
[ Posing at Trinity College – was a really fun afternoon! ]
[ Off on another adventure – River Liffey was just opposite our hostel ]
[ One of Morgans panoramic shots of the boat harbour in Wicklow – country Ireland ]
[ We worked out the timer option on the camera – yay. Us posing at the end of a long jetty in Wicklow – behind us and all around us ]
[ Morgs getting his cannons out – get it? ]
[ Country Ireland – Wicklow, a little town an hour from Dublin by train. On the coast & very pretty! ]
[ We found the green green grass & the coastline .. in Wicklow]
[ Boat harbour in Wicklow – Morgs catching the reflections off the boats ]
[ Lots of old bridges to cross leading to roads to explore ]
[ Soaking in all Wicklow had to offer even after the sun had faded]
[ Yet another, big, beautiful, old building in Dublin ]
[ Last but not least – us on our pub crawl – a little, shall we say…under the weather]


  1. Anya Volkov Reply

    Love the photos! Have you guys been using the DSLR? x

    • Anna Reply

      I see Morgsys already replied but yes we sure have 🙂 🙂 its great!! Heaps of people have asked the camera we’re using while we’ve been here as they like the size – good pick by Morgs! xx

  2. Outside Looking In Reply

    Great pictures!! What a beautiful place! Looks like you’re having a great time!!

  3. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, great photos 🙂 I come to see Morgs is the best poser ever 😀 And you look so pretty, I like the picture of you where only the red pants are colourful, great touch 😉 Ireland really is the emerald island.

    • Anna Reply

      Yes it really was a beautiful beautiful country! Thanks so much for your lovely comment as always Eve xx

  4. Sam Reply

    Aw so many fun and memorable moments in Dublin, what a great city!

  5. You two are so cute! I met an Irish lady yesterday and the first thing I wanted to say to her was “My friend Anna visited the pub from PS I love you!” But I exercised a huge degree of self restraint! xoxox

    • Anna Reply

      EEeee Vanisha I love it!! You are more than welcome to use that if this situation ever comes up again haha 😉 xxx

  6. Liam & Laura Reply

    Love your photos! You guys look like your having an amazing time!

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