Health week; Green Smoothies for the body

I had always heard of people, super healthy people, going on about Green Smoothies and the benefits they provided you with. My general thoughts were always similar to “Yeah Yeah, whatever, I don’t need to go to that extent, and I bet it tastes disgusting”. That was until, I found this amazing website. A couple named Curtis & Candice share day after day the most profound articles they’ve written on life & bettering your mind, body & spirit AND delicious healthy recipes … which is how & where I came to stumble upon, make & now drink their Green Smoothie recipe. It has as much good stuff as a shake could possibly have, and after just 2 days of drinking a big glass each morning – I am seeing and feeling an amazing difference. My skin is so clear and I am still buzzing with energy come 5pm in the evening. Mr M, who normally isn’t in to any of this ‘stuff” is now having his own glass of green goodness each morning as he said he noticed a difference in me almost immediately. Remember how I said it only takes 30 days to make or break a habit? Well this is my new habit forming health kick I’m starting with – A green smoothie every morning that I am actually really excited about. If you are one of those “I’ll start tomorrow or next week’ people who always put off looking after yourself secondary to work or daily to do’s, I challenge you this week to make a choice to start looking after yourself today, right now, and a green smoothie each morning is a great way to start. 

What you will need

2 stalks of celery (with leaves)
3 kale leaves, spines removed
1 bunch of coriander
1/4 ripe avocado
1 pear, cored & roughly chopped
1 green apple, cored & roughly chopped
1 lime (with a little bit of peel)
1 medium banana
3 cups of filtered water (+ an extra cup of water or coconut water if required)
4 heaped teaspoons Vital Greens Powder*
2 teaspoons Spirulina powder
To Make

Chuck everything in a blender, blend on high until smooth & drink!

*You can buy this from most Health food stores


  1. M.E Reply

    I’m really into the green smoothie/juice habit lately!!! recently i’ve been mixing just a few ingredients but it’s really tasty and healthy, you should try it out : 2 stalks of celery, 1 green apple, 2 cups of spinach leaves and a piece of peeled fresh ginger and mix in a juicer.
    I don’t add water or anything else however you gave me a good idea to add a little lime juice next time 😉

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Anna Reply

      Spinach leaves is so so something I should include in this – they do say Spinach is wonderful for you! I think I add the water to make it a little runnier 🙂 I am brand new to this daily healthy smoothie thing so needed it more watery than thick – I LOVED your p.s advice about the green tea. Such a fantastic idea xx

  2. M.E Reply

    Ps. instead of water you can also add green tea (cooled)… it’s full of taste and antioxidants 😉 x

    • Anna Reply

      Yes Grace! Especially with your impending wedding you will need all the health and vitality you can get 🙂 xx

  3. I’ll have to share this with my husband. I’ve been concentrating on a specific goal a month ( and it’s exactly the same take that you have, to turn the things I’m working on into habits. I find that it’s working really well! I can’t wait to hear how you go. There’s a post on there entitled “self inspiration to motivate ourselves” that I find useful to help me along my way 🙂 xoxox

    • Anna Reply

      I didn’t see this until this morning hun but I’ll have to give your post the proper attention it deserves and grab a cup of tea after work and sit and read it. I wish we lived closer! I think you & I would have so much in common. Your blog is my source of inspiration! xx


    A big YES from me! I’m all about green smoothies. I’ve been drinking one every morning since January and it’s made a huge difference in my life and health. I wasn’t sick once since I started drinking it with the exception of the Lyme disease. But that couldn’t be avoided…apparently ticks don’t care if you drink a green drink 🙂 I’ll definitely give this one a shot. I basically stick to Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie recipe and make some variations every now and again to switch it up. xoxo

    • Anna Reply

      Damn ticks who do they think they are? SERIOUSLY! But I did giggle at your comment 🙂 I thought the same thing about my green drinks though..I had been having them 4 days, then got hit with the worst flu Ive had in yearssss and thought wait what how does this work? haha BUT knew I just had to keep on keeping on with it – and my skin, energy and health has never felt better. xx

  5. EverythingPrettyGirls Reply

    I am DEFINITELY making this one. I just ate and drank ALL weekend, and my body hates me. This looks so good and refreshing. I love good suggestions on green smoothies. YUM!

    xo julia,

    • Anna Reply

      Julia you make me laugh! I love how fabulous you & Venessa are with your social lives over “there” (i.e. across the ocean 😉 .. I think go for this recipe then – if I’ve had a naughty weekend I always just even feel better by having my green smoothie as I feel so healthy haha xx

  6. Fashion-Bridge Reply

    I read a lot about green smoothies in Kimberly Snyder book. She’s really inspired me to eat healthier which is also very easy like your post shows. Especially a cold smoothies is an absolute yam in summer, when it’s hot. Great post dear, thanks for reminding me how easy and tasty it is!



    • Anna Reply

      Ah Alexandra I had never heard of Kimberley Snyder before so I’ll have to do some research and maybe buy some of her books! 🙂 Thanks for the tip xx

  7. Sam Reply

    Hiya dear, a special thank you for your lovely comment, It made my day! You have now got me considering going green! I honestly would love to try this out, I am all for natural organic ingredients and eating healthy. only problem is, where I live, its so small and isolated that we don’t get fresh veg everyday and not even half these ingredients 🙁

    • Anna Reply

      SAM!!! Thats unbelievable to me! I have been inspired to add this to my list of things I’m grateful for that I SO SO take for granted…having access to sooo much fresh fruit and veg every day. Maybe a move to Australia might be on the cards for you?? 😉 xx

  8. Cara Reply

    I literally have a bunch of kale in the fridge to start making breakfast smoothies with. I’m going to try this recipe out!

  9. O Reply

    This recipe will be added to my list! I love green juices, but don’t make them very often. I should though, as I too feel so much more energized! Thnx for sharing xoxo

  10. Diana Marks Reply

    looks yummy and healthy!
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  11. MondayNightFashion Reply

    So cool! I did a health week a while back and took pictures of everything i ate 🙂 go green food 🙂

  12. Maryam Maquillage Reply

    this looks awesome, thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been on my own health kick lately, so this recipe is very useful!!!

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