Europe here we come


I have been jumping out of my skin with excitement the past few days as the past Sunday Mr M & I sat down and officially started booking our Europe Accommodation. I was squealing like a 5 year old on Christmas morning as we hit ‘book’ on hotel and hostel again and again. We aptly finished the day off sharing a bottle of champagne in celebration and toatsing our upcoming adventure. We are by no means finished yet, but to me, the ‘hard’ work – who am I kidding I’ve loved every second of it – is done, we have done weeks of research and picked our destinations and accommodation we just have to finalise each booking – which we have started doing. Having locked all places in, and shared on this blog from the start my Europe planning, I wanted to update you on the final itinerary.

I’d LOVE to hear from you if you’ve been to these places, lived in these places or just dreamed of these places. I want to hear your own experiences or tips on what Mr M & I should be doing once there.

So here goes…

p.s we fly out 1st August 2012 and home 5th December 2012.











[Czech Republic]


Cinque Terre

Monte Carlo

St Tropez

San Sebastian





Your’s in love & light,
Anna xx


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Oh wow, that´s going to be a hell of a Eurotrip 🙂 I think that I wrote you where I´ve been to before. When in Paris I´d definitely visit Sainte chapelle, it´s sooooo beautiful and it´s the place where you´re transported back to Medieval times also you must visit Montmartre with its view of the city 🙂 In Croatia I´d go to Pula too, there´s a big coloseum (sorry don´t know the exact english translation) very similar to the Rome one. And in Monaco you should go the Oceanographic museum, it´s awesome 😉 I look forward to more reports about your trip 😉 xoxo Eve.h

  2. Anna Reply

    Eve your tips are amazing!! I do remember your first comment when I posted about starting to plan our trip and it was through that which put Prague on the list for us 🙂 ive put your comment in my travel documents to keep for when we leave xox

    • Eve.H Reply

      I´m glad you did and I hope you´ll like all the places 🙂

  3. Trips & Treasures Reply

    Will be an amazing trip ! I live in Belgium and lived in France and Germany before, but my favorite from your list is Italy. Just drive around lots and lots in Tuscany, so beautiful. Croatia is great for relaxing by the coast aswell. If you like art, you should visit the Magritte museum in Brussel ( the area around it is nice aswell). Mallorca is nice, but more as a party/beach location. Definately visit the castle in Heidelberg. In Porto you should definately cross that famous bridge and enjoy the view on the city from the other side (gaia- where you can also go the port wine places) The next update about your trip I’ll try to give you some more advice.
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  4. Carol Reply

    I’m Napolitan girl!And I live here,if you want ask me all about Campania!restaurant ,places etc!!

  5. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    I am BEYOND jealous!!!! Seriously. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and traveled.. and then spent 6 weeks backpacking Europe, sooo i do have my opinions and LOTS of suggestions!

    Italy- The food is amazing… Cinque Terre was one of my favorite spots in all of Europe. That would be a must on my list. The hike form town to town is breathtaking.

    Prague- It gets SO cold.. so go there early. It’s an inexpensive city, so you can get a lot of bang for your buck!

    Germany- I love Berlin, but Munich was my favorite. It was the most authenticate German experience- from the food to the beer houses!

    Ireland – if you can, try to travel the countryside… Gallway was by far my favorite. So green and so pretty (bring your drinking pants!).

    Switzerland – there is this little town called Interlachen.. it’s truly amazing. It’s where the paramount picture mountain is.. and they have so many winter sports/activities there. They have glaciers if you ski, and AMAZING fondue restaurants. I would definitely recommend there.

    Sorry this is so long, i get so excited about Europe!

    Julia at

  6. Anna Reply

    ooo Julia (everythingprettygirls) how fabulous are your tips!! Thank you so so much. We weren’t exactly settled on Zurich in actual fact & I’d read about Interlaken so we will change our stay to there. I love the part about Ireland and will remember to pack my drinking pants (although I think they’ll be on from the start 😉 Italy we’re actually most excited about at this stage and Cinque Terre we can’t wait to do the walk between towns! Thank you for your tips 🙂

    & Tripsandtreasures I adored your tips too especially the one about Porto and walking across the bridge. When we do it I’ll be sure to blog you and let you know 🙂

    & wayoutsidelookingin – the waiting is the hardest part 😛 Just keeping veryyyy busy in the meantime 🙂


  7. Iza Reply

    I wish I could travel around the world. But I am just 13 years old.I have so much time to travel and visit many countries. I would love to. You have a nice blog, darling, congratulations to you. I have a blog too and it is about fashion trends, vintage fashion, classic movies and interesting music and books. I think you’d like it.


