First Kiss


I don’t think it’s something you ever forget, no matter what age,  

I was 5 or 6 (is that young? I think I have thrown a few years on too as I don’t want to sound like a slutty 3 year old – HA) and it happened with my next door neighbour who’s name was Steven. I remember Steven as being the bad ass kid of the street, he had a dog that I loved and a couple of crazy brothers. He was the same age as me and maybe it was the start of my fascination with bad boys, which might I add ended when I was about 18, but Steven and I, we were inseparable. I honestly remember that kiss, my first, like it was yesterday. We’d had a hard day playing in trees and the long grass out the back of our houses in a big vacant block. We’d gone back to my house, and somehow ended up behind the couch with my dolls blanket over our head. It was all planned. Simple, we thought. We would just count down from 3. 

3….2….1…. & there it was, my first kiss, we landed a big wet kiss on each other lips.

As far as first kisses go mine of course didn’t come without drama – how could it when you have 3 older brothers? At the moment of the kiss, my Second eldest brother Zac decided to rip the blanket off our heads and scream out to mum that I had just kissed Steven. Oh the drama. The rest is quite the blur. What I do remember was mum trying to tell us off but smiling the whole time so we knew we weren’t that busted. Zac never let me live that first kiss down.

We moved house not long after and I never saw Steven again, but thanks to him, and that moment, I’ll always have him in my childhood memories and be able to tell the story of how Steven stole my first kiss.

Your turn … I want to hear your first kiss story.


  1. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    I too was a slutty 3 year old! haha kidding… I was six. At my next door neighbors house, we were on the swingset, and I leaned over and kissed him. I then heard his mom yell at us from the kicthen as she witnessed the entire thing… and I ran home! Traumatizing. I remember it like it was yesterday too.. ha!

    xo Julia

  2. Monica Reply

    Aw, I love cute stories 🙂 Unfortunately my first kiss was nothing exciting.. so there is nothing to share, haha!


  3. Eve.H Reply

    I don´t remember exactly but I was seven maybe. But my first real kiss happened with my present boyfriend when I was eighteen and it was the most magical moment ever. I felt electricity while being kissed. Thank you very much for another lovely comment. You rock! xoxo Eve

  4. Carol Reply

    aAHha great story!but I was in late,I was 12 years old ahah very late 😛

  5. Melissa Tchieu Reply

    Instagram’s my fav too Hi5s to that!
    Thks for poppin by <3

    I had my first shy Virgin kiss at 9 🙂

  6. Coté Writes Reply

    My first kiss was on a giant, old, fallen tree limb at summer camp when I was 12. It was in the guise of a game of truth or dare, and my first dare was to kiss this guy named Lance. It lacked all romance and magic, but was full of pre-teen giddiness so I guess that ridiculous aspect of it was somewhat of a rite of passage. 😉 On another note, I’m so happy to hear that your photo shoot with Mr. M is going to be a beach shoot, Anna! That sounds like it will be absolutely gorgeous and romantic. You two will steam up the lens. 😉 Wishing you a fabulous start to the week, my dear! -Jennifer

  7. O Reply

    Too cut! xoxo

  8. Jennifer Fabulous Reply

    Awww this is such a cute story. 🙂

    My first kiss story is…not as cute. Kind of weird. :S

  9. fhenny Reply

    that’s such a lovely story!!
    i didnt remember that i kissed during childhood.. hmmm..

    style frontier

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