Hit List

[ West End Deli – Leederville ]

I’m a list making machine at the moment and no aspect of my life has been left alone. I have lists of countries I want to visit next year, a list of things I need for my office – although I got lots off that list today, a list of “To Do” at work, a list for my business, a list for … I think you get the idea. One list that I am currently most excited with or I should say motivated about is the one that is hanging on my fridge with names of new bars around Perth that I haven’t yet been too. I LOVE my city, I really do, and I thought in light of getting to know it a little better, and being able to do reviews on places to write up for my business why not discover places not yet visited. Cue, my hit list of Perth Pubs to visit. Mr M and I have agreed, that every Friday night after work we will visit one new place on the list for a few wines. The rule is it’s got to be somewhere we’ve never been (easy when I’ve got that list!) and the bonus? Well we have some quality time to de brief each other on the week that has been and discuss the weekend yet to come. Win / Win. Here are just a few places on the ‘hit list’.

[ Box Deli – Perth ]
[ Brown Fox – West Perth ]
[ Cantina 663 – Mt Lawley ]
[ Tonic Bar – Perth ]


  1. amy b.s. Reply

    i am so a list person. and love your picks! they look fantastic!

  2. Alysson Reply

    this is such a fun idea! I wish my town was big enough to put stuff into a list form 🙂 I am also a list person…post it notes are everywhere!!

  3. romwe Reply

    I always lose my minds for the next second,feel wrong all the time,then I happen to see your words” I have lists of countries…, a list of things I need … a list of “To Do” at work, a list for my business, a list for …”,then I guess they sound so nice and sort of satisfying to have a clear look for the coming days….

  4. Hayley Reply

    I love making to do lists… it somehow makes your life seem so much more organised… I am loving your choices, it looks like I will have to plan a weekend to Perth =)


  5. Style, She Wrote Reply

    Amazing selections! I will definitely stop by these next time I visit.. . xo style, she wrote

  6. Harija Reply

    great ideas!
    Neat post and love your blog… would you like to follow each other!

  7. Madeline Reply

    Lovely picks! I’m also a list-person, I just like to have things organized.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  8. little t Reply

    This is a great idea- I want to join you!!

    I’m such a list person too 🙂

  9. Sharde Reply

    i totally love the idea of this! i’ve got a list of places i have to go see and do now that i just moved to california! 🙂
    sharde @ the style projects

  10. Kel Reply

    Hello Miss List Making Machine,

    Tell me do you have a list for the things you don’t intend to buy but end up buying anyway despite the best of intentions? Hahah that would be my only list and I thought you might understand that sentiment.

    You really sell Perth – maybe I should look into a future visit. Coffee if I ever make it there?

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    cherry ripe time

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