Food, or something like it

I was busy in the kitchen last weekend baking sweet treats (big choc chip cookies) and then hosting a mini dinner party Saturday evening – hello Pasta & Wine on a cold Winter’s night – although Mr M’s Carbonara was far superior to my good ole’ Bolognese!! Alas I digress. I grew up with a Mum who stayed at home with us 5 kids (my brothers & sisters & I) up until we were all in school so I was lucky that I could learn from her in the kitchen as she was big in to baking (which was great when we got to lick bowls and spoons as kids). Although I am super lucky that Mr M is the main chef in our household, I do love to cook and will jump at any opportunity these days to try a new recipe. This weekend I have my eyes & mind set on making a Walnut & Caramel Slice (& I really must get around to making that coffee ice cream I have been saying I’ll attempt!) but here are some pictures from last weekends efforts in the kitchen.

[ My mixture pre cooked ]
[ I like to make my cookies imperfect – the way desert should be! ]
[ The final result – I did get yum reviews ]
[ Pasta night well under way – Carbonara & some Bolognese ]
P.S The Carbonara above has been perfected by the man of the house and it might seem bias – but I swear it’s better than a restaurant quality dish!! Delishhhh. Here is his recipe he was happy to share!
Fresh thick cream  600ml
Bacon pieces
Garlic paste
Parmesan cheese
Chicken breast 600g (small cubes or strips)

Pour cream into saucepan
Add a nob or 2 of butter
Add a few teaspoons of garlic paste
Heat on medium, once everything starts to bubble a little bit grate in approximately 100grams of Parmesan cheese. 
Let simmer for 5 minutes on low

Cook chicken pieces until Brown, and remove from fry pan
Do the same with the bacon and broccoli and combine with sauce.
Keep on heat simmering for 5 – 7 minutes.
Serve with hot yummy Pasta!
P.P.S It was a great weekend to be cooking as we had Lot’s of visitors come by to see the new place and stay for cups of coffee, tea or wine. My Favourite visitor though was my sister who did her first house visit with Delila – to mine! Here is my new favourite picture of Mr M with my little niece for the first time (I just love her expression looking at him!)

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