It’s not always going to be perfect, and neither are you

I want you to know that I get life isn’t always going to be in flow and peachy. It just isn’t. I have to always even remind myself that to experience joy, I have to still experience the sadness and to be in the light I can only know that from standing in the shadows.

The key I have found though is NO MATTER WHAT to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To move forward even when you’re unsure or hurting or feeling like giving up.

Feeling like sh*t so sleeping in, won’t make you feel better. Getting up to move your body will.
Feeling sad about any certain situation so burying yourself in a series of tv binge watching won’t make you feel better. Getting outside & going for a walk and creating an action plan will.
Feeling lost and unsure so downing a bottle of wine won’t make you feel better. Calling your most trusted friend and having a good chat to clear your energy will.

I have ALL of those feelings, not regularly sure, but I do experience them, and don’t ever think even people who seemingly have their sh*t together don’t have the same crappy feelings like the next human.

What helps me though is Getting up even when I feel like sleeping in. Moving my body even when I have every excuse to not. Calling a friend or speaking to Morgs to clear away some confused energy. Going for a walk and being out in nature when I am disappointed or hurt. Writing on the beach when I need to work through a change or transition.

THIS is what poured out this morning when I sat to write so I know many of you needed this little love bomb in your life. Just remember above all else though, the pain or hurt or confusion or frustration will always pass when you get in to action for yourself and just put that next best foot forward.

And as always, I will be over here cheering you on every single step of the way

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