  8. Iza Reply

    Anna, I’m your blog’s newest follower. I really liked your blog and your style too. I loved the dress you’re wearing in your profile picture. Kisses!


  9. Sandra Reply

    I’m so jealous right now, haha. I hope you’ll have an amazing trip!

  10. Rocker Chic Reply


    I am so proud of you I remember when you did a post and you were just picking places out on a map and now it’s reality. You truly give me inspiration to follow my dreams.

    I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  11. tiny dancer Reply

    OMG I am forever jealous of your trip! I adore Europe and can’t wait for the day I get to go back 🙂 I spent two summers working in Hungary and loved being in Budapest – its an amazing city! You’ll have a lot of fun visiting it! Are you planning to blog too while in Europe? I sure hope so 😛


  12. Bonnie Reply

    ohmygoshhhh, you are going to have the best time EVER. I’m super jealous.
    Take me with you? I’m small enough to fit inside a suitcase. It has been proven.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Sam Reply

    Wow, are you visiting all these cities! That is going to be one amazing life-changing adventure. I would love to plan a trip like this.

  14. alicia Reply

    you must be so so excited! lucky girl. xoxo

  15. hope in high heels Reply

    Gosh, what an incredible itinerary. I do so hope you find the time to post your pictures on your way around so we can live vicariously!

    Some thoughts:
    In the sth of spain, so a day trip to Granada so you can see the Alhambra , it’s amazing. Also in the sth is montserrat which is a monastery built into the side of a cliff. we did a hike from there and it’s amazing!

    In Vienna, go to naschmarkt – it’s an open air market and I still remember the sights, smells and sounds vividly. The castles are amazing, particularly the Schonbrunn and the Belvedere

    I have a soft spot in my hear for the Cinque Terre… we got engaged in Vernazza and we loved hiking the trails, taking a dip in the water and then stopping somewhere for food and wine

    In Venice, walk wherever looks interesting, don’t look at any maps until the end of the day when you want to go home

    I’m so excited for you, it will be amazing xx

  16. Camille Reply

    it seems like your trip is gonna be amazing! i’ve been to rome, venice and florence, and i must tell you, i looooved it! there’s a lot to do in rome and a lot to visit in florence. and even though venice is just adorable – my fav place out of the three – there isnt much to do, other than relax and enjoy the city, which is pretty awesome if you ask me!

  17. Maryam Maquillage Reply

    WOOOOWWWWW that is absolutely incredible!!! What an adventure!! I can’t say I’m not jealous lol :)))

  18. Style Servings Reply

    Wow what an amazing trip! I’m sure you’ll find all the lovely things to do everywhere, but for Amsterdam – it get’s really touristy in the centre so try and follow the canals into other parts. The part in between the Dam and the Anne Frank house is lovely!

  19. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    I’m so excited for you! It seems like an amazing trip! I’m going through your list and just itching to share with you my experience over there, tips, etc.:)In any case I’m sure you more than love Europe;)

    PS. I’m flying to Madrid in 2 days;)



  20. V. Reply

    Hi there!
    I’ll start saying that u are so lucky! is this a gift for something special?
    I live in Italy and I suggest you to visit it not later than October, in order to see its masterpieces with sun and warm weather…
    on the other hand Costa Azzurra (France) and Spain have nice weather the whole year so maybe u can visit them at the end of ur trip!
    definetely do not miss Paris, Prague, Vienna and Berlin!!
    you should also visit Lisboa!!

    hope u have great time!
    stop by my blog if u get a second!


  21. Reply

    Hello Mrs. M, Little town in Germany near Luxcembourg (?)called Garmish. I will never forget the Farmers omlette I had there at the “Last Chance”. A small restarunt at the end of town. Oh my goodness! We stopped there for a day and ended up staying for a week. The room we stayed in had an authentic feather bed. The shower had 8 heads. It’s been a while since Ive traveled due to my terminal Big C, but I will never forget that part of my trip. Have a blast! Loving your blog. New here! I will check out your sisters blog as well. Hugs,Sheshe

  22. Beauty Balm Reply

    that will be an amazing trip! give me a shout when you are in Edinburgh and we could meet up! x

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