I’m Back

 So after a few weeks of taking a break due to some eyeopening interesting personal matters, my blog and I are back feeling inspired as ever. In the time away i learnt some valuable lessons (because after all life is a lesson you’ll never stop learning from) and i thought, as my first post back I would share these with you.
  • Never lose site of your goals. Not everyone will always understand why you’re doing something or relate to it, however if you always are striving for what you want, with pure intentions and not hurting anybody – don’t let people get in your way just because they don’t understand. Remember that if they love you and want the best for you, they’ll support you regardless.
  • Change is another word for growth – it’s up to you to grow the right way. I think it’s safe to assume most people cringe (i do) when they hear the saying “you’ve changed”. Of course you change. You get  older, you learn new things, you develop new skills – where is the negative in that? Sure change is bad if you were once a respectful individual with the world in front of you and you start putting needles in your arm – so yes I agree “you’ve changed” is very apt in that situation. When you’re growing up however, seeking out new experiences, setting bigger goals, surrounding yourself with positive people (as almost EVERY individual does) – that’s not change that’s growth. Remembering the difference is important when staying true to yourself.
  • Don’t complain about bad situations if you do nothing to change them. If something or someone is clearly nothing but negative in your life then get rid of it and waste no time in doing so. Hardest lesson i had to learn but the one i learnt the most from.
So here’s to continuing my own little space that is only here for those that wish to read it xx

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