Finding & growing your tribe

a group of people in your life, it can be many, or few that get you, that get you right to your souls core. They LOVE you. They Support you. Your tribe is a group of people that so fundamentally get your essence and bring your YOU out in a beautiful & inspiring way. They see your heart, and they see your soul and allow your authentic self to live it’s truth. – Anna Ogilvie
There is something so incredibly sexy about soul connection. You know what I mean yes? It’s that moment when you meet someone, it could be a new stranger or an old friend who you haven’t seen in for-ev-ah and you just zing
Zing is that immediate bond between you both, goals align, excitement bubbles and this person brings the best of YOU out. You let that precious guard down without even realising and bare your truth, the real you. It’s liberating, Deeply fulfilling and the beginnings of an authentic friendship. That zing is connection gorgeous.
These kinds of friends are the ones who get you. Who love you. Who, after a breakfast date or wine over dinner or phone conversation make you feel like a better person than from the beginning of the conversation. 
And it is these kind of friendships that you should be attracting and allowing in your life. These are the souls that make up your tribe, they are your tribe, and you need to attract them, nurture them and fill your life with these kind of friendship connections. 
Your tribe are beautiful individuals that support and inspire you effortlessly.
Your tribe are the ones who you would call with good news for squeals and excitement, and call with bad news for love and support. 
Your tribe are, put simply, who you are filling your life with. 
Who is in your tribe? Who are you attracting in your life? Are they bringing the best of you out? Loving you? Supporting you? Inspiring you? Are they positive people? 
The people that you are surrounding yourself with play an incredibly important role in your life – so choose wisely. If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with more positive people. If you want to be happier, surround yourself with happier people. If you want to have more love and good energy, (first you must be that person yourself) and then find others who are the same. 
Your tribe is so fundamental to how you show up in life. If you have beautifully supportive people in your life cheering you on and wanting the best for you, you show up more authentic. You aren’t afraid to live your truth, to share, to be who you want to be, it all just becomes a little easier to let your you out, because as well as knowing the universe (always) has your back, so does your tribe. 
So the question I need you to ask yourself today babe is – who have you got in your tribe? Are they kindred souls who support you in every which way? Or are they negative self doubters who would do anything and everything to keep you in their comfort zone and not see you shine. If your answer is the second one, we need to have a serious talk. 
As you embark on your week I am sending you loving confidence to take stock of who you are currently surrounded by – and if they’re shit people, to gently start cutting them from your life. You can’t go through transformative growth or shine bright like the gorgeous diamond you are with negative haters and nay sayers in your tribe. Make today the day you admit to yourself you deserve all the love and happiness in the world and today is the day that you are going to start taking back more control of exactly who you are letting in to your life, and ultimatley your tribe.
You are so worthy and capable of acheiving anything and everything that you desire in this big beautiful world – and a huge part of that success will come from the loving support you get along the way. 
Be brave. Cut the shit. Attract the positive & start letting your you out and aligning with your essence. 


  1. Belinda Reply

    Man, I love this post! Miss Anna, you are the Chief of my tribe xoxo

  2. Eve.H Reply

    Hi Anna, first of all I hope you´re doing good and work and wedding preparations are going well too. I´m a little behind with reading your amazing posts because I got a job and most of the week I am really busy. I simply have to agree with this one about friends. It´s always better for you and your self asteem if you have friends who inspire you and give you courage and strength. I am lucky to have such people around me and I am most grateful for it.
    xx Eve.h

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