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I always say that the hardest advice to listen to is always your own but this post today is one that was written with love in my heart & experience in my pockets. There’s only 2 more days of these posts so I hope you enjoy today’s – My light little tips on being a happy soul.

[ Me having a tonne of fun on a wine tour – Genuinely happy from my head to my toes especially this day ]

If you look up happiness in the dictionary it says it is “the quality or state of being happy” and “good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy” but how many of you on a daily basis are genuinely happy, or have contentment or joy? I am certainly guilty of having bad days and feeling un happy myself. I don’t believe that anybody has the real answer or tips on how to truly be happy all the time however I believe in the spirit of always learning lessons from life & sharing experiences with one another to enrich our own lives & others so here are my own tips on what I feel could help with happiness.

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  • Remember who you are & don’t ever let other people’s opinions of you influence who you are. I think no matter who you are in life someone is always going to have something negative to say about you (unfortunately). If it’s negative, bitchy, rude or worse, just ignore it and give no time or energy towards the people saying it.
  • Surround yourself with positive friends and seek out people who bring the best out in you, are positive and genuinely care for you
  • Have goals and never lose sight of them. Having goals in your life should be making you work towards what you want and achieving goals give you a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Respect yourself & others always.
  • Exercise – it keeps your mind & body healthy and is one of the easiest ways to keep the right chemicals in your body that naturally make you happy
  • Change or get out of bad situations as soon as possible, don’t wait for a bad situation to get worse! If something or someone is clearly nothing but negative in your life then get rid of it and waste no time in doing so.

With love & light and all things pretty xx


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    Great post Anna-girl. Such truth in those words. xoxo

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