How to write Goals .. & stick to them

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, 3 words that summed you up as an individual perfectly, what would you say? It’s hard isn’t it? For me, I couldn’t tell you any more than one word – ok technically it’s two but you get the picture – and that is… I’m a goal setter. A massive goal setter. I truly believe that setting goals coupled with some hardwork can equal a life that is constantly enriched and exciting. And why not? It means that you are constantly striving towards things that you want, taking some control over a seemingly unpredictable world and achieving things you otherwise might have thought impossible – although I don’t believe in that word. Along with my 25 things I want to do before 25 goals, I have personal goals, financial goals, career goals and contribution goals – I told you I was a goal setter – and have so far achieved every goal I’ve ever set. With this in mind, and forever wanting to help others achieve their own dreams, here are my tips for setting your own goals (sticking to them!).
1. Think big

If you think the sky is your limit you’re not thinking big enough. Whenever I sit down to do a goal writing session I leave all my doubts and inhibitions at the door and for however many minutes I’m writing, I think as big as my mind will take me. If you are limiting your goals from the start, imagine how else you will limit yourself when trying to achieve them. I’m not saying be unrealistic either. Writing “To win lotto” or “become a millionaire in 2 weeks” is obviously not realistic. Putting a goal however of “having a million in the bank (not just assets) within 10 years time” is a great goal to have and a lot more realistic, and it’s still thinking big.
2. Write them down

I cannot emphasise this, or say it more simply. WRITE.THEM.DOWN. A goal is not a goal until you have written that sucker down. Writing them down, for me, makes them real and gives you something visual to remind yourself with daily. It also forces you to put in to writing what the actual goal is, giving you clarity, focus and most importantly, direction. So what are you waiting for? Get a pad and a pen & make your goal a realisation.
3. Make sure they’re your goals

I think this is so so important and something people & society and books don’t place enough emphasise on. What I mean by your goals is just that. YOUR goals. Not your parents, not your partners, not society’s goals – but yours. If your parents (& society) think you should have gotten a degree by now but all you want to do is travel the world? Then GREAT (& well done on knowing what you want). Write “travel the world” down, not “get a degree”.
4. Don’t doubt your goals – not even for a  second

There is nothing worse to the subconscious, the conscious and offensive to the universe – than doubting your goals (& yourself). If you are writing your goals thinking “yeah right there’s no way I’m going to actually achieve this” then guess what your mind is going to do? Find all the ways of NOT achieving that goal. Instead, why not get excited and picture actually achieving your goal – the feelings you’ll have and what it might look like – your brain will instantly start to think of all the ways you CAN achieve the goal. Of course, you’re allowed to be nervous, you have huge goals after all remember! But use those nerves positively and don’t let any doubt creep in – anything and everything is possible.
How to stick to your goals….

5. Plan the first step to achieving the goal – break it down.

For every major goal you have, there are lot’s and lot’s of tiny goals that have to first be met before you can achieve the big one. So break it down. What I do is write the big goal at the top of the page, then write the steps I’ll need to take to get there. I want to have bought a house before I’m 26? (But haven’t started saving yet?) It would look like this:
1. Open a first home buyers home deposit bank account.
2. Deposit my first $500 in to it.
3. Research homes I want to buy realistically to work out the amont of deposit I need (i.e. require 20% deposit for home loan, $400 000 house = $80,000) EASY!
4. Organise $xxx of pay to be automatically deducted from pay each week & put in to savings account straight away.
4. Ask for a payrise
5. Save my first $20,000 & celebrate
& so on & so forth. See how breaking it down in to smaller goals makes the bigger goal seem less daunting? It’s EASY to set up a first home buyers bank account, and EASY to start putting bits of money away. By breaking it down I am ticking off smaller goals and working towards my big goal, with huge satisfaction.
GOOD LUCK!!!! What are some big goals you’ve set in your life that have either already come true, or you’re excited about in the future?


  1. Emmanuella Reply

    Your advices are so helpful, I keep some of your posts saved in my bookmarks to take my time to read them later. It’s truly like hearing a big sister talking to me, your words are so encouraging and wise I had to say it, thank you for that.

    • Anna Reply

      Oh Emmanuella I can’t say how touched I am by your comment – truly I am. I know that long and wordy blog pieces are uncommon as it’s rare we have the time to actually sit & read the full post (I’m just as guilty don’t worry!). So it means so much to hear that you actually put it somewhere to read them later. I am honored you feel like it’s a big sister giving you advice – you inspire me to keep writing xxx

  2. trishie Reply

    Love that quote and love your goals. I hope you acheive each and every one of them!

  3. courtney Reply

    another wonderful post lovely! I don’t think you realise how inspiring you are! you NEED to write a book or something. you have so many good ideas to share with the world! xx

    • Anna Reply

      Naw thank you so much hun 🙂 I have to start collecting all my articles and putting them together.. xx

  4. Bree Reply

    This post rocks!
    Just what I neended! 🙂


  5. aki! Reply

    I think one of the hardest parts of breaking it down is that people don’t know how to get to their final goal!

    • Outside Looking In Reply

      Totally agree! And they get distracted with shoe shopping along the way! Great tips though and very useful!

  6. hope in high heels Reply

    This is wonderful advice… I also always share my goals with the people I love – they then help hold me to them when I’m discouraged, support me and celebrate important milestones with me.

    Ps. You are a fabulously inspirational woman,please keep sharing x

    • Anna Reply

      Yes that is another great tip…to share it, then your supported and a little more accountabble x P.s thank you lovely, I always write from the heart so as long as my heart keeps speaking to me I’ll keep writing x

  7. thepuddleduck Reply

    Eeeek – getting excited about each and every single goal I’m setting Anna!

    Thank you!!

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