Inspiring babe of the week; Suzey Long from Vanity Box Skin Couture

It gives me so so much excitement to bring you this weeks Inspiring babe of the week – Miss Suzey Long from the most divine day spa in Perth – Vanity Box Skin Couture. Her salon, located in Perth City is quite seriously one of the most glamorous, jaw droppingly sophisticated salons I’ve ever laid eyes on. 
Then there is Suzey. Never will you ever come across a more genuine, sweet, authentic, calm girl in your life. I first met Suzey at another soul sista’s birthday and from the moment I walked in the room she had an energy about her. The girl is for real. Not only will you want her as your very own personalised beautician you will want her as your best friend. 
Suzey brings an energy like no other, a sweet calming zen to how she shows up in life and you will get to experience that the moment you walk through her salons’ extremely beautiful doors.
If you have been meaning to have a little down time, a little you time, some self love and pampering, I highly (highlyyy) encourage you to pay her a visit and book in your own oh so personalised and one on one session with this girl for a pamper session that you so so so deserve. 
{ A sneaky peak inside her sophisticated space where all the pampering goes on – talk about di-vine }
+ Can you explain what steps you took to chase your dream & open your own clinic up so young?

The way in which I chased my dream and opened up my beauty clinic so young was always believing that one day I would. I was never worried I knew one day it would happen I just had to be patient,work hard and make positive steps towards making this dream come true. Every thing I did in my career was a step towards it. It didn’t happen over night but it did finally happen 
+ What are 3 pieces of advice to other young girls wanting to start their own business venture?

My 3 pieces of advice to other young girls wanting to start their own business is:
1. Be creative don’t be afraid to do something different step out of your comfort zone. 
2. Believe in yourself,believe you can do it!!
3. Don’t give up!!! You may have some set backs and it may not come easy but it will be worth it in the end as there’s so much satisfaction seeing your dream become reality
+ What are the 3 biggest lessons you’ve learnt being a female entrepreneur?

The 3 lessons I’ve learnt being a female entrepreneur is that: 
*You must be comfortable with uncertainty as you can have good & bad times but you must keep at it & be positive & it always does work out.
*An Idea is worth nothing you have to create it into something successful 
*Be willing to work for at least  two years with a very small salary as the for the first few years there is a lot of initial outlay with a start up business

+ Define your bangin’ take on success & true beauty

Success to me is reaching a stage where you are comfortable in your work/life balance. Where you are not working to live but working enough to be comfortable & still finding time to enjoy life. True beauty to me is not on the outside its when the inside is beautiful when someone is positive & has a kind heart 

+ Tell me what your ideal day would look like – start to finish?
My ideal day would be:
Wake up have a beautiful break fast & COFFEE!
Do a Pilates session
Have a massage
Have an afternoon nap
Dinner somewhere lovely with my hubby
A nice long bath & bed zzzzz
+ What is a favourite beauty treatment girls seem to love at your salon? 

The treatment most girls love to have done is an eyebrow make over. I think eyebrows make your face so when they have them done by a professional it gives them a complete new look. It’s also my favourite treatment I love doing them!
{ Another treatment room that Suzey has designed to make you feel the true indulgence of self love and pampering when you pay a visit to her beautiful space }
+ If my skin was breaking out & I was feeling stressed, what would be some treatments you would recommend?

If you were stressed and was having break outs I would recommend coming in for a one hour bespoke treatment as I can have a look at your skin and do the best facial to suit your needs. I would do a Priori AHA facial if you were into cosmeceuticals or a Kora Organics facial by Miranda Kerr if you were a more natural beauty.


I feel most alive when I’m.happy truly deeply happy
I feel most inspired bymy Mum she is a true inspiration bringing 3 kids up by herself
My favourite book is...Treasure yourself by Miranda Kerr it’s a collection of thoughts, memories and lessons by her that will put you on the path to self-improvement. I also stock her 100% certified organic products in store & do Kora Organics by a Miranda Kerr Facials in the clinic  
I love to travel to… Bali it’s the first place my husband & I travelled to together so it has lovely memories for us. We also got engaged there!

Want to hang out with this gorgeous soul some more? You should want too!!
Twitter: @vanitybox_Perth

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