“Home Video” from Capri

So after sharing open letters, long how to’s, what we did’s and even Morgan sharing his guide to a city, we thought it time to post something a little different to share some of our fun from this trip. A short video clip of one of our recent adventures. We boated over to Capri for some exploring & fun in the sun just a few days ago & took video for the ‘Europe Movie’ we’re making when we get home which we’re sharing a tiny clip with you today. 

The video below is from our experience visiting the famous “Blue Grotto” in Capri – basically a lagoon accessible from a tiny hole in a rock you boat through. From the outside it just appears like any other gaping hole in the side of the high cliffs, but once inside, it is the most magical thing you will ever see. The water is as blue as blue can be & crystal clear. 
We had a hilarious time as our skipper for the very short trip decided to sing us an opera song..The whole video is only short but here is our own Blue Grotto ‘home video’ fun …
p.s Watching the clip back I laughed at how Australian we both sound. The whole trip I’ve been saying how I miss – occasionally – the Australian accent, but forget I have it all day every day listening to Morgs!!


  1. Eve.H Reply

    Wow, this was Amazing with capital A. Not only the scenery but also the italian song and damn that italian guide can sing! 🙂
    xx Eve.h

  2. Anya Volkov Reply

    WOW! I did not expect to see SUCH blue waters :O:O

